6 Board Games That Turned Into Slots

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Many online slots are based on blockbuster movies, popular TV shows, and legends and myths; however, as classic board games are becoming popular once more, some slot games are now being based on them especially ones that you will find on sites like Wizardslots or SlotsUK, too.

Board games have been popular in most countries throughout history, and they are becoming even more accessible lately. We’ve put together a list of the most entertaining ones that have been converted into slot games. Many of these games can be played at Casumo casino.

From the Board to the Slot

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Games that you enjoyed during your childhood can now potentially win you lots of cash at online casinos.

It’s an exciting opportunity to try your hand and see if you still have what it takes to win at some of these games.

1. Chess

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Chess has remained popular through the ages, and there are now several slots that use this theme. “Queen of Thrones” is a popular 5-reel slot with chess figures as its main symbols. The 5-reel, 30 pay lines slot game is segmented like the squares of a chessboard.

The bonus features also follow the rules of chess. The chess symbols are split into black or white. This allows the bonus features to pit the two colors against each other.

If you are a chess enthusiast, this slot will keep you entertained for hours.

2. Dungeons and Dragons

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IGT managed to turn Dungeons and Dragons into an entertaining slot machine with “Dungeons and Dragons – Fortress of Fortune”

The game is one of the best game-based online slots and will appeal to the existing fan base, as it is set in the same mystical medieval world.

Like most slot games, you will get your assortment of wilds, bonus levels, free spins, and an attractive jackpot in this 5-reel slot. Plus, the online slot remains true to the board game when it comes to visuals.

In the bonus round, players battle in a similar manner as the traditional game; players roll dice and the player with the highest number wins.

When you boot up the game, it will ask you to select a hero. Your character will become a symbol on the reels, so enjoy the ride.

3. Monopoly

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IGT also turned the Monopoly board game into a slot game franchise. “Monopoly Plus” is probably their most popular Monopoly-themed slot and is just as fun as the original board game.

Spin the reels while you earn enough cash to buy neighborhoods and take over railroads. Grow your empire with the help of multipliers and a fantastic jackpot.

If you win dice rolls with the bonus feature, you get to choose a monopoly piece, which lets you go to the board to win Monopoly money. This game is one of the most entertaining slots based on a board game.

IGT has also made several other Monopoly slot games:

  • “Monopoly Here and Now” – This game’s traditional features have been blended with digital updates. This is a fast-paced game with landmarks of the modern world that can be owned by players.
  • “Monopoly Dream Life” – The dream life feature gives you free spins and the feature can activate on any winning spin. Players stand a chance of getting bigger wins, as it has a stacked wild feature. It gives players the option to take the express elevator to Mr Monopoly’s penthouse.
  • “Monopoly Multiplier” – This game offers players 27 different ways of winning.

4. Cluedo

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Another board game turned slot game by IGT, Cluedo is a 5-reel slot that features the characters from the board game. The scene for the bonus level is set against the backdrop of the board game, as you are taken to a screen with a suspect in a room with a weapon.

The jury’s out on this one, as many players seem to think the original board game is more fun to play.

5. Battleship

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The Battleship board game has also inspired a number of slot game adaptations. The IGT adaptation, “Battleship – Search and Destroy,” boasts exciting military-style maneuvers and plenty of action to keep players entertained.

The game is almost like a real battle, with different teams trying to sink each other’s plane carriers and vessels.

The symbolism is the same as the board game — namely battleships, destroyers, and naval symbols. The bonus level, “Sink the Fleet”, lets you play the classic board game on a screen; you win by destroying the ships on your grid.

The scatter symbol is the main battleship, and if three or more appear on a pay line, they will trigger a battle bonus round. In this round, players will have to either sink the fleet bonus or choose the winning encounter.

The winning encounter bonus will give players free spins that they can use until their battleship is sunk.

You play a real game of battleship during the fleet bonus round. You can choose different grid coordinates, and fire missiles at a screen to win prizes.

It’s great fun, and you can win big if you can keep your ships on the grid. On the screen selection of the Vegas version, you can alternate between destroying ships for bonus spins or multiplied prizes.

6. Snakes And Ladders

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Based on the popular Snakes and Ladders board game, “Big Kahuna Snakes and Ladders” is a slot that has players taking a trip to a tropical paradise to retrieve a stolen tribal mask. The ladders lead up mountains in a colorful and exciting adventure. On your way, you have to watch out for the snakes blocking your progress.

The big jackpot and amazing graphics will keep players coming back for more.


Many classic board games have inspired awesome slot games that will keep players entertained for hours. It’s well worth your time to try these games, at the best online casino as you also stand a chance of winning large cash prizes. The excitement of online slots combined with the classic game-playing fun of board games creates a winning entertainment combination for slot enthusiasts.