Is Cord-Cutting The Right Choice?


Nowadays, many people who have cable TV services are planning to cut the cord for multiple reasons and many people have already switched to streaming services. We all know that cable TV services have always been expensive and we cannot deny the fact that It hurts to pay a good amount of money for something which doesn’t offer you as much as it should. With the streaming services coming up, many service providers which were TV services have started offering streaming services to their customers because of the high demand. People always something which is new, pocket friendly and offers you flexibility.

Nonetheless, not every person will be glad to cancel their cable or satellite TV services. The choice can be surprisingly very difficult. It seems easy at first, but it isn’t.

How about we check out the case for cord-cutting first. The greatest contention on this side of the ledger is the rising cost of cable services. The average TV service bill is presently almost $110 per month, as indicated by Bruce Leichtman, head at Leichtman Research Group. Also, costs appear to rise each year. The excessive costs helped drive 6 million customers of TV services to drop pay-TV last year, in the business’ biggest decrease ever, as per Wall Street examiner firm MoffettNathanson.


The other thing that makes cord cutting progressively appealing is that new web-based streaming services are giving buyers more other options. Assuming you need conventional stations like HGTV and CNN, you can get one of the streaming services that offer you all these channels and has been in business for the past few years and you can trust them. There are many streaming platforms where you can find a lot of content; however, you’ll need to endure seeing promotions. You can find your favorite movies and series on such platforms and you can even download them free.

The options also include both established giants like Netflix, which presently has more than 74 million subscribers and that’s just in America, and there are many new streaming platforms such as Disney+ service, which aren’t yet a year old however as of now has more than 60 million subscribers and the numbers are growing up every day.


You should be cautious but you should give a try to something which seems more flexible and offers you the same services at low cost. Streaming services have also been in business for so long but people were not aware of the flexibility and amazing features offered by the streaming platforms. People used to think that streaming services are expensive. For the past few months, we can see a rise in streaming services prices. They are as yet less expensive than the cable services, but you might not save a lot even after switching but it’s worth a shot.

And keeping in mind that “cord-cutting” has turned into a well-known term, odds are you will not actually be cutting binds with your TV service provider—that same service provider might give your internet and telephone services.

If you are planning to get streaming services, follow the below steps:

Get an internet connection


The first step to stream your favorite movies and series on streaming platforms is to get an internet connection. You need to keep in your mind that getting just an internet connection won’t be enough, you need to make sure that you get an internet connection that offers you high-speed internet and is reliable. Many companies in America promise to offer reliable services but they don’t offer what they promise. You need to make sure that you do proper research from your side and then make a decision.

Figure out your internet usage first like are going to do just streaming or there will be other activities as well that you are going to do. If you have basic usage and you are going to do just streaming and maybe checking your emails or surfing on the web then even a basic internet plan will work great for you.

If there are multiple users in your house who do streaming and gaming on multiple gadgets then make sure you get an internet plan that offers you amazing download and upload speeds as the speed will be shared once you connect multiple devices to your internet connection. If your internet speed won’t be good and you will be getting multiple devices then you will probably watch the buffering wheel more than the movie. Internet service providers like Spectrum offer you amazing promotional packages with amazing download and upload speed. You can pick any plan that suits your needs. Spectrum also offers live TV streaming services so if you want to watch your favorite movie or sports channel, you can get it through Spectrum. You can click here to find out about Spectrum plans. You can get a bundle and can get amazing discounts.

Get a smart device


Once you get an internet connection, the next step is to get a smart device. It depends on you. Some people like to do streaming on their smartphones in their bed and some people like to watch on TV in their living room. If you have a smartphone or a tablet, you can log in to your streaming account and can watch your favorite shows or series whenever you want. If you want to stream on TV, you need to make sure you have a smart TV so you can log in to your account and can stream. If you don’t have a smart TV, you can get a ROKU device and can do streaming.

Get streaming services


Now when you have everything you need to do streaming, the final step is to get streaming services. If you want Live TV streaming services, there are many service providers like Spectrum and COX, which offer Live TV streaming services to their customers. There are different plans and you can pick one that suits your budget and your needs. You don’t need to get a cable box or any device to do get access to streaming services and there won’t be any extra charges like sub charges and taxes.

There are different streaming platforms as well like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, etc. and you can get a subscription to any of the streaming platforms and can get access to tons of amazing content. You can download the app and after subscribing, you can log in and can enjoy the streaming services.

Summing it up

Switching to streaming services will be the best decision you will make today. You will be saving a good amount of money and will get access to amazing content. Give it a shot and if you feel like it’s not for you, cable services are not going anywhere. You can get cable services anytime.