Early Christmas Gift Guide | Treat Yourself This Christmas

If you don’t know how to spend Christmas without a family or how to spend Christmas ultimately alone, keep this in mind: it is a matter of attitude. We know that it is difficult, because as soon as these dates approach we are bombarded with messages that Christmas is the most memorable time of the year and that it should always be celebrated as a family … but remember that this is not true, because the importance of these days is up to the individual. These messages are only part of an extensive temporary marketing campaign.

Many like to spend these days with their family, but others prefer to be alone with their partner, others want to travel and be with strangers, and others prefer to be completely alone. And nothing happens. As we have said, it is a matter of attitude, so get ready to have a good Christmas and discover these days’ happiness in another way.

Be Grateful

For whatever reasons, life has led you to spend Christmas alone, but that does not have to be a cause for sadness. Accept your situation but do not sink into a well of sorrow and melancholy because that will not help you and prevent you from seeing things from another perspective.

What perspective are we talking about? Of gratitude. Because you have to thank life for being here and take advantage of what it offers us, as well as remembering that each day can be the beginning of something new.

When we go through the wrong time, we tend to think that we will not see the light at the end of the tunnel again, but remember that everything passes, the good and the bad. You’re alive, so celebrate! You’re not going to skip the Christmas tradition; you’re just going to celebrate it in another way.

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Enjoy Good Food

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Think that they are days like any other, everyone enjoys it and lives it in their way or as circumstances allow, but that does not stop you from preparing a good meal. At Christmas, we allow ourselves to eat delicacies that we have abandoned for the rest of the year; Nougat, gingerbread cookies, polvorones, nebulas … enjoy the best of this season!

Go for a Walk

Even if you don’t like Christmas, there is something magical about the atmosphere when all the city lights are lit, and trees are adorned in the large squares, so you may be surprised to discover a new corner. Besides, many public places are open during these days, so take advantage of the dates to go out to dinner or to eat on the street, buy yourself some churros with chocolate from the Christmas stalls or take a walk through an ornate park … although not Believe it, many lonely people take advantage of these little joys to get out of the house, so you can even meet someone.

Attend Some Cultural Events

Take advantage of the cultural events that your city is sure to offer during these days: concerts, films, plays, exhibitions, etc. During Christmas, there are many activities (and offers!), So you will indeed find one that interests you. This will help you disconnect and enjoy yourself and will remind you that you don’t need anyone on certain days of the year to be happy.


It may be an excellent time to consider a trip. You can travel alone or join a travel group to go somewhere … This last option is good, not only to meet other people but because there are many reasonable offers for these dates that can save you some money.

Discover other places, learn about different cultures and be happy … and if you want to meet someone new, you will not find a better place than on a trip!

Meet Your Friends

Just because you have to spend Christmas alone, or that you want to does not mean that you have to give up lovely evenings with your friends. It is also a good time to ring a neighbor’s bell, go out to meet people, or even use an application to get in touch with people in a situation similar to yours. You have many options!

Take the Opportunity to See Good Movies

If you prefer to stay at home, do not watch the typical sad and melancholic Christmas movies. Take advantage of the fact that on these dates, there are many free days to watch good movies and read good books that you are too busy to watch or read during the rest of the year.

Have you ever complained about not having enough free time? This is your time to catch up!

Do Some Work

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We have already said, some people prefer to experience Christmas as if it were any other day of the year, one of the best options you have is to continue working during these days. They will surely pay you more on these dates, so you can experience Christmas like any other day and earn a little extra money.