Top 8 Cheapest Cities to Visit in Spain


Spain is a real paradise for holidays for every taste and budget. Despite numerous tourists, this country is considered one of the most inexpensive in Europe in terms of the cost of living.

Coming to Spain at the height of the tourist season and keeping the budget is a doable task. Let’s consider cheap cities in Spain that will surprise you no less than popular places.

1. Marbella


The southern coast of Costa del Sol is considered one of the most attractive regions of the country. The small town of Marbella, surrounded by the Sierra Blanca mountains, is famous for its sandy beaches and cozy harbors. The vibrant nightlife of the city is attracting more and more tourists, but prices are still affordable. In addition to the resorts, the attraction of Marbella is the Moorish defense installations in the old part of the city.

There is no airport in Marbella, so the best option would be to fly to Malaga and rent a car for further movement around the country. To find cheap cars for hire at Malaga Airport, use It will be better if you book a car in advance to make the trip even cheaper.

2. Palma de Mallorca


Looking at the celebrity hype around Mallorca, one can assume that this is the most expensive holiday option in Spain. However, this is misleading! Palma, the capital of the island, offers a lot of entertainment at affordable prices. In addition to sunny beaches and fresh seafood dishes, the coastal town will delight you with ancient medieval mansions of exquisite architecture.

The island has an airport. The best option for traveling around the island is to choose a cheap Spain car hire offer. While maintaining high mobility, you will be able to explore the most interesting places on the island away from the tourist routes.

3. Santa Cruz de Tenerife


It’s hard to associate the Canary Islands with a cheap vacation, but upon closer inspection, you will find an option that fits your budget. Tenerife Island is a popular tourist destination during summer. However, the price range is wide, making this heavenly place accessible to everyone. The capital of the island – Santa Cruz de Tenerife provides enchanting parties at night. It will suit those who like to actively take a break from the routine.

4. Tamariu


Tamariu is a small peaceful town near Barcelona. This place will give you a lot of inspiration from the contemplation of natural landscapes and cozy villages that keep a medieval atmosphere. Bathe in the sunshine on uncrowded beaches and enjoy fresh seafood at an affordable price.

Choosing a vacation in Tamariu during the tourist season, you can come to Barcelona for day trips without overpaying for accommodation. Use hire a car Spain options to travel comfortably and forget about the inconvenience of crowded public transport.

5. Cadiz


Cadiz was founded by the Phoenicians long before our era, and today is the most ancient city in Europe. In ancient times, Cadiz was considered the edge of the world. Subsequently, this city became the starting point of Spanish expeditions to America. A visit to Cadiz can turn into a real excursion into the past, where you can see:

  • Ruins of the ancient Roman theater.
  • Archaeological Museum, where the most ancient artifacts from different times and cultures are exhibited.
  • A huge number of defense and observation towers.
  • Casa del Almirante – a rich 17th-century mansion built by a local admiral with funds from trade with the Spanish colonies.
  • Gran Teatro – Opera House in honor of the famous composer Manuel de Falla.

In addition to historical attractions, Cadiz will delight you with modern amenities at an affordable price. You can fly into the local airport, making this city the starting point of your travels in Spain.

6. Valencia


Valencia is one of the largest cities in Spain with an ancient history. The mild climate and magnificent Mediterranean beaches make Valencia an ideal holiday destination. A large flow of tourists does not prevent you from finding cheap accommodation and delicious varied food for any budget.

In Valencia, be sure to visit the Turia Gardens – a huge park on the site of the drained bed of the Turia River. If you prefer the outdoors, take the time to get out to The Font Roja National Park to enjoy the pristine landscapes.

For cultural enrichment, it is worth visiting The City of Arts and Sciences and Silk Exchange. And for lovers of spectacles, a traditional bullfight is held on the Square of the Bulls (Pl. de Toros).

7. Granada


Granada is popular with tourists, but at the same time, it is considered one of the cheapest cities to visit in Spain. Feel free to choose Granada instead of Seville if you want to save money and not suffer from a hot climate.

Granada strikes with a harmonious combination of European and Arab cultures, which can be traced from architecture to local cuisine. Visit the ancient Moorish settlement of Alhambra and the gypsy caves at Sacromonte. Go to the Archaeological Museum to immerse yourself in Granada’s historical past, as well as the royal chapel where the greats Ferdinand and Isabella are buried.

8. Santander, Cantabria


Santander, the capital of the Cantabria region, was not in vain selected as the place to build the summer residence of the royal family (Magdalena Palace). The gentle climate of this historic region is great for unaccustomed tourists, and prices please budget travelers.

In addition to the beauties of the old city, national parks, and beaches, Santander offers active sports (surfing, rock climbing). The proximity to Madrid makes excursions to the capital possible without overpayments for accommodation.


To save on vacation, but at the same time get a lot of positive impressions, it is advisable to choose small cities (with the exceptions described above). In general, there is a tendency to increase the cost of living in the direction from the south to the north of Spain. Wherever you go, this country will give you a great time, regardless of the budget of the trip.