Biggest Fashion Trends among Millennials in 2024

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The fashion trends are changing from generation to generation. You can see that by going through the pictures of people in the 70s, 80s, 90s, etc. That is the reason why older generations can’t understand the trends that youngsters have. However, there are even some differences between youngsters as well. For instance, the fashion for Generation Z and Millennials also has differences. However, in this article, we will focus on the second group of people.

Before we start, we need to explain to people who the millennials. Well, determining the exact birth years of Millenials is not that simple. However, the statistics say that this group contains people born between 1981 and 1996. This means that these people have 24 years and more today.

Logically, exceptions always exist. You might find older people following the fashion trends of Millenials. However, learn more here as we are here to talk about their overall fashion rules and trends.

Let’s find them out together.

Wearing Pleated Skirts Every Day

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Yes, pleated skirts are something that millennials like to wear. However, you need to find a good supplier to find the highly-quality ones. Because of that, visit Online-Stylist to check which models you can pick. Logically, choose the one that will suit your style.

Many people would say that this type of skirt is old-fashioned. Indeed, it was popular many years ago. However, this one is getting back and it brings some new standards that fashion companies have to follow. They are wearing them when they go to college, work, or while they go for a walk. Logically, they are comfortable enough for spring.

Suits Are Popular, But…

The suit was, is, and it always will be a fashionable piece of wardrobe. Still, are millennials wearing them every day? Their father had to dress up for work; their grandpa probably as well. However, for millennials, the suit is not the norm anymore.

In other words, they wear suits only when they want and not when they “need”. Still, if you are planning to buy a suit for a millennial as a birthday gift, you should know one thing. Dark and gray suits are not something they would like. The members of this generation are in need for something bolder.

Gender-Neutral Stuff

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Well, older people might get a surprise when they see men and women wearing the same things. They get confused because they can’t determine if the current piece of clothes is for men or women. In their time, these things were completely divided. However, things are not the same for this group of people. Because of that, you can also see men wearing pink T-Shirts or tight pants and jeans.

Customized Shoes

Once again, this might seems strange and that’s why we need to explain it well. As we said, millennials like to follow the trends and they will wear things that are in. For instance, if they admire some celebrity, there is a big chance they will buy the same brands and designs as he/she. However, that doesn’t mean they are not willing to adapt the designs to their unique style.

Many brands realized that Millennials have demand for this service. Because of that, they are offering to design personalized pieces of clothes to their customers. This is the place where the generation Y (another name for millennials) likes to purchase stuff.

Fully Embrace Athleisure

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When you look closer, this is one of the trends that Generation Y men like the most. In other words, they always strive to look good. However, comfort is not something they will forget about. That’s why the technical aspect is equally important as the design of the clothes to them. They are striving to find flexibility!

They Admire Current Brands

There is another thing that you have to know about millennials. It is not only important that they wear something nice. The logo of their favorite brand needs to be visible. Without that “small signature”, the piece of clothes won’t look too attractive to them.

Well, we won’t advertise here which brand is the perfect one. However, brands like Versace, Supreme, and Nike are something you can often see on the streets. However, we would like to explain things better with one real-life example. Did you know that Supreme sells bricks with their logo on it? In this example, we can show how brands are important to people. This especially counts when we talk about Generation Y.

Money-Spending Isn’t a Problem

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This can be some sort of conclusion. Do you think that millennials are going to try to save money on clothes? Well, if that’s the case, then we have to say you are wrong. They would spend the last penny they have on clothes. Believe it or not, they would even spend more money to get comfortable underwear. It is not visible on the streets. However, they feel more powerful and proud if their underwear is luxurious.