Why Using A Betting App Is Better Than The Mobile Web Version?

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Living in a time of huge tech development has a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to using mobile apps. Betting and online gambling are popular activities nowadays, especially when the person invests real money in the game. Casino providers are doing everything they need to do to attract more loyal clients who will spend their spare time spinning and playing card games, expecting a bit prize or even a jackpot. Having an app that makes the games accessible from every mobile device is what every provider should offer, so they can keep the customers by their side.

Most people also prefer applications instead of using the mobile versions of the website. Usually, apps are better optimized for commercial devices and load faster than websites. Bettors also prefer them more, because it gives them enough freedom to plan their actions and next movements, track the current situation, and get the best of it. On this page you can find the popular 10Cric app, offering different types of bonuses, including deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, cashback, free bets, and even mobile bonus for those who choose the app.

So, here are a few reasons why bettors prefer to choose the mobile applications and avoid the mobile versions of their favorite betting place:

1. They can work faster than the sites

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If the app is nicely designed and optimized, it can be a few times faster than the website, which gives a lot of freedom and flexibility to the user to retrieve the game faster, and react quickly when something good and promising is happening. Also, it saves the data on your phone, not on the website server, which makes the whole loading and playing process much faster. According to some sources, an app can work even five times faster than the site, which is an exceptional speed that will result in a smooth and delightful experience. But, you have to keep in mind that not every app works the same, and some casinos and bookies have better websites, or they don’t have apps at all.

2. Plenty of options for customization and personalization

Most of the applications let the user personalize the interface, so it can look just like they want, and make them feel comfortable while playing. At the same time, it tracks down their activity, giving a unique insight into their habits and interests, which is important for the developers. By setting the preference, the app can provide custom content to every user, based on their behavior and usage patterns.

3. Some apps can work offline

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This is not very common in betting apps, especially if you prefer life bet, but for regular betting, it may work nicely, as you make your ticket, and still have time to pay for it. Surely, for a better experience, it’s always better for the phone to be connected to the internet. Some apps need it just to complete the payouts to the player. And you really can’t do this one using the mobile web version, because your browser simply won’t work when there is no internet available.

4. You can have it all in one place

You don’t need to log in to different websites just to claim something or confirm the payment. Having an app that collects all those features in one place is a next-level experience for them since everything is synced to the other platforms. Additionally, the operating system is providing a few layers of protection, which makes the trusted and legit apps very safe and secure.

5. It makes communication easier

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You surely know the struggle. You are getting a live chat message, and as you try to open it, the whole page refreshes, and you start the game all over again, losing some streaks, or so. But, the app is made to overcome all those perks. That means you can simply use it to play games, claim bonuses and prizes, and talk to your opponents or the team. When it comes to betting, you have the live results in your hand, and you can quickly bet if you see a chance for that.

6. A lot of special features

Do you know what’s the most wanted betting and gambling feature for every player? The chance for them to claim bonuses and progress nicely. Using the app, you are able to join special championships or even play in higher leagues and bet on matches available only on the app. The simple navigation through the features can save a lot of time, and you will be more effective as a bettor, by placing your favorite bets and get the best quotes.

7. Stay up to date with all the notifications and updates

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Never miss your chance by turning on the push notifications, and receiving every update. That will help you see how your favorite match goes, and track your ticket all the time. You can also disable the notifications if you don’t want to receive them, or even customize them to notify you when something interesting is happening during the game. Turn your betting into an interesting experience. If you don’t like it, you can always get back to the mobile web version.


We live in a great time to use all the benefits of tech development. We have all the things we want available in our pockets since most people are using smartphones and mobile betting apps. Is it good or bad for the people? There are still a lot of controversies and different opinions, but as we can all see, every commercial platform provides an app too, because it’s easier to use, much faster, and offers customization.

Online betting apps don’t require some advanced features and specifications, and you can install them on your mobile device, no matter how old or new it is. It will work like a charm, making you always connected to that world, without a chance to miss a shot. The best thing? You can sync them with the preferred payment method and transfer the prizes directly to your account.