Cold Start Dabs: How to Do a Reverse Dab?


The only process used in the initial stages of dabbing was intense heat to scorch up the banger or rig, fill up the extracts, and puff in. People encountered a heap of coughing because it delivered a very blunt vapor experience. Now using low temperatures is the latest invention for a finer BHO experience. You can call it cold start or even reverse dabbing.

So will you like to bring your marijuana extracts fun to the next level? If yes, you can find here Dabbing Rigs Electric to explore the reverse dab technique. It is a process of marijuana concentrated mass that resembles honey or butter and is increasing in popularity on reasonable grounds. You surely would like to enjoy your extracts while preventing stiffness or frustration in your throat. Right?

Have a look down at the precise method of how you can perform a reverse or cold start dabbing.

What Is Reverse Or Cold Start Dabbing?


Cold start dabbing, which you may also call reverse dabbing, is a process of inhaling marijuana extracts that concerns heating the extract before filling it into the banger. This process is opposite to standard dabbing, where you must heat the banger first and then fill the extracts.

The temperature is the main change between both techniques. It goes between 400°F to 600°F while warming the banger or rig. You may find it hard to maintain the temperature with a torch and need a few tryouts and mistakes while using a timer. Utilizing an electronic nail or an infrared thermometer is the safest approach to maintain the temperature.

The Instrument You Require To Perform A Reverse Or Cold Start Dabbing?

  • Regular Dab Rig involving the rig, a banger, CBD dabber, and directional spinner cap. The pail structure of the banger delivers a smoother dispersion of warmth. The most suggested banger is created by quartz as it might maintain the warmth for a prolonged time at fewer temperatures.
  • Regular butane-packed Flash.
  • Cotton bud for cleansing the banger afterward.

Steps For Performing The Cold Start Or Reverse Dabbing


In contrast with standard dabbing, the reverse dabbing technique is becoming famous because it is almost perfect and even fast & effortless. You only need to pay attention to your extracts and observe these easy measures.

  • Put together everything, and ensure that your bucket-shaped banger is clean because rewarming extra can eliminate the taste of your firm concentrates.
  • Ensure that the nail is fresh & cleansed
  • Fill up the dabber with the dab.
  • Let fall your dab in the fresh and unwarmed banger.
  • Put the directional spinner cap on the head.
  • Put the flame two fingers apart from the starting point of the nail.
  • Observe your extracts firmly, and once they start bubbling and vaporizing (generally just after 10 sec of warming), take away your torch and inhale your first puff.
  • You can have several puffs with a single cold start, determined by the capacity of the dab and your vital capability.
  • Turn the directional spinner cap while you vacate the rig’s compartment altogether.
  • Clean the banger properly to purify it.
  • Allow the banger to cool down thoroughly, and you can go again.

Advantages Of Reverse Dabbing


There are numerous benefits of reverse dab. Below are some of them:

  • It maintains the banger neat and organized.
  • It promotes a low-temperature dabbing method. You can vaporize the extracts via induction instead of direct-contact warming.
  • It is effortless on your tools. Less warm will have less wear & tear.
  • You do not have to stress about its heat-up and cool-down periods.
  • It will probably not overheat the extracts and maintain more cannabis-like agents and terpenoids.
  • Fewer temperature indicates more cannabinol and terpenoids are well maintained.
  • Temperature management is stress-free.

Why Do People Choose Reverse Dab Over The Traditional Dabbing Process?

People who have tried reverse dabbing express it to be extra flavorsome and do not have the roughness or frustration in the throat that a standard dabbing might have. Besides, people assert it delivers a more soothing high that grows after a while.

The best thing about reverse dab is that you would not have to stress over missing out on the flavor of your extract because you may get the entire smoke beyond any failure. A further exceptional benefit of reverse dabbing is the dab is trouble-free by itself, so you would neither be coughing nor overburdening your throat and lungs as it happens in conventional dabbing.

The reverse dab technique is much more time-saving as, from organizing to puffing, it requires just a short time period compared to traditional dabbing. Finally, the reverse dabbing technique is not so rough on your rig as it does not take much heat and warms up instantly. Thus your tools will last for a long time.

Dabbing Tips For Newbies


Look at some of the essential tips if you are new to dabs.

  • Look out for what you must explore in the dabbing.
  • Set about with a cleansed nail to secure you can observe while your extract starts bubbling or when the smoke shows up in the chamber. A messy nail might nearly cause superheating of the nail that destroys the extracts.
  • You must wash the nail by dripping it in water and dimethyl carbinol for nearly 60 minutes.
  • You can begin with a little share of extract unless you are an expert dabber.
  • A directional flow spinner cap made of borosilicate glass will ensure you have the finest quality puffs and make full use of your extracts.
  • Ensure the torch have sufficient N-butane gas.

Bottom Line

You must go for the cold start or reverse dabbing if you desire a unique and thrilling way to have fun with your marijuana extracts. Though it may take quite a bit of time to become accustomed to, you will surely be fond of it once you go through the taste and regularity of this dabbing technique.

Sooner or later, the main point is whatever you desire. If you want to go for something fresh and feel like evading roughness or trouble in your throat, then the cold start or reverse dabbing is absolutely made for you.