Top Five Ways to Earn Money Playing the Violin

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The violin is undoubtedly an exquisite instrument. There’s something about listening to music created by a professional violinist that connects so beautifully with your soul. While most violinists didn’t start playing the instrument with the goal of making money from their skills, many who enjoy playing this instrument often wonder about the possibility of earning a living playing the violin.

Whether you play the violin as a hobby or plan to transition to the more professional side of music, it would be interesting to know that you can actually make good money from playing the violin. With the right information, you can start earning money by playing the violin in a few weeks. Here are five top ways to earn money playing the violin.

Play at Events

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What is an event without beautiful music? And what is beautiful music without a violin? Many people would love to have some form of music on their special occasions like weddings, funerals, or poetry recitals. Sometimes, these events may require a solo violinist or a trio. You can increase your chances of earning as a violinist by forming a fine quartet or trio with other instrumentalists like you. Offer your services to friends and family you know are planning an event.

During special celebrations like Christmas, some churches may also require the services of professional violinists to provide music. You can reach out to churches around you and inform them of your availability to play for them.

Play in a band

While being a solo violinist is excellent, it might take a lot more time and work to earn a considerable income playing alone. If you’re looking to earn money playing the violin soon, you may want to join a band. With a band, you can play a wider variety of music genres to various audiences.

Another beautiful thing about being a part of a band or group is that it increases your chances of getting bigger gigs. For instance, cruise ships rarely require the service of a solo violinist. Still, they would happily hire the services of a band or group to provide cruise ship entertainment. Your group may be required to play in the dining area, or during specially booked events on the ship. Most cruise ships pay a weekly salary, and you also get a free room and board. You get a chance to visit new places for free while getting paid doing what you love the most.

As a band or group, you can tour cities, get invited to events, or even get signed up to a record label. The possibilities are endless. Plus, you will also build long-lasting friendships with musicians like you.

Teach in schools

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Perhaps one of the most common ways to earn money playing the violin is teaching students in a school. Suppose you are a musician who likes to impart knowledge and derives satisfaction watching students grow from novices to professionals. In that case, you may want to give teaching school music a shot.

Many elementary, middle, and high school students are interested in learning how to play the violin. Every school needs a music teacher, and this works great if you can play other instruments like the guitar. The caveat to this is that you may have to get a degree in music education before you are allowed to teach. You may also need to take courses in classroom management and child development to improve your teaching skills. If you already have these qualifications, you can look up schools in need of a music teacher and submit your résumé. While you would most likely not become a millionaire overnight by teaching music to students, you will get paid reasonably well. It is a steady source of income.

Teaching Online and Private Tutorials

A great way to earn an income with your violin-playing skills is by selling digital tutorial products online. You can record music tutorials and sell them as courses on teaching platforms like Udemy and Coursera. You can also sell your knowledge through eBooks on playing the violin. Many people are willing to learn music from the comfort of their bedrooms. They will choose an online learning platform over physical meetings. With different platforms like YouTube and Facebook, you can easily connect with prospective students and offer lessons.

Violinists also earn a lot of money by offering private tutorials to students. Some students learn faster when they have private tutorials outside of the school setting or online courses. You could inform interested students of your availability to take private lessons. Private lessons generally pay more, so you should do proper research on the average pay before taking on a job.

Play in a musical theatre

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Suppose you enjoy musical theatre productions, and you don’t mind the repetition that might accompany playing in a theatre. In that case, you should consider offering your violin services to them.

Playing the violin in a musical theatre can be fun as you also get to interact with other professionals in the creative arts. Playing in a theatre would help you learn how to communicate better and work with a large team. If you have a flair for other forms of creative art, you can learn a thing or two, and – if you like – possibly make a transition.
While you may not earn as much as violinists who play for Broadway earn, you will earn enough to cover your expenses. Who knows, you might just be part of the next best musical in the city.


Earning money from playing the violin is a gradual process. It might be discouraging at the onset. Deliberately be on the lookout for opportunities and get the exposure you need. Also, prepare yourself for those opportunities. Get certifications, have a resume and a portfolio. If you are a beginner get access to a seasoned Singaporean violin teacher at who will guide you through.