5 Warning Signs You Need To Hire an Employment Attorney

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Whether you are an employer who runs a team of workers or you are an employee who works in a company, an employment lawyer can be helpful in certain situations. The work environment is very often dynamic and a variety of workplace situations occur.

Some of them are harmless and do not require the help of a professional, while others require a third party who can explain the duties and rights of both employer and an employee. But how to know when you need one? Below you can read some of the main warning signs that you need to hire an employment attorney.

What is an employment attorney?

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Employment attorneys are lawyers who deal with resolving legal issues in the workplace, between employers and employees. Although there are employment attorneys representing either of these two parties, it is a common situation that they specialize in one of them. This means that there are lawyers who focus on employers (defendants), as well as those who represent employees (prosecutors).

Employment attorneys deal with all aspects of employment and make sure that all laws in the workplace are respected. The most common topics that these attorneys encounter are discrimination, harassment, salary and hourly issues, security issues, but also many others.

A good employment attorney will also know how to advise you in all situations when you are in doubt and you are not sure what your rights are in a particular situation.

Warning signs you need to hire and employment attorney


Although discrimination sounds like something that should have disappeared a long time ago, in modern society, discrimination is still a reality. You will recognize that you are a victim of discrimination in that your employer or other employees view and treat you differently because of your gender, nationality, race, or other characteristics. Even if your employer treats you differently due to illness and disability – it is still discrimination and a valid reason to seek employment attorney.

Sexual harassment

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Sexual harassment is another reason why you would want to seek the help of a professional. In the event that your employer sexually harasses you, it is necessary to take immediate action.

We suggest that you report it to the police and then hire an employment attorney to help you get through the entire legal process. Sexual harassment in the workplace implies unwelcome sexual advance, request for sexual favors, or conduct of a sexual nature. None of this should be tolerated and you need to do what it takes to protect yourself.

Situations in which whistleblower laws apply

In the event that you find that your employer is carrying out any illegal activities at work, it is necessary to disclose this. However, in situations where you draw the attention of your employer and he or she takes certain disciplinary action, it is necessary to contact an employment attorney.

They will tell you what you need to do and how to protect yourself from the actions of your employee. It is important to know here that you are protected in such situations by whistleblower laws, which protect all employees who detect illegal activities in the workplace. Be wise and do not allow yourself to go through this alone, without being guided by an expert.

Getting fired illegally

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Every employer has the right to dismiss a worker in accordance with the law, which means, among other things, that he should have a valid reason.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have not received a clear explanation for your dismissal, or suspect that you have been fired as a result of discrimination, maternity leave or sick leave, it is important to consult an attorney as soon as possible and find out what you can do about your specific situation. It should always be completely clear to you why you are getting fired and no one should convince you otherwise.

Not being paid right

Another reason why you should consider hiring an employment attorney is if you do not receive your salary on time, the employer does not pay you the agreed amount, does not give you the necessary documents, etc. You should share any salary issues you have with your attorney and find out what would be best to do. If you are fulfilling all your duties in the workplace, and you are not paid for it in the way it was initially agreed, it is necessary to talk about it with a professional and find out how you can ensure that the money you worked hard for is paid.

NOTE: Regardless of what issues you face in the workplace and why you want to consult an employment attorney, it is essential that you keep records and gather all the evidence you have to help a lawyer do his job in the fastest and most efficient way.

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Make a note of the date and time of the incident, keep documents that state the exact amount of the salary, and make sure you have people who will be willing to testify if necessary.

If you find yourself in these warning situations, we suggest that you find a reliable and professional employment attorney who will give you all the necessary information and instruct you on how to proceed with your actions in order to go through the entire legal process most easily, quickly and successfully. Levitt LLP is a leading labor and employment law firm in Toronto with attorneys who will ensure a fair outcome in and out of the courtroom.


Various situations occur in the workplace, including the ones that are not that pleasant. If you find yourself in a conflict situation with your employer and you do not know how to proceed, it is a good idea to consult an employment attorney about your rights in the workplace.

There are also warning signs that indicate that you urgently need to contact an employment attorney, such as cases of discrimination, harassment, payment problems, and getting fired for no reason. With a professional by your side, you can solve problems much faster and win in court.