How to Achieve the Perfect Fall Look With Shorts on a Budget – 2024 Guide

Fall women fashion with shorts

Shorts are staples in everyone’s summer wardrobe. But as the weather starts to cool and people layer up, shorts stay in the back of the closet.

This storage option should be different this season. Short shorts are some fashion trends expected to dominate Fall-Winter 2024/2024. You can still show off your legs in your favorite pair of bottoms during fall.

Styling your shorts can make them perfect transitional outfits for the cool weather. Plus, they can help you look stylish without spending a fortune on your wardrobe refresh.

Having the best fashion tips in mind is the key to achieving the perfect fall look with shorts on a budget. Read on to learn some budget-friendly fall-style hacks with shorts.

1. Style with Warmth in Mind

Fall outfit with shorts for women

As the weather starts to cool, you should focus on styling your shorts with warmth in mind. But how can you style for fall on a budget?

Your wardrobe has staples you can pair into different outfits for fall. So, instead of splurging on trendy clothes, utilize the timeless fashion pieces in your wardrobe.

For instance, pair your shorts with tights or leggings to achieve the autumn look. When choosing your tights, choose sheer fabrics to show off your legs while keeping you warm and comfortable.

Your choice of shorts fabric also matters when styling for the fall season. Instead of lighter materials like linen, opt for denim, leather, and corduroy shorts for warmth and comfort. Then pair them with long-sleeve tops to balance the proportions and stay warm.

2. Layer Like A Fashionista

According to Sanctuary, the versatility of shorts for women makes them easy wardrobe pieces to layer. Whether you wear camo, cargo, or Bermuda shorts, you can complete your look with layers. Choosing a few layering pieces in your existing wardrobe will help upgrade your fall fashion at zero costs.

Adding a crisp blazer to your favorite pair of shorts with a white t-shirt or blouse is an excellent way to look elegant in the cold weather. Typically, you will want to stick to mid to long-length tailored shorts when layering.

But you can break the rules and layer your mid-rise leather or denim shorts with a knit sweater, wool scarf, and trenchcoat.

While neutrals help you maintain the classic look, a bright fall coat or blazer can make a statement. To complete your style, put on a pair of loafers, sneakers, or chunky boots.

The perfect sweater for fall can dress up your shorts and elevate your outfit from casual to crisp. Opt for a soft, slouchy wool or cotton sweater in neutrals or bright colors.

Cashmere sweaters enhance your style and comfort. If you have one in your closet, do not be afraid to wear it on top of your T-shirt and a pair of shorts.

3. Mix and Match


Shorts with dark colors like black, nudes tan, shades of blue, and beige will help you blend in with the fall leaves. However, you can still maintain an elegant fall look in bright summer-colored shorts by mixing and matching.

For example, pair your white shorts with a fall-inspired print top. Wearing this outfit in early fall helps you transition into the cold season in style.

You could also create a futuristic vibe by wearing purple shorts and a blue pastel turtleneck top. Then accessorize with metallic silver and bright white accessories.

Mixing and matching neutrals of white, tans, and creams is another excellent way to elevate your fall outfit.

How to Mix and Match Colors

To stay on-trend in a mismatched short outfit, understand the best fashion colors and how to match them to maintain balance.

Contrasting colors like green, blue, red, orange, purple, and yellow, or black and white, are excellent choices for mismatched outfits. All you need to do is ensure one color dominates 70% of your clothing, while the accent color takes 30% to balance your look.

For example, you could pair black tailored shorts with a pink silk blouse and layer with a black blazer. Wearing black leather shorts with white tees and a warm neutral blazer makes you stylish. You can even show off your favorite leather shorts by tying your blazer.

If denim shorts are your favorite, pair them with a button-down shirt or trench coats of any rainbow color.

Alternatively, wear high-waisted black shorts, cropped t-shirt, and a pink blazer to amp up your look. When working with prints or patterns, stick to one general color palette.

4. Try Suits

formal woman's look with shorts

While many men and women wear shorts casually, it does not mean you cannot put them on at a formal meeting or dinner party. For instance, a suit in tan helps you achieve a tailored appearance. Sticking to suits also creates space for you to go bold with color.

For example, you can elevate your look this fall season with a tie & dye suit from head to toe.

An-all black suit will help you bring in the summertime look into fall. So, pair high-waisted tailored black shorts with a black bodysuit and blazer.

Alternatively, wear black biker shorts with a matching blazer. If you want a lady-like look, go bold with an-all pink or pale pink tailored short suit.

You could also add a feminine twist to your style by choosing contrasting shades of orange, pink, or purple.

Upgrading your fall wardrobe should not be a costly affair. You can stay on-trend throughout the fall by repurposing your summer shorts and other fashion pieces.

The trick is to pair your shorts carefully with cropped tops, t-shirts, and button-down blouses.

Then layer your outfit with a cozy sweater, blazer, trenchcoat, and scarves. Remember to accessorize with statement jewelry and add sneakers, loafers, or chunky boots to your outfit.