What are the Scientific Reasons for Choosing Printed Books?

In a world where technology is a rage, printed books are gaining popularity among kids and adults. The reason for its popularity is due to the scientific benefits that came to light regarding printed book reading. More, houses globally are either opting for books or simply creating customized ones and getting it done through printing nowadays.
However, before jumping into the wagon of getting your book printed, you should have a look at the scientific benefits of reading a printed book first.

Kids develop better reading ability

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Different research studies showed that young children in-between the 3-5 years of age have a lower comprehensive power of understanding the story when adults read to them using e-books. After this, several research studies were conducted, showed children to have a better grasp of a story if a printed book is used.

The simple fact is that electronic devices used for reading e-books make children distracted and becomes difficult for them to focus on a story read to them. Moreover, another case study showed that scholars using e-books are always less engaged, making it harder for them to remember precise events’ order in a story. Therefore people looking for their kids to develop reading power and more should opt for printed books instead of electronic ones. To learn more about printed books visit QINPrinting.

Even adults absorb more information

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Similar to kids, even adults absorb more information when going through printed copies instead of e-books. This study was presented in 2014 in Italy first and then conducted worldwide. Moreover, earlier in the research, it showed print readers scored higher in numerous areas like immersion in a book, empathy, understanding of narrative, etc. Scientists believe that such an effect occurs due to a tactile sensation, which comes from holding books in hands when reading.

In short, this takes place due to the progression an individual feels by going through a story. A person when going through printed books enjoys the virtue of waning and waxing pages on a book. It aids a reader to feel a story unfolding in front of them; both figuratively and literally.

Additionally, print books allow people to go back and forth for confirming information that a person might be unsure of. This can be done by losing the reading portion by simply utilizing a page marker that isn’t available on tablets, mobiles, laptops, or any other devices which can be used for reading e-books.

Better for eyes

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The eyes of an individual can use a break from staring at screens all day long. Most office jobs require staring at computer screens for the entire day, which is quite strenuous. Hence, if coming backing home and have to stare at screens to reads, undoubtedly it will lead to strained eyes. A survey showed that over 50% of people complain about strained eyes after reading books digitally.

E-books can lead to screen fatigues, which in turn, might cause blurred vision, dryness, redness, irritation, etc. With print books, one doesn’t have to worry about such things; especially when kids’ eyes are considered sensitive and should be taken care of more.

Less distracting

It is nothing new, that children have less patience and get more easily distracted than adults. Hence, it is quite obvious that people, especially children get side-tracked frequently when choosing e-books over print ones. Apart from having internet at finger-tips, it was observed that digital readers spend time scanning for keywords more than precisely processing about what he/she reads.

With e-books chances of getting easily distracted by a different application or links appearing on screen is quite high. Once distracted it is hard for a child to get back to the book and concentrate on it.

Academic achievement is linked to having a home library

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According to studies conducted in 42 different countries, pupils who have books at home are more likely to fetch higher grades on tests. The number of printed books one owns doesn’t matter; however, adding as many books as possible to a collection will assist a scholar to perform better in their academic life.

Researchers believe that having a home library is always beneficial for academic achievement for a particular reason; having books at home will encourage a child to talk to parents about new things they’ve learned as well as read for a fun time. This substantially benefits kids in a classroom.

Printed books bring joy

A research study conducted recently helped in concluding that people prefer reading printed books rather than electronic books. This is because a reader can hold, touch, and also leaf through pages according to their preference. Moreover, in the survey, another common answer that was provided by participants is that printed books offer lesser distraction and eye strain.

Along with these reasons, most of them stated how much they enjoy and feel better holding a book in their hand rather than reading from e-books. For example, the aroma from a book, brings back memory and relives them, or simply creates new ones more easily than electronic books can.

Help in sleeping better

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When winding down, reading is considered to be one of the best ways to fall asleep. However, when scrolling through a phone or tablet to read is never a good idea for falling asleep at night. Blue light from displays of electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. toys with circadian circles and melatonin levels making it difficult to fall asleep, and without a goodnight’s sleep, one feels groggy when waking up in the morning.

Though reading is a remarkable activity when trying to go to sleep at night, using printed books is better than e-books. Printed books offer better brain activity and engagement that is ideal for drifting off to sleep at night.

These are some of the reasons why people should opt for printed books rather than electronic ones. It is beneficial for kids as well as adults. Also, it enhances the development of children, which is essential for doing well in academic life and learning through comprehensive reading.

So, order your printed book today!