6 Tips on How To Cure Muscle Aches Using CBD

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CBD is known as a natural alternative to help with many health problems, it can help both mental and physical problems and is commonly known for curing muscle aches. There are a few different ways to use it including oil, vape, edibles, and creams, it really will come down to preference. Once you know the reason you’re getting muscle aches, you can choose the best method of use for you. Here are some of the ways it can be used to cure muscle aches…

1. Rubbing on CBD to help with muscle aches

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Most people think CBD just comes in the form of oil, but it can also be used in a topical form which is within a cream or moisturizer. If you are suffering from sore muscles after a workout you can use a topical CBD option to treat the soreness as it will likely be temporary. This will have a faster effect on your muscles than any other form of CBD would, it won’t take more than an hour to work and is usually immediate. For more information about it, you can use trusted websites, such as Area 52.

If it isn’t exercised making your muscles sore but you have chronic muscle pain, you will need to apply the topical CBD more often and lots during flare-ups especially. However, it might be more effective to take oral CBD like oil or edibles for this type of pain as it isn’t likely to just go away quickly. Most people like to use a combination of both to suppress pain as much as possible. Ingesting it will help the pain inside and out, whereas topical cream will focus on certain areas that are painful.

Unfortunately, it isn’t recommended to use topical CBD for conditions like arthritis and similar joint problems. You will need to use an oral CBD often to help with these problems as the cannabinoid receptors in the body will need to be targeted. They will only be affected if you use the oil, eat chewy CBD gummies, or vape it.

2. Using CBD oil or a vape for muscle pains

Using it in the form of a vape can be convenient as you can carry it around with you if you commonly get pains when you are out and about. It can also be useful to have a few puffs after fitness classes if this is what usually causes you achy muscles. The only downside of a vape is it might be a bit more expensive than other methods of taking it as you will need to buy the device. However, if you’re using it on a daily basis it will be well worth it to help with your muscle aches. It’s always also a brilliant option for anyone trying to quit smoking as it will act as a natural alternative.

3. How CBD affects our bodies in general

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The anti-inflammatory effect it has on our bodies is due to it affecting our endocannabinoid system, this regulates and balances our immune system, appetite, communication between cells, memory, metabolism, and more. The powerful effect it can have is often associated with well-being and calm feelings and this is all down to our endocannabinoid system being affected. You might have heard of THC, another one of the many cannabinoids in the marijuana plant, however, this one is more associated with feelings of getting high and intoxication.

4. What other health benefits does CBD have?

Not only will it help you with muscle aches and pains it will also assist in the reduction of anxiety and depression and even PTSD in some cases. Taking a few drops of CBD under your tongue 2-3 times a day will make you feel calmer and even sleep better. Sleeping more can reduce anxiety and depression and generally help your focus improve.

The fact it is anti-inflammatory means it will also help with other aches and pains in the body, not just muscle pains. It will benefit those who suffer from headaches and migraines as the pressure experienced on your head will be reduced. It can also help heart health and interestingly correlations between using it and a healthy heart has been found.

5. Does using CBD have any negative side effects?

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Taking it for aches and pains is usually reported as very effective but some users do experience side effects. A few users have reported a dry mouth, feelings of drowsiness, and diarrhea in some cases. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if it’s the CBD causing this or other things. If you do start experiencing any major negative side effects or you are on medication at the same time as using it, it might be best to consult your doctor before mixing it with other substances.

6. Other remedies to treat achy muscles

Along with CBD, there are some other remedies you can practice from home to make you feel more comfortable and less achy. These include light stretching, make sure you do this straight after your exercise, it will help you minimize feelings of pain and reduce injury. Always warm up before exercising as well. Yoga and deep breathing are always excellent ways to calm down and take care of the achy parts of your body. There are plenty of videos online you can use to practice.

If you are investing in CBD oil and you’d like something extra to make your muscles feel less tight, you can go for a cold bath or use salt in a hot bath. Either of these methods should help you in the short term and the long term. Combining some methods together like using CBD before a bath can be extra relaxing. If your muscles still seem extra tight, you might like to book in a sports massage or a deep tissue massage if you have the time and budget.

Now you know the huge benefits it can have for aches and pains, you can try it out in your preferred form. Whether you end up going for the oil, vape, edibles, or topical cream options, you will surely reap the benefits of this wonderful cannabinoid.