Casino Slots vs Slingo – Guide 2024

The online gaming industry is stronger than ever. When people realized that modern technology allows them to enjoy their favorite games anytime and anywhere, with no limitations or stigma by society, that’s when the big shift from offline to online happened.

Brick and mortar casinos are still there as a reminder of gambling popularity, but they have almost been transformed into tourist spots and places people want to visit for at least once in their lifetime, rather than spending time in them everyday. And why spend time communing at a brick and mortar casino, if you can have the same if not better experience in the comfort of your home, while standing in line in the bank or in any other situation. All by just using your smartphone Tablet or laptop!

Online gaming is not only about having fun it’s also about earning money. Professional gamblers are millionaires and if you possess any knowledge or skills in this field, chances are high that you get money returns and prices for the long run. What are some of the most popular online games? Is it poker, blackjack or maybe baccarat? Research shows something else. Let’s dive into it!

In the online gaming industry, two games are best reputed among the players; slots and slingo. The slot is considered the king in the online casinos while slingo is a popular game on the bingo websites.

Slots are one of the oldest gambling games, and they still are interesting and tempting to players around the globe!

The reason for that? According to sammybingo, relying on your luck, the anticipation, beautiful visual and sound effects, great prizes: all of this makes the whole experience welcoming, fun and unforgettable. For people who have never been to a casino before, whether online or offline, putting slots on the top of their bucket lists is a common thing!

But what about slingo? Is it somehow different from traditional slots or is it the same thing?

When visiting the slingo sites uk, a wide range of slingo designed with high-quality graphics and more exciting features promise tons of fun to enthusiasts. It is also the case when registering at the best casino sites that offer several slot variants created with impressive graphics and more profitable bonus rounds. So, if we compare these two outstanding games on online gaming sites, what makes them different?

Casino Slots


First of all, we are going to talk about slots and everything that comes with them, which is in this case: both pros and cons. Some love them, some hate them, but there are most certainly not people who don’t care!


No tricky rules

One of the main reasons to make slots attractive is their simplicity. This game of pure luck is considered the most simple casino game as it is easy to learn and requires no complicated rules. Several slot variants are undeniably designed with high-quality graphics, more extra features, interesting themes, and several symbols but the only rule is to click on the button “start”. This means that even if you’re not a pro at gambling or if you have no previous experience, it still means you can earn some money and get a jackpot (if you’re lucky enough). And who doesn’t wanna test their luck and have fun at the same time?

A huge range of slot games

Since its creation around 1894, slot games have been improved regarding the themes, designs, graphics, features, and bonus rounds. Ranging from single-coin and multi-coin machines to 3D slots and AWP slots, these games have constantly been enhanced to entice more and more players. Today, different shapes and sizes of slots are available with animated features as well as great diversity in topics.

A large choice of betting options

Another significant benefit of the casino slots is the variety of betting options available to the different players. Unlike other casino games, you can start with a meager budget when playing slot games. Evidently, this is an opportunity for newcomers or those who want to try the games before placing a larger bet. Simply put, you can never get bored. There’s always something else to discover.



Can be addictive

Just like any other casino game, or online gaming game of ant kind, slots can become addictive or bad for your mental (and financial) health. Why is that? When we are happy to play this game from anywhere and at any time, this form of gambling can quickly lead to addiction. With the fastest gameplay within seconds, you may stick to this game in the hope of hitting huge gains. Today, many players are addicted to an online slot because their losses add up fast so want to chase their losses in the hope to win. Luckily, there are always ways to prevent this by being aware of the time you’re spending gambling, as well as your budget.

Quick to play

The phrase “quick to play” means a higher chance to lose or win fast. The slot is unlike the slingo because, on this latter, the players need to make winning lines in order to win points, and the total of your points will pay you a prize. The slot is a fast game-play and can lead to an uncontrollable urge to keep playing. It is fast money, but it can also mean fast losses, depending on how lucky you are!




Original game

Since its appearance in 1994 in New Jersey, slingo is considered an original game because it is a combination of two popular games; bingo and slots. Since this new concept in casino gaming incorporates elements of slots and bingo, it has unsurprisingly gained popularity in the iGaming industry. And it doesn’t seem to slow down! The fact that this game consists of two that are merged is the reason why people love it. Finally, they don’t have to compromise – they can have it both!

Require no special skills

Slingo is an exciting hybrid game that requires no special skills so playing it is not complicated for beginners. Actually, the goal of the game is to match numbers on the reel in the 5×5 grid in order to complete as many points as you can. Thus, there is no need to learn complicated rules so once you are familiar with the game; you can place your bets depending on your budget. This means that when it comes to skill, this game is somewhat similar to slots.

More extra symbols

Another advantage of choosing to play slingo is the extra symbols that make the game both thrilling and profitable. As the players are used to playing a simple game with a smaller prize, slingo is different because this game is designed with many lucrative symbols to trigger instant gains or bonuses. When playing this original game, try to find the symbols like Free Spins, Joker, Super Joker, and Coin.



Potentially addicting

Slingo is a thrilling game thanks to its extra symbols and mechanics. When playing this game of pure chance, you may spend a lot of time and a huge amount of money. This means that the unpredictable nature of slingo may cause addiction in the long term. Hence, the players should be able to control their behaviour to avoid harm associated with this game through self exclusion tools.


Two things that make the online gaming industry popular are probably slot and slingo games. Both have become omnipresent in iGaming sites despite the release of various new modern games on a daily basis. The slot has maintained its reputation as the well-played game in the casino whereas slingo is an excellent mix of 75-ball bingo and slot that provides a unique experience. One thing is for sure; both are enjoyed by aficionados thanks to their simple rules in an exciting mood.