4 Tips For Choosing the Right Lamp for Any Room

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The kind of light introduced in the room when decorating, should not be taken for granted, since it plays an important (if not crucial) factor in ambiance. It has already been proven how light can affect the mood of people, therefore it is necessary to think what kind of mood would like to provoke in people when they are inside your home. For example, different colors of the lights have different effects and are specially designed for certain rooms. That’s why a good designer will pay much attention to it.

The light you choose will make a huge difference between a very boring space and a comfortable one. Even though the best possible light is the natural one, at one point you’ll have to choose the artificial source. Smart lighting of the room includes combining different types of light, therefore, adding a table and/or floor lamps is a great idea.
It only sounds like an easy task, but once you get to it, you’re confused, because you want to choose the perfect one that will be suitable for your home in all aspects. Lamps are no longer just a functional object, they are an essential part of your home décor. They add character to the room. So, in the further text, you’ll find some key guidelines to follow when choosing the right lamp for any room inside your house.

Ask Yourself What Will Be Its Purpose

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Sometimes we do not need support when it comes to introducing more light to our home, but we want to point out some corners we particularly like. That is why one of the main questions to be asked when buying a lamp, is what will be its purpose. Are you buying it just for a décor touch-up, or will it be a reading lamp or both? Certain lights are specifically designed for reading, the color is not the same as the ones emphasizing decoration, such as photos or paintings. The purpose will help you narrow down your choices, and make it easier to choose the correct type of lamp.

If you require a lamp just for improving the ambient inside the room, then maybe the best choice is the mild light, while a lamp directing its light towards what needs to be emphasized will be the perfect one for directing attention to something you like. Reading lamps will be those with a see-through lampshade. So, choosing according to the purpose is the smartest tip you can follow.

Pick a Table Lamp Style

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Table lamps come in tons of styles, and it can be quite confusing to choose the correct one, which is why a little research before going shopping, on websites like Stylish Direct will save you the confusion and going around the store not knowing how to decide.

Another piece of advice for choosing a suitable style would be to take into consideration the design of your home as a whole. Then you think about whether you want the lamp to blend in the style of the room, or would you rather make it stand out as a separate piece, dragging attention to it. Refreshing the style, making it more diverse.

Then think about what materials you prefer the style to have. Ceramics, glass, modern steel, wood, would you like it to have some rustic elements in it. This influences the character of a lamp, therefore might also save you time by narrowing down your choices, when finding a perfect lamp for a room.

Visualize How It Looks Inside Your Home

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Every good designer has a vision. The lamps you choose for each of the rooms will affect and possibly change the way it looks.
The one you were so sure would suit best and is just the right size or color, might not have the same effect and looks once you bring it home from the store.

If you’re having trouble envisioning, then why not take a photo of the room you need it for? Or of the corner, you planned to place it in. It will save you the trouble of going back and forth for returning what you have already bought, and choosing again. One very, very important thing is to keep in mind where are the locations of the sockets inside the room. Things like this, people tend to forget, one more reason for taking the photos of the room with you.

To cut the story short, it is important to visualize what kind of lamp would be the most suitable for the room, thus have a clear picture of what you’re searching for while you’re still in the store.

Keep Safety In Mind

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Once you get to the point of decorating, safety is the last thing on your mind. It’s all about the colors, styles, materials, and other things.

Depending on the height and weight, a lamp can be potentially dangerous if it is not well made, if the manufacturer paid attention only to the design, but not to stability and structural functionality, or if poor quality materials or cables are used during the making and the bulb sockets are not suitably included in the lamp as a whole. All these things hardy even cross your mind, because you’re overwhelmed by the fact you get to do something fun, like decorating your living area.

A good suggestion to avoid safety issues is to go for the known brands, that guarantee some kind of quality of the lamps (in terms of safety), not just interesting design.
The basis of the lamp is something to pay special attention to. Why? Because its stability is depending on the basis. A good choice is to buy something heavy, to stabilize the lamp as a whole, especially if you’re aiming for tall lamps.

Who would think buying a lamp requires such knowledge, right? These articles do have a purpose, and it is to ensure you’re satisfied with what you choose to buy. All we can do in the end is to wish you a pleasant lamp shopping.