11 Reasons why Traveling in an RV is so Popular

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Since 1902, RV travels have been part of America, and its popularity began in the 1950s. Many families create memories while traveling and road-tripping across different states with their house on wheels.

RVing became more popular during the early 2000s and lasts until today. People became hooked on RVing and appreciated the beauty of nature.

If you are wondering why it became so popular, here are eleven great reasons why:

Low Gas Prices

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Gas prices continue to plummet these past years; although prices creep higher, fueling up an RV is cheaper.

Topping off a Recreational Vehicle with gasoline has become far more affordable, and it makes the idea of traveling in one more feasible for those on a tight budget.

A Good and Clean Hotel-like room you could bring anywhere

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RVers could pick a destination without the concern of whether or not there’s a great place to stay overnight, in the exact location they want to visit. Yes, you need to dump tanks at some point, but being in a hotel-like vehicle allows for flexibility.

Indeed, staying in a hotel room has its perks such as free breakfast, a pool, room service. But having a private hotel room that goes wherever the open road takes you has an excellent comfort level.

You could continue traveling far from home without worrying how clean a hotel or rental might cost; you could clean your RV personally for a more comfortable trip.

Some of the Safest Destinations are Outdoors

Nature travel destinations are being even more appreciated and popular these days. Being out in the open area allows travelers to relax and enjoy life.

There are National Parks and State parks that accommodate RVs and even offer hookup sites. It would help if you research before heading out; some parks could be challenging to navigate in a big vehicle.

Dining Problems Solved

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Most Hotel rooms do not always have a kitchen, but most large recreational vehicles do. So, if you are traveling through an area where restaurants do not offers dine-ins, you could have a lovely space to prepare food and dine. It would surely beat the times when you are trying to balance food in your lap while in a car.

Renting is an Option

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Not everyone could afford an RV, and not everyone is willing to purchase one due to not frequent getaways.

Good thing some companies offer RV rental services; These companies often commit to above and beyond deep cleanings between each customer.

You could now experience the fun of traveling with an Rv without ripping off your pockets. And enjoy travels without the hassle of booking to hotels at every city stops.

Five star RV Parks and Resorts

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Sure, RV parks are almost everywhere, but there are some that step up their game. You could now find luxurious RV parks and resorts that offer a high class of amenities and services.

Most of these luxurious parks and resorts offer full hookups and excellent facilities such as swimming pools, indoor and outdoor courts, beaches, fishing areas, and many more.

Frequent Stops are no longer needed

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Most of the RVs have a built-in kitchen, dining tables, sink, and of course, restrooms with a toilet and showers. So, stopping at any old gas station is no longer needed when you are traveling with an RV, not unless you are there to fuel up or you are going to buy something.

Family or Group trips

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As the usual saying goes, “the more, the merrier,” you could now travel with your family, friends, and even relatives. You could move freely in an RV than when cramming in a car.

If you dream of taking your mom, dad, aunts, or uncles on the summer vacation, but you could not fit in a car, maybe purchasing or renting an RV is an excellent option for you.

Maybe it may cost a bit pricey, but it is an excellent investment in the long run.

Long-distance travel without Flying

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When you want to travel to distant places but not in the mood or cannot fly due to health and personal reasons, you might want to get an RV.

You could experience comfortable travels without flying, but of course, minus the flight attendants that would serve you.

Besides, road travels could be more fun than in flights; you can enjoy while the kids are buckled in at the table, playing card or board games. You could even stop in parking lots for a few minutes to rest in a comfy bed is doable. On top of that, you won’t miss the beautiful sceneries of mountains and waterways not like when you are above.

Work-from-Home set up inside an RV

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If you are one of the people who work from home and longing for a road trip and camping travels, then you might want to try setting up a mini office inside your RV.

Here, you could still have to get work done while relaxing in with nature—no worries about leaving flash drives or charging cords in a hotel back in who knows where. Your computer, notes, and accessories could stay safely stashed near the passenger seat, at the kitchen table, on in a mini set up office.

Save Money

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It might be circumstantial, but choosing the RV route could be cheaper. Take note that expenses depend on how many are getting to vacation, how much gas is, and how reasonable the camping or RV sites are.

All in all, with the less dining out, no hotel reservations, and accessing mostly free or low-cost natural scenic destinations, this could be the most affordable vacation you could ever have.


Since most people are looking for the same word to describe great travels; convenience, RV travels could give you more than just comfort; they could offer a hassle and stress-free, cheaper, flexible, and more fun getaways.

If you want to find out more about RVs, then you might want to check the website of Camper101, where you could find helpful details about the worth, style, and type of recreational vehicles.