Reasons Why are Cryptocurrency Prices Rising in 2024


There are a lot of things that would be difficult to explain to someone from the past. Cryptocurrencies would probably be one of them. The fact is that the world is evolving faster than ever before, and new technologies and practices are appearing non-stop. Virtual currencies took a lot of people by surprise, especially in how quickly they grew in value. It has become a million-dollar question, how to predict the rise and fall of these coins. The year 2024 has been quite a ride in itself, so it is fair enigmas of how will cryptocurrencies respond to the pandemic. As we know, the year itself started well for virtual currencies, but COVID-19 has slowed down and created harm to virtual coins as well as humans. However, while March and April have been volatile to these virtual markets, the world has shown good capabilities in recovery. Some stock markets are at a peak, and naturally, there are investors to be found again for the crypto market. If you are wondering will crypto coins rise in the following months, stay with us.

The halving


Since the start of the pandemic, there was a rise in the value of some virtual coins, like bitcoin. The reason is that people are expecting a scheduled event called halving. As we know, virtual currency is actually “mined” by supercomputers. For the reward, miners get compensation in virtual coins themself. But the amount they get is halved every couple of years, for inflation reasons. Preceding halving had a result in raises of value.

Demand and supply


So miners are suppliers of coins to the crypto market, but the generation of coins is slowing down with time. What this can lead to is a much higher demand than supply. Since we know that if the demand for some product exceeds its supply, prices will continue to rise. There is also a factor of the maximum number of virtual coins that can exist. Yet, since we are not going to get to that number in this century, it is not affecting prices in 2024.

Interest of institutions


After the birth of cryptocurrencies, there was a lot of mistrust from the institutions toward them. While this has continued for some time, it looks like the situation has begun to improve.  Recent polls done by Chicago Mercantile Exchange are showing a vast increase in institutional interest. But not just in the USA, there are winds of change over other countries as well. A lot of experts say that this type of interest can be only beneficial Ato the market’s future.

Around the world growth


Maybe some expected that virtual currencies are going to be accepted much faster. But while it is not as quick as some would prefer, it is unquestionably happening around the world. Statistics are showing a global rise in people that are virtual currency users this year. Naturally, this is also leading to many companies that are in this business to earn immense profits. The more people are using it, and the larger these firms become, the more stable and accepted will crypto coins be. The good news here is that even countries in Africa and South America are joining the party, and those are large markets.

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There are a lot of experts that think that cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, for example, might be the future base of our economy. Because of the pandemic, we have once again seen a crash in the global economy. That was not the first time, and we can safely ask the question, are virtual currencies future standards, or will gold remain one. In the world where banks are transferring money electronically over huge distances, and computers are playing an increasingly larger role in our societies. If we are asking ourselves are cryptocurrencies better suited to the current macro climate, we are asking a good question.

Affordable production


We already mentioned halving, but production expenses are another cause of why the crypto market will continue to expand. Coin mining is dependant on computers answering mathematical problems. When the problem is solved, we have a new coin. While computers capable of doing this type of action are not cheap, they are only an initial investment. What is the fuel for the creation of virtual coins is electricity. Countries with more affordable electricity can join the market particularly fast.

Becoming part of the regulated system


The ascension of cryptocurrencies has left many legislative institutions puzzled. The mystery is how to classify it. Some government agencies consider Virtual coins commodity others are classifying it in different ways. This uncertainty has made many investors overly cautious in the past. Nevertheless, with legal steps taken to regulate this new market, it shall become a much safer investment in the future. After all, that shall give us new ways to invest, and that will bring a higher demand. It is also possible that we will see less volatile prices because institutional investors will take more interest.



One thing mainstream media doesn’t understand is how resilient virtual currencies are. If you are reading some old schooled newspapers, you have witnessed that bitcoin has been done for and is going to disappear soon, hundreds of times. That is especially true for the most famous one of them, Bitcoin. But time and time again, after every price crash, Bitcoin would return and continue to grow. We can expect that to be true in 2024 as well since the reason for its fall was pandemic, and the world is recovering already.

Acceptance of giants


The USA government, other world governments, most significant stock markets, and most powerful banks have all opposed virtual currencies before. But in 2019, and 2024 this has changed. JPMorgan is one of the largest banks in the world, and they have started doing crypto transactions and incorporated virtual currencies into their system. Goldman Sachs Wealth Management division has previously argued against the virtual market but is now considering launching its virtual coin. Without making a cash withdrawal, a bank transfer moves money from one bank account to another.

Being Eco-friendly


One fact that we need to remember is that newer generations are more disposed to be concerned about climate change. That is making millennials more excited about sustainable investing. There is an overlap between people that care deeply about global warming and those that invest in virtual currencies. That is why cryptocurrency companies are marketing themself as a more eco-friendly investment than many others.

When it comes to the masses, it is not as fast to gain recognition of new things. But it is not hard to notice a change in perspective that people have these days. Mostly when talking to people about Bitcoin, for example, you will hear regret they didn’t invest before. But while those lucky few did earn a fortune in the early days of cryptocurrencies, there is still profit to be made. And, if you are thinking about investing in some virtual currencies, but are not quite sure how, for more information, visit