Casino Tourism In India – 2024 Guide


Casino tourism is a trip to another country, which is organized primarily to visit a casino. Buying Casino Tours, gamblers have the opportunity to play a lot of gambling and get acquainted with the culture of another country, see new places, and have an exciting experience.

Many countries are developing large casinos in different regions within their borders to attract more tourists. Obviously, a more active tourist environment is good for the economy because it brings in more money and more recognition, and possible investors.

In recent years, casino tourism in India has become quite popular. What are the reasons for this? Where in India is it possible to play live casinos legally? Let’s take a look at the article below.

The essence of casino tours


Casino tours are organized by casinos and tour operators together or separately. Their conditions are designed so that tourists can travel as comfortably and carefree as possible.

A distinctive feature of these tours is that the casino takes care of transportation and living expenses. Tourists need only pay a deposit to the account of the gambling establishment. Then, they undertake to spend in the casino a certain amount of time and bet a certain amount of money.

If tourists comply in good faith with all the terms of the contract with the casino, the amount of the deposit paid to them is returned. Thus, it turns out that tourists visited another country almost for free because the money they spent went on bets and related expenses. And if fortune was on the side of the guests and gambling in the casino brought them a win, then the trip may even pay off in excess.

Otherwise, when some conditions were not met, the deposit is spent to pay for transportation, accommodation, and meals and is not returned to the tour participants.

Gambling tourism in India


Increasingly popular in the world’s countries is not just opening casinos, but the whole entertainment complexes with hotels, stores, and restaurants, where visitors can play and relax and go shopping. Such complexes attract many tourists and bring a lot of money to the local budgets of countries and cities.

The gambling market in India consists of a casino, poker, lottery, bingo, betting.

Gambling and online casinos in India are regulated at the national level. The minimum age for gambling in the country is 21 years old. Operators must ask for ID to verify the age of the player.

The gambling industry in the Republic of India, a country of more than a billion people, is illegal in most countries. Nevertheless, there is some movement toward the legalization and development of gambling in the country. According to experts, the market turnover could reach more than 100 billion dollars in the total legalization of gambling throughout the territory.

Land-based casinos are allowed in India in Goa and Sikkim and the union territory of Daman and Diu. There are over 20 authorized gambling houses in the country, with the most prominent casino, the Deltin Daman, with more than 1,000 slot machines and video poker terminals. In the state of Goa, in its capital city Panjim, and the highland state of Sikkim, the gambling industry is developing quite rapidly, and in the last five years, about ten new casinos have been opened.


Let’s look at a list of the most popular casinos in India, which are in demand among tourists worldwide.

  • Casino Royale Goa is the largest offshore casino in Goa, with the largest selection of games. Sails in the waters of the Mandovi River, near Panaji. The ship has five decks and three gaming floors. The variety of games is impressive: it has fifty classic table games, slot machines, VIP rooms and lounges, elevators, theatre, top deck bar, helipad.
  • Carnival Casino is the newest and recommended by tourists as the best casino in Goa, anchored in the Mandovi River, near Panaji. The place is luxurious, has high prices. Two gaming floors. Restaurants, children’s area. There is a large variety of games, machines.
  • MV Caravela is floating in the waters of the Mandovi River, near Panaji. It accommodates over 300 people. Games: American roulette, blackjack, Caribbean poker, baccarat, flash, and slot machines. Outdoor pool, casino bar, safes, buffet restaurant, babysitting.
  • Casino Rio is located on a boat floating on the Sal River in South Goa. The casino belongs to the hotel Leela Goa. It operates around the clock and supports all popular games.
  • King’s Casino. Its establishment is anchored in the Mandovi River. Games: American Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Point (pontoon). It has five video slots, 5 Mega Jack slot machines.
  • Maharajah Casino situated at anchor in the Mandovi River, near Panaji. Games: roulette, blackjack, baccarat, stud poker, pontoon. Modern interior, 20,000 square meters of space, four decks, restaurants, bar, buffet, free and paid admission.
  • Mint Casino is owned by Rivera De Goa Resort, stands in the port of Panaji on the Mandovi River. The casino supports all popular games.

For more information about online casinos, you can check this link.

Why do people choose gambling tourism?


While some players travel to enjoy gambling in a new place, others do so because they cannot gamble at home. Many countries have completely banned casinos. So if a person wants to play in a casino, they need to go to a place where gambling is legal. These “gambling tourists” are an essential part of the gambling economy.

Most gambling tourists go to another country, such as India. Goa is considered the gambling capital of the country. This island hosts thousands of casino tourists every year.

Goa is practically the only state that has legal casinos. Currently, there are 14 casinos in the state, half of which are floating offshore. According to the law, it is forbidden to build gambling houses on Indian land, but nothing is mentioned about water. Today, classic Goa casinos are located on the decks of ships, and they are concentrated mainly in the region of the capital Panaji, in the waters of the Mandovi River. Some of them offer international luxury to their customers.

In the past few years, the Goa state government has expanded the licensing regime on gambling houses to attract more and wealthy tourists. So land-based casinos have sprung up on the grounds of some luxury hotels. They are usually equipped only with machines.