Why the Canadian Market is the Most Profitable for Online Casinos

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You don’t need fancy stats to realize that Canada has become one of the major stomping grounds for the online gambling industry. Recently, lots of new online casino operators have moved in to cater to the high demand for leisure gambling. The move to online gaming is part of a broader trend. Statistics show that over the next two years, the value of the worldwide gambling industry will exceed $180 billion, driven in large part by the ever-expanding entertainment industry. According to HLT Advisory, in Canada alone, the industry generates an estimated $31 billion in gross sales per year with $14 billion annually in services purchased.

In Canada, online casinos play an increasingly important role, with land-based casinos losing market share to high-profile operators of online casinos. It is difficult to predict when this trend will reach its peak but one thing we know for sure is, it can only go up from here. But why are we seeing such dramatic and unprecedented developments in Canada’s online gaming? And why are people choosing to move their gambling online? Click the >link to choose the most reliable online casinos in Canada.

Relaxed Regulations

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Online gambling wasn’t always this prosperous in Canada. Previously, the online gambling industry was tightly regulated. It was completely illegal to register and operate an online casino within the borders of the country. This law hasn’t changed but Canadian companies have found other ways to run casino sites. They started to base their operations in offshore jurisdictions where gambling sites were legal since Canada’s laws allow citizens to gamble on offshore sites.

In Canada, the legitimacy and security of a gambling site are of utter importance. To be legitimate, a site must be licensed and regulated by a gaming commission as well as provide all necessary certificates. Canadians are encouraged, but not required to play at Canadian-regulated online casinos only. So if an online casino is licensed by a Canadian gaming commission that doesn’t mean it’s not legit. The decision to play is left to the individual.

There are dozens of licensing bodies that verify and regulate the activities of online casinos. However, not all of them are approved for the Canadian market. Here are the most popular and reputable licensing authorities accepted by the Canadian government.

  • Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is a Maltese licensee that is considered the best in the field. If your online casino operates under MGA regulations, then you are in the right hands. You can be sure about the fairness and safety of the casino site.
  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) is an authority based in the UK, the country where all online casinos are legal and legit. This licensee guarantees that its regulation of online casinos is strict and non-compromising. Besides, a casino site can hold two licenses at once for example, a UKGC and MGA license. Can you imagine the regulatory zeal such sites possess?
  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) is a Canadian licensee based in Mohawk Territory. Generally, it issues licenses to online casinos that can operate in the Canadian market only.

We recommend you to look through the official websites of these gambling authorities just to ensure that online casinos can indeed be legit. Whenever you are looking for a good site to gamble on, make sure you check to see if they are licensed by any of the commissions above.

The gambling culture in Canada is a lot more relaxed than in most countries especially the US. However, it doesn’t mean that players should pull out all the stops and play at every casino available. More importantly, they should watch out as licenses are sometimes hard to identify.

Fast Internet Connection

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Canada is no longer known for poor internet speeds. The Canadian government has made an effort to bolster its internet and mobile infrastructure to provide better internet speed to all of Canada. Thanks to this, Gambling online has been more accessible and players are satisfied with the quality and load speed of games.

The importance of a fast and stable internet connection cannot be understated when it comes to online gambling. That is why Canadians are lucky to have fast Internet. According to the February 2024 mobile games experience report by OpenSignal, Canada was in 25th place which was higher than its North American counterparts, The USA and Mexico were in 35th and 61st place respectively.

A bigger catalog of games

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Just a couple of decades ago, we thought of online casinos as a niche and not a viable gambling option. Recently, it has changed completely. The surge in popularity has forced casinos to make their games and sites better. Just think of the many talented people who joined the casino team and turned it into a better place where you want to stay for “just one more game”.

Nowadays, finding a reputable gambling site is as easy as going online. The hard part is choosing a game to play because of the enormous catalog of games available from different developers. Each game now has superb quality and incredible sound design. Entertainment like this has never been this close.

Growth of mobile gambling

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Mobile devices are also a catalyst for the growth the gambling industry has seen in recent years. You can’t deny that playing on the go is better than on the desktop. According to 2024 research by NPD Group, the number of online casino users increased by 2%.

At the same time, online casino revenues rose by 24%. We can conclude players have significantly increased their gambling frequency. This has led to consumers feeling more comfortable with paying online. Online casinos should be prepared as the customers are no longer afraid of spending online.


The casino market has not yet reached its ceiling. Even with a better Internet connection and a wide range of games, there is still a lot to improve. Online casinos never stop seeking new technologies and ways to keep their customers happy. Casino operators constantly expand their gaming options to make players enjoy the games.