The Networth of the Biggest Gamers in 2024

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Fortunately, few names are quite popular in the gaming industry that has made millions out of it. Let us look at the net worth of these top 10 biggest gamers.

Kyle Giersdorf

Kyle goes by his gamer tag Budha. With net earnings of $3 million at the inaugural Fortnite World Cup in July 2019, Kyle Giersdorf is one of the richest and popular gamers around the world. The gamer had an initial earning of $25,000, which is quite big for a 16-year-old. He believes in the concept of investment, and a majority of the spending goes for the new desks and other miscellaneous investments.

He is represented by sentinels, which is a sports organization based in Los Angeles responsible for competitive teams. The competitive teams do not just belong to Fortnite, but Apex legends and overwatch league as well.

Saahil Arora

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Saahil Arora is an Indian-origin guy, who is counted among the highest-earning gamers in the world. This gaming champion holds the record for participating in over 75 tournaments over a decade, which is a big achievement in itself. The net earnings are over $3 million. Belonging from Wisconsin, Saahil Arora is considered one of the best offers in Dota 2 in the world. He is more popular by his pen name Universe, who currently plays for the team Evil geniuses.

He has been a part of every international championship, featuring as a sub during the Internationals 2011 as well. Hence, he successfully makes it to the list of top 10 gamers in 2024.

Sumail Hassan

He is of the superstars of DOTA, who joined evil geniuses, which is one of the biggest esports teams in the world as a complete unknown, but soon turned out to be one of the most talented DOTA players ever.

The gamer is known to reach an annual earning of around $3.3 million. Sumail Hassan won the title of youngest gamer ever to earn $1 million in the field of gaming. Hailing from Pakistan and later moved to America to pursue further in his gaming career, he has had a successful career so far.

Jesse Vainikka

After participating actively in the international championship, Jesse Vainikka is one of the most popular and richest gamers in the world. Which is most famous for his signature Hero Earth spirit which reflects his persistent and sharp practicing skills.

This gaming Maestro began his gaming career with HEROES OF NEWERTH and now holds a net earning of $3.3 million. He has also led the newly formed Team OG and made it to the victory at the internationals 2018.

Lasse Urpalainen

Widely known for his collaboration with team Liquid in 2017, Lasse Urpalainen is counted among the most valuable and prestigious DOTA 2 players. One of the most lesser-known facts about this top-rated gaming champion is that he has also played basketball for the Finnish national team.

Johan Sunstein

This 26-year dude is currently one of the most successful eSports players ever. He currently represents the most formidable team OG, which consists of the highest-earning gamers on its top ranks.

The gamer makes 3.7 million dollars on an annual basis, which makes him among the most prestigious and rich gamers in 2024. He’s also the main founder of team OG, which is known to have built a legacy of wins in HEROES OF NEWERTH and DOTA 2.

Amer Al-Barkawi

Popularly known by his pen name ‘Miracle’ Amer joined Balkan Bears in 2015, which he left after four months. Over time, he started gaining recognition in the European scene in the matchmaking rating leaderboards in pub games.

He has been a notable player for the team OG, and also an esteemed non-affiliated gamer. His net earnings are 3.8 billion dollars, he is also responsible for the mid-lane position on team liquid. Eventually, he became the number one player by MMR in the European division. Soon after that, he joined a new team consisting of the first reshuffle teams to compete in the upcoming majors. It was later found as OG, soon after gaining sponsorships.

Kuro Takhasomi

Kuro Takhasomi is the captain of the team DOTA 2, who has so far earned 4 million dollars from his games as the prize money. One of the TOP 5 DOTA PLAYERS of all time, Kuro Takhasomi is considered as the highest competition earning game in the world. Initially, started playing defense of the ancients professionally at the age of 16, followed by the team Mousesports, Kingsurf, Nirvana, and many other popular teams.

He gained significant fame after participating in the tournament for the Internationals, especially when he became a part of the Natus Vincere for the Internationals in 2013. The player has won over 36 different tournaments and counted as one of the three players in the world to compete in every international championship.

Tyler Blevins

With an estimated net worth of 15 billion dollars, he is also known as the king of Twitch. He is also one of the most popular streamers among the fans. Back in 2018, the gamer won a victory with team OG and supported them to win the largest gaming prize in history: $11 million. No doubt, why he is counted among the topmost players of the world

Ivan Ivanov

With net earnings of 3.6 million dollars, Ivan Ivanov is an offlaner for team liquid. He has built a strong DOTA 2 reputation for himself, which is quite an interesting thing. He has competed in over 60 tournaments and secured over 25 first-place finishes. However, the gamer had to face some questionable anti-Russian criticism during a popular stream in 2018, but he is still a favorite among the fans.