Best Museum in USA 2024


America is rich in every respect, even in culture. Almost every city can boast of various sights, and one of them is also museums. Museums in the USA give visitors a chance to enjoy in different directions, from abstractions, through modern art, to prehistoric artifacts. Depending on what direction you love, you can always find something for yourself. It is therefore difficult to determine which museum is best, but in this article, we have selected several museums that are most popular in the United States.

Metropolitan Museum of Art


Metropolitan is the biggest museum in the United States. It has almost 7 million visitors in 2018. The collection of this museum is huge, it goes from Ancient Near Eastern Art, Arts from Oceania and Africa, Asian Art, Egyptian Art, to newer European paintings and modern art as well. Also, you can Medieval art, musical instruments, prints, and many more. There are several libraries including Thomas Watson library and Nolen library.

Museum of Modern Art


MOMA is the place for fans of modern art. This museum is one of the most important ones in the world. MoMA’s collection gives a survey of modern and contemporary art, including images of architecture and composition, drawing, painting, modeling, picture-taking, sketches, drawn texts and artist’s books, film, and automatic media.

Here you can see some pictures from Picasso, Claude Monet, Cezanne, Salvador Dali, and many other famous artists. Also, MOMA is the place where some of the most popular paintings ever are shown, like Starry Night, from Vincent Van Gogh, or Supremacists Composition, from Kazimir Malevich.

For many people around the world, it is easy to say that this is the best museum in the world, besides the Luvr in Paris. MOMA follows the new directions in culture and art but still keeps its unique form where you really can see everything.

American Museum of Natural History


Like most of the things in the United States, their museums are also bigger in standards than in the rest of the world. The Museum of Natural History is the biggest of that kind in the world. It contains mammals from Africa, Asia, North America. Also, you can see species from birds, reptiles, fishes, and many more.

There are millions of artifacts, and the biggest attractions are Dioramas, Dzanga-Sangha, the Blue Whale, Dynamic Earth Globe, Pterosaur skeleton, Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, and hundreds and thousands of other pieces of the history of life on our planet.