Smoke-Free Savings: How Much You Could Save by Switching to Vaping – 2024 Guide


Coughing up money for smoking is one of the worst parts of a cigarette addiction. The amount of money you could save if you ditch the death sticks is often undervalued in articles about the smoke-free lifestyle. In fact, money is a big part of the reason many ex-smokers make the jump into vaping. To save you a bit of time, we’ve done all the calculations for you. Here’s the maths on how much you could save if you make the switch to vaping.

The Costs


Just as every vaper vapes in their own way, every smoker smokes differently. This means that calculating averages is ideal. The NHS states that smokers in the UK have around 10 daily cigarettes which then comes to 182 packs annually. With one pack costing £11.12 at current prices, here are the rundown of the costs:

Yearly cost for average smoker: £2,024

Yearly cost for pack a day smoker: £4,048

What about vaping?

This is the exciting bit. Compared to smoking, vaping is a lot lighter on your wallet. An average vaper buys around three 10ml e-liquid bottles every week at £4.99, which adds up to £778 annually. Let’s not forget hardware costs! An Innokin vaping device costs around £26 – a one off purchase and great for those just starting their vaping journey. Every coil has a life of about a week and are buyable in packs of 5 about £9. This leads to a total cost of hardware of £125. Here’s our calculations:

Yearly cost for average vaper: £903

Annual Savings


Ready for this?

Yearly savings for an average smoker: £1,121

Yearly savings for a pack a day smoker: £3,144

We had to double-check these figures to make sure everything was correct. Those thousands of pounds could easily be pumped into that new car you always wanted, that trip to New Zealand or as an investment in your future. Either way, it truly is a life altering amount of money.

In fact, we haven’t even taken into account the additional medical costs that smokers have to endure now and in later life. As packs of cigarettes increase in price, these calculations will be out of date pretty soon, with the rate of savings constantly going up and up. Another great thing about vaping is that you don’t even need to compensate for your intake when you make the move over from smoking. All you need to do is increase your nicotine strength without spending any more money on higher volumes of e-liquid.

To help push you over the edge, here’s a few things you could be doing with that money you save when you make the switch to vaping.



Putting off flying to your most desired destination is mostly always because of finances. Everyone wants to get as far away as possible sometimes and that’s completely understandable! Going to those places is possible if you stop smoking and it’s a huge bonus on top of all those other benefits that come with ditching smoking. In our mind, exploring the Australian jungle or roaming the plains of Africa in a safari is definitely worth it for a year without cigarettes.


As it becomes more and more challenging to save money for younger and older people alike, the less chance all of us have to properly invest in our futures. Saving is one of the key parts of finances. You never know what’s round the corner and having a backup option can truly change your life. With that money you save when you become a vaper, you can finally invest in your future. Whether that be a house or just having a cushion for when things go wrong, that feeling of having savings is incredibly rewarding.

Start a business


As said previously, investing in your future can come in many different variations. Building up your savings account is obviously really important, but using that money to invest can bring you huge rewards. Why not start that business you’ve always dreamed of running? It’s not as hard as you think. Starting small but dreaming big is all part of good entrepreneurship. Who knows – you could hit the big time if you’ve got what it takes.

Running a family

Many smokers decide to pack their habit in at around 30. While we’d always recommend stopping way before you hit that age (the health risks you play with for every year you smoke can be deadly), it’s about the time that many people start to feel the responsibility of family life. Not only is it bad to be smoking around your children, but the money you save can really make a difference to their childhood. Buying new clothes or treating them to a trip to Disneyland will create memories that will last a lifetime.



Now you’ve quit smoking, the chances of you reaching an older age are getting higher by the day! While it might seem far away, you’ll be giving your younger self a pat on the back for investing a little more into that retirement fund every year or so. We say take a bit of that extra money you’re saving and keep a consistent flow of it heading in the direction of your pension. You won’t regret it when you’re relaxing on a beach somewhere in the south of France.

Splash the cash

We’re all a little materialistic now and again. Whether you’ve been eyeing up the newest games console or your wardrobe is in desperate need of a refresh, using that extra cash to treat yourself is less than you deserve for quitting the cigarettes. Even if you do decide to save most of the extra cash, we think it’s a great idea to reward yourself for all your hard work. You’ve got the money to do it now!

If you’re suffering from the devastating effects cigarettes can cause, we hope these numbers have helped push you over the edge. Vaping can be a saving grace for those struggling to ditch the tobacco for good and the extra cash is a massive reward if you do.

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