6 Bitcoin Trading Mistakes Beginners always Make

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Trading on the market that is fluctuating and changing can be difficult, and many take this for granted, leading to mistakes that could be avoided and the ones that do cost some serious money. It is good to be familiar with the common mistakes when trading a popular cryptocurrency such as bitcoin in order to protect yourself and funds that you have invested. Here, you will find the most common beginners’ mistakes when trading bitcoins and why to avoid them.

1. Not being familiar with bitcoin

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In order to be successful in any business, it is important to have as much information as possible. A lot of beginners do not take enough time to get familiarized with the bitcoin they are willing to do the trading with. This can lead to many losses and some decisions that will make you regret later on. If you want to start your Bitcoin Revolution go to https://bitcoinevolution.co/en/.

Hence, good research about how the coin works, how it is traded, and what are the assumptions about it will help you be informed and make decisions that will bring you profit.

2. Being reckless

Many new traders want to gain profit fast and hence get themselves in situations where they are investing too much, too fast. Trading is a long-term thing, and it can take time for the funds to be gathered. This is very important to be patient and not rush into it.

Here, as well, a good and trusted broker can assist in order to assess the situation and see if it is the right time for you to make a move. When it comes to the amounts of funds, it is essential to be careful and not to give all the savings you have into this, since you would like to avoid possible losses. In addition, by having less invested, you will be less prone to trade all and will think it through.

Remember that emotions need to be excluded from the story and do not be tempted to trade more in the heat of the moment. Each decision needs to be thought through and be rational rather than reckless.

3. Trade at the peak

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You never know when the value of bitcoin will peak, so this is why we recommend you to be patient and wait for it. Now, bitcoin values are at a slow but steady increase. The best way to avoid trading before the time comes is to set the value that is okay to you and trade it once it reaches it. This, of course, means that not all will be traded but just one part, in order to let the values rise a bit more and bring you more income.

Be sure to avoid selling when the values start to drop and wait for the course to get stabilized since, in most cases, it will. Also, selling at the start of a peak will make you regret the sale since the values may increase rapidly, and even if they do start to drop after the peak, the income that you can get will be sufficient.

4. Trading for coins that are not profitable

Bitcoin can be traded either for money or for other coins. Remember that if it looks like it is too good to be true, it is. Many unknown coins will have good values, and you might be tempted to trade bitcoins for them, but, before doing so, check if they can be re-traded and how they stand on the market. It is absurd to trade a few bitcoins for a bunch of other coins that cannot be used for anything or traded into money without huge losses.

5. Using shady trading systems

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It is essential to use a trading app or a website that is secure and verified. This will make you safe, and the data will not be breached when using it. Some shady websites will have offers that are too good, and this can be a red flag for the ones that are using them. Be sure to check if the site is secure in the browser in order to be extra safe.

It is of great value to have a trading app or website that is secure and uses specific algorithms in order to make each trading successful and profitable; immediate-edge.co is trustable and available for all sorts of trading, enabling fast and easy transactions at all times.

Make sure that there are no unnecessary fees that accompany each trade since a lot can be lost on those as well. One of the biggest problems can be hidden costs, and think you have got a good deal, just to find out that a significant amount has gone to the unnecessary fees.

6. Not paying attention to internet safety

Many people are not aware of the importance of internet safety; in addition, they are not aware of how much info we leave behind when browsing and checking our email. When it comes to trading, safety is so important since you do not want to be a target of scammers and have your internet wallet robbed, and your funds disappear. In addition to this, your personal data might be in danger, especially if you are leaving your credit card number, so pay attention to the transactions that are occurring and contact the bank if you see something suspicious.

All websites that you visit should be labeled as safe by the browser, and you should avoid leaving personal data on the ones that are labeled as not secure. You will find this info next to the URL in the browser you are using. Also, do not send your personal information via email and only use official websites to do so.


Even though the ones that are new in trading bitcoins are prone to make mistakes, it is good to get familiarized with them in order to avoid them in the future. Everything starts with a good research and learning process about the trading of bitcoin and bitcoin itself. The more you know, the better you will do. Pay attention to small details and strive to stay safe online. Do not mix emotions with business and try to be realistic rather than reckless in trading. Fees may be charged, so be extra careful about the trading website or app you will use.