5 Top Celebrity Eco-Friendly Cleaning Brands

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Eco-friendly things are becoming more popular day by day. Whether it is eco-friendly bags for shopping or eco-friendly cleaning products, more and more people are opting for a greener solution.

Global warming and environmental pollution are some serious issues that we need to take seriously as soon as possible. A lot of campaigns are being conducted by several organizations. Celebrities and well-known inspiring personalities are also taking part in those campaigns.

Along with all those big people, common people have also become more environmentally concerned. And that is why they are doing their best to keep the surroundings safe and free from pollution.

Top Celebrity Eco-Friendly Cleaning Brands

When you are thinking about opting for eco-friendly cleaning products and looking for the best ones, we will advise you to go for celebrity eco-friendly products.

All these eco-friendly green cleaning product brands are owned by celebrity individuals, and they are fulfilling their responsibilities as a part of the greener tomorrow campaign. The best part about these brands is they know what they need to do and how.

By using all these eco-friendly cleaning products, you will be able to keep your family safe and healthy from harmful chemicals. Along with that, you are also taking care of our home, our planet, and our Earth.

1. Seventh Generation

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Seventh Generation is a certified B Corp, and it is also determined to make each and every nook and corner of your house super clean by making sustainable and safer laundry, cleaning, paper products, dishwashing, and feminine care.

Thyme oil is the active ingredient in all the popular disinfectant sprays and wipes of the Seventh Generation. The best part is that this amazing cleaning solution comes on a pocket-friendly budget and is also available in several online stores. The products are free from the following.

  • VOCs.
  • Synthetic solvents.
  • Synthetic surfactants.
  • Phosphates.

2. Get Safely

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Get Safely has a wide range of highly concentrated safe cleaning products. That means you do not need to worry about how to be harsh on germs and stains. At the same time, all the products from the house of Safely are free from harsh chemicals.

Safely is founded by Supermoms. It is the brand of Kris Jenner & Emma Grade. That means you do not need to worry about the quality and also about the eco-friendly production of all the products. These products are free from the following.

  • Paraben.
  • Sulfates.
  • Synthetic fragrances.
  • Phosphates.

3. The Honest Company

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The Honest Company is one of the most preferred among parents because it is designed to care for babies in natural and safe ways. In addition to beauty and baby products, Jessica Alba’s green cleaning brand also has a wide collection of cleaners.

All of them are made from essential oils and gentle ingredients instead of all those synthetic fragrances. When you are thinking about the safety of your baby, you should opt for these products. The products are free from the following things.

  • Parabens.
  • Sulfates.
  • Synthetic fragrances.
  • Dyes.
  • Formaldehyde.
  • Methylisothiazolinone.

4. Puracy

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Whether you are searching for the usual all-purpose cleaner or designated carpet cleaner, you will get cleaning collusion for everything in the house of Puracy. This brand is one of the top-rated natural cleaning products.

You might not know that the super-concentrated formulas of Puracy are developed by a chemist from MIT. They claim to reduce water, energy, and plastic waste by more than 75%. The products of Puracy are free from the following dangers.

  • Chlorine.
  • Bleach.
  • Phosphates.
  • Paraben.
  • Formaldehyde.
  • Sulfates.

5. Branch Basics

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When you are worrying about buying all those cleaning products that contain 50% water, you can blindly trust Branch Basics because it contains multi-purpose concentrated cleaners. Also, you can make your own natural and safe cleaner from empty, refillable, and reusable bottles.

On the basis of the surface you are going to clean; you can actually add different amounts of water and concentrate. This way, you will be able to save more money by buying all those single-use plastic bottles. These products are free from the following harmful chemicals.

  • Synthetic preservatives.
  • Synthetic fragrances.
  • Parabens.
  • VOCs.
  • Methylisothiazolinone.

Why Should You Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products?

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If you are asking why then we can give you a hundred reasons. But, we will just go with the ones that are easy to understand, even for children.

  • Going green is a less expensive process. Many people think that organic cleaning will cost a fortune. Fortunately, the truth is that lemon, vinegar, baking soda, olive oil, and other natural elements that can be used for cooking do not cost much.
  • When you are practicing eco-friendly cleaning, you ensure that the things in your house last longer. The eco-friendly method doesn’t harm your things like a chemical-induced cleaning product does.
  • When you buy a packaged cleaning product, it will mostly smell like ammonia or bleach. While you might accept the smell because it is for cleaning the house, it can affect small children in the house. And in case they get in contact, it is dangerous for their skin. It is a good idea to have eco-friendly cleaning products in the house.
  • Finally, eco-friendly cleaning products make your planet a safer place. It not only helps boost the quality of soil but also improves the quality of the air. This reduced many airborne or soil-born health issues.

When it comes down to cleaning products that are ultimately sewage out to water bodies, they need to be biodegradable. Biodegradable elements will help keep the underground water level and surface water bodies safe.

Final Talks

There is a general misconception about eco-friendly, green cleaning products and that they are expensive and do not have many options to choose from. However, the truth is completely different.

A lot of green cleaning products are also available in the market on a pocket-friendly budget. Along with that, more new brands are launching green cleaning products at present. So, you can choose anyone from the above list or try anything different.

The goal is to create a greener and safer tomorrow.