Want To Buy Website Traffic? Here’s What You Should Know

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Digital marketing is all about conversion. And the only way you can get online conversions is by sending interested parties to your website.

One of the ways to do this is to order bulk visitors from paid website traffic services. These services manage their own websites that attract millions of visitors every day. Their visitors are often expected to sign up and provide valuable personal data.

Data collected includes subscriber age, location, and interests. It is hard for click-to-pay subscribers to hide their location behind a VPN as they must provide valid payment details.

So is it worth driving increased traffic to your site via website traffic sources?


How Do Website Traffic Platforms Work?

There are two main ways website traffic platforms work:

They attract visitors who are looking for information, something funny, something new, or something cool and advertise their clients’ services on relevant pages.
They pay their own website subscribers to visit other sites.

A Million Hits a Day

Image source: unsplash.com

Many of the larger review sites are designed and managed by website traffic platforms looking to generate huge amounts of traffic for their clients.

In this case, visitors are genuinely looking for specific information. A large review site that publishes well-researched information can become an authority in multiple sectors.

Other websites might host funny videos, games, business-based blogs, and news items. All of these attract millions of visitors a day. These can be encouraged to land on your pages through the use of ads and inbound links to your domain.

For example, when a visitor looks up laptop reviews on a website traffic site, they encounter ads throughout their search. If an advertisement for your online computer store comes up during a specific search, there is a good chance that a person will click on it. He or she is then seamlessly brought to your website.

For example, the relatively new webmasterReviews platform looks at many different advertising and traffic-driving services, publishing reviews from real people. If we look at their page for MaxVisits.com, reviews are mixed, as is expected when different users post them.

Different users have different expectations, after all. From these reviews, you can get a realistic overview of the site.

For example, in 2018, Christian gives the service one star, but mentions in his review, “The traffic click ads and converts well…” Grammatical error apart, a one-star review ignores the fact that this subscriber has got conversions from paid website traffic.

Only one review talks about bot traffic. However, none of the others do. As MaxVisits only deals in 100% human traffic, this review may even have been placed by a troll or competitor. Once you have browsed the MaxVisits reviews and are interested in learning more about their service, you can visit the website via a referral link.

For the owners of MaxVisits, this means they have a good chance of converting that visitor – IF they can convince that visitor that their product is worth paying for.

Pay-to-Click Conversions

Subscribers to pay-to-click websites are looking to earn money, not spend it. But don’t let this put you off. Every time a subscriber visits a website, he or she receives a small payment.
Subscribers earn money by playing games, watching videos, taking surveys (great for target groups), reading emails, and visiting websites.

Paid visitors are also obliged to spend a few seconds on each domain they click on.
Those few seconds give you an opportunity to turn pay-to-click visitors into conversions. Yes, the chance of a conversion is lower than with people genuinely looking for a product or service in your sector. But human subscribers are just that – human. They are all potential customers or signups.

As you can imagine, converting people who are paid to visit other domains is no simple task. The main reason why these people come to your site is to receive payment. However, this does not make buying pay-to-click traffic a waste of time or money.

As I have already mentioned, paid clickers are real people. At least they are when your website traffic service provides 100% human traffic like you can expect at WebtrafficGeeks.

People who earn money from paid clicks are not weird recluses, sitting at home, hunched over a screen, and tapping mindlessly in the dark. (Well, maybe some of them are). They have a life outside of work, like all of us. And if they have certain hobbies and interests that correspond with what you have to offer, you can convert them.

To convert a pay-to-click subscriber, you need to stand out from the crowd. You also need to provide a format that pay-to-click website subscribers recognize.

They are looking for financial rewards. They also believe that each cent or even hundredth of a cent counts. To increase pay-to-click conversions, you need to offer something in return that is more than a great product. Free shipping, free returns, free bonuses, long warranties. These visitors need to know they are getting the best deal.

Pay-to-click visitors are also used to seeing hundreds of websites every day. This means you should have a separate page for them to land on that is designed to create interest. This includes some type of financially-interesting reward, as mentioned above.

But these visitors are also used to jumping from site to site. They know the difference between a good website and a bad one. Your website must function perfectly. No slow loading times, every step must be incredibly easy. One tap CTAs, easy sign-ups, social media share buttons, you need them all.

Esthetic design is essential but not as crucial as with alternative sources of website traffic. You can’t compete with everyone; these visitors have seen the best of the best (and the worst of the worst). Ease of use is more important than which fluffy puppy picture you select from Shutterstock.

The final tip for getting conversions from click-to-play traffic is to behave like another click-to-pay platform but with a twist. Subscriber’s eyes zoom in on buttons. Usually, when they click on one, they get a financial reward.

You can offer them a similar format on a click-to-play traffic landing page that brings them to their reward. This could be a free ebook, a how-to (how to earn more from your clicks), a free trial, or a free sample.

Location, Location, Location!

When you want to drive website traffic, and increase conversions, your marketing strategies and target criteria count.

With paid website traffic, target groups count even more.

If your only aim is to drive traffic rather than increase conversions, you can simply order undifferentiated traffic from all over the globe. Perhaps you are setting up a website traffic platform and want people to become familiar with your name.
If you want conversions from such a tough group of visitors, you need to ensure they come from targeted groups.

If you are selling physical products or your website is not translated into multiple languages, you also need to ensure they come from specific locations.

Let’s consider a company that sells PDF formatted religious text translations in every possible language. This company’s products are digital, so shipping costs don’t matter. It also offers translations in every language, so its traffic can be global.

But inviting visitors whose interests are adult websites and casino games will probably not translate into many conversions. This company needs to target academics, students, and religions.

Another company might sell designer furniture from an online store but own a manufacturing plant in Russia. It should only target people living in locations where shipping costs and import and export taxes are not a problem.

Target groups might be a lot wider – most people purchase furniture at some point in their lives. But targeting architecture and interior design groups will also attract clients.

Try two cheap website traffic for sale marketing campaigns. Let one run with broad and one with specific niches and see where you get the most conversions.

Cheap Website Traffic Is Cost-Effective

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When you buy website traffic, you are purchasing quantity over quality. Quality takes time. Driving organic and referral traffic through SEO, content, and inbound and outbound links require top website management.

Paid website traffic is the only way you will get immediate (in 24 hours) traffic to your site.
No reputable website traffic platform will guarantee conversions. Conversion is a complex mix of quality/price ratios, web design, smart marketing strategies, and a lot of luck. However, driving more traffic to your website can be both easy and cheap.

MaxVisits provides 50,000 US-located visits for $79.99 and from one niche. It also offers a free trial, so you can try before you buy.

Webs Traffic Geeks offer more specific criteria and, therefore, charge more. For the same number of visitors, paid website traffic costs $250. You can choose three geolocations (entire countries) as well as three niches. And you also get a 5,000 visitor bonus thrown in for free.

If you compare these prices to your monthly investments in marketing and advertising, you will agree this is a small ask. Even better, you get to spread your visits over a period of 1 to 30 days so as not to overload your website.

You are not guaranteed conversions, but you are guaranteed a surge in traffic. For companies offering products and services that cater for paid website traffic niche groups, even a low conversion rate will produce results.