How to be more Competitive at PC gaming?

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Practice makes a master. This is a phrase that any expert in their field will be able to tell you, few are the people who reach a maximum level in any discipline without having practiced a considerable amount of time.

The difference with video games and the competitive level is that you do not need a team to start and improve, and the professional level can change from one to another, if someone is good in League of Legends they will not automatically do good in Witcher. This means that the age limit to start as a professional in video games does not exist. There are competitive teams that have an average age of over 60 years.

Now yes, having said that, there are several things that we must consider, for this we will make a comparison with another discipline, soccer.

In soccer, you need a field, the appropriate equipment, and, of course, a ball. In the case of video games, it is the same, the court would be the video game, the footwear would be the correct peripherals; a mouse, keyboard and headphones if you are on PC and if you are on the console you can use control with additional buttons (if allowed) and headphones, you will also need an internet that allows you to eliminate the highest percentage of PING and LAG to servers. And, finally, the ball that would be the modality of it.

Our topic in this article would be to advise you on how to improve your PC gaming…


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When pointing out the performance of a player (response to the definition of performance) usually refers to the individual’s technique: the knowledge that the player has on the mechanics of it, the physics of the world with which he is interacting, as well as the reflexes that he learns in advance and observing different patterns throughout your experience with it (i.e. when is learning to face certain enemies, traps or obstacles). In the competitive video game, starting from the same base also takes into account those considerations, only they are taken to a much more technical level.

How to be more competitive?

1. Learn controls minutely

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The first thing you have to do is to learn the controls. And not only with the basic and necessary, but all you can. Both basic and more advanced controls that require a little more skill and practice.

This is important because these advanced controls are usually shortcuts or special functions. If we use them, we will have access to more things, or we will be able to move more quickly. And it is especially important when it comes to PC gaming because it is more complicated to learn all the controls, because the keyboard is big, unlike the joypad.

Also, if your keyboard has macro keys, take advantage of them. Macro keys are keys that we can configure to do anything: an action, a repetition, or a succession of keys. So configuring and using them can also give us an advantage.

2. Get ready before it starts

If you are waiting for the game to load, or you are in the moment before it starts, take the opportunity to practice these controls. Make the same moves you will make during the game on the keyboard.

It may seem silly, but it is a habit of professional players: “warm-up” practicing these movements. A study shows that doing this reinforces the key patterns in our heads. And so, when we are immersed in the action, we can focus on other things instead of pressing the right keys.

3. Learn about everything you can apply

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Although the practice is most important, nowadays video games have become the whole world. There are various boosts, layouts, and various other things that can make your gaming experience even more interesting. This is not allowed if you play eSport, which we will explain later, but if you play for pleasure, then it has become an unavoidable thing. Learn more here about boost, carry, how to change the appearance, and many other things.

4. Practice, practice, and practice

But that same study shows that the most important thing is to practice. If we don’t play it’s impossible to improve as players, right?

But beware, it is not necessary to play like crazy to improve. The study reports that the player who improved the most in Halo: Reach was one who played 4-8 hours per week. Each case is unique, that does not mean that you have to do that. But it is the demonstration that you do not have to spend hours and hours daily to improve.

You also need to take breaks. Players often do not play 1 or 2 days a week, to rest their brains from the strain that gaming requires. Because tense and tired we are going to do worse than if we come fresh and with clear minds.

And it is important how we do it. For example, playing in arcade modes of the game or against the bots on the easy level will not improve us at all. The best thing is, once we know the basics, to enter the competitive modes where we will meet other players.

I love to play and I want to start competitive gaming, what do I need?

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You are improving and you realize that you want to start competing, but you don’t know what is required. We will tell you. Skill gained in your favorite video game, internet connection, and a device that suits your needs and economic possibilities. By this, I mean that you don’t need a PC worth three thousand dollars. It is not necessary to spend huge amounts of money and have the equipment that already professional players have because they started just like you.

What turns a game into eSport?

If you don’t know what is eSport, we will explain it to you. We could define eSports as the sports area of ​​video games, where people develop and train both physically and mentally in order to acquire skills that allow them to compete professionally with other players. All games rated eSports meet a number of ‘unofficial’ but globally recognized requirements. The first of these is that all players must be on equal terms.

This implies that the game is truly Free to Play. In other words, to avoid the Pay 2 Win in which the players who invest more money have a better chance of winning the game. Thus, the weapon that will give victory will only be the ability of the competitors. And we say competitors because this is another of the premises; Every eSport must have a competitive component that promotes the desire to excel.

The excitement of the competition manages to create huge communities of players, another of the needs of eSports. Of course, every sport video game must allow direct confrontation between two or more participants, either online or in person. These games must incorporate constant updates to solve the balance problems that may arise.


For competitive gaming, you have to do your best. Pay maximum attention in each game, in each action and in each minute. Never trust yourself, even if you win. The best advice I can give you is to play each one as if it were a final, even if you get into the rankings, a defeat makes you vulnerable by any player. The most important thing in competitive, logically, is to win.