What Are Different Stages Of Holle Goat Formula?

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Our precious little ones need different types of nutrition as per their age, and every parent wants to provide them with the best possible one during every period of their lives. The first six months are the most important, as that is when they form the foundation for a healthy life, boost their immunity, and grow the fastest.

Because of that, people pay special attention to choosing the best products to ensure their newborns will get all the necessary nutrients they seek and need.

Of course, nothing can compare to natural things, and breast milk dominates here, especially during the first few months, but after that, parents need to start thinking about alternatives because that’s what infants will eat for longer. This is where our topic of the day comes in, as one of the best solutions thanks to the natural ingredients used to create it.

According to Organic Life Start, there are three phases, and what makes them so exceptional is that each of them is designed to meet all the needs and, more importantly, at different ages.

In the text below, we will explain each of them further, so every parent can understand why going with this one is a great choice and how they can benefit from it.

Stage 1

Source: organiclifestart.com

This one is designed for when things are still new, as this is the period that’s of vast importance for their body and overall health. It is made with skimmed milk mixed with whey powder. Everyone knows that everything important happens during the first couple of months, and that’s precisely where this type steps in, as it forms the foundation for a healthy life, growth, and development. It is one of the best substitutions in a situation when a mother cannot provide it due to various reasons during the first months of their life.

Key Features of Stage 1

  • No palm oil
  • Contains natural whey, DHA, & ALA
  • Demeter certified (Organic++)

Stage 1 doesn’t have any palm oil in it. Instead of that, it has natural whey, DHA, and ALA. Plus, it is certified by Demeter as being organic++. This makes it a healthier choice for your newborn, thanks to natural ingredients.


Of course, there are a few disadvantages, and we need to mention them to help you make the best choice based on facts. These disadvantages are:

  1. It is not a healthy choice because it contains saturated fats.
  2. It can be harmful if ingested in large quantities, but since there is a recommended dosage, using this formula as recommended cannot cause any harm.
  3. It is not environmentally friendly because it contributes to deforestation.

The benefits

Standard benefits:

  • Contribute to a baby’s brain and eye development, which is important during the first months of a newborn’s life.
  • Promote healthy growth and development of all newborns’ functions.

Emotional benefits:

  • Feel confident that you’re providing the best of the best, helping them remain healthy.
  • Know that you’re helping them get a good start in life even before moving to solid meals.

Stage 2

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This stage is meant to start after the first one and is made with whole milk and whey powder. It has all the nutrients our precious little ones need to continue growing and developing after Stage 1.

Plus, it contains all the important ingredients for brain and eye development, which is very important during this period. It is a good choice for those who want to provide the best for their youngsters and help them get all the necessary nutrients they need.

Sensitive stomachs that cannot take the protein in cow’s milk can benefit most from Holle Goat Dutch Stage 2 formula, and since cow milk is not recommended at this age, it makes it the best possible choice.

It is meant to be used in the first couple of months, and they can benefit from this stage because it reduces bloating and constipation due to the enzymes found in goat milk instead of using those found in cow’s milk.

It comprises A2 milk and is rich in natural lactose and other nutrients necessary for the overall well-being of the infant. Preservatives and additives are likewise absent from the stage 2 recipe, which makes it only a healthier choice. Thanks to natural lactose, which is used here, it is good even for young ones prone to allergies, as it is almost impossible that they will react to it.

Stage 3

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Okay, this is the last stage designed when they pass ten months and is made with whole milk, cream, and whey powder.

When they are a bit older, they can benefit most from this formula as it is made especially for this age during their rapid growth. Because of the higher vitamin content and ease of digestion, it is preferred by many across the globe as it provides all nutrients they need during this age. Natural sugar levels in the Stage 3 formula are lower, which helps alleviate constipation and gassiness, which is important for toddlers’ sensitive stomachs.

This one is ideal for when our precious little ones are moving from breast milk to solid meals as it can provide them with all the necessary nutrients during the period of transition, which can last longer for some toddlers.

To summarize

Making a decision like this is never easy, but this is one of the best choices a parent can make to help their loved young ones get all the nutrients they need. Thanks to three different stages, it can be used from the first days of their life without any side effects, and it is the first choice of parents around the world.

It is made of natural ingredients specially designed for sensitive stomachs that cannot take the protein in cow’s milk, so there is no need to worry about bloating and constipation.

Of course, consulting with a pediatrician is always a good idea, but it is almost certain that the Holle goat formula will be their recommendation, and it is up to you to choose the best one among the three stages based on children’s age.