Engagement Ring Trends You Expect to See In 2024

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Many people are excited by engagement rings and possibly because of what they stand for. That is the promise of love and commitment. In 2024, couples will be taking relationships with their partners to the next level and working to find the perfect rings for engagement or weddings. Engagement rings and wedding rings come in different sizes and shapes.

Every year new engagement rings trends emerge.

1. Colored diamonds

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Diamonds don’t always have to be white, and people have realized that. People will be embracing gemstones that reflect on how they feel and their personalities. For ladies who love femininity, pink diamonds will be their choice.

Green and black diamonds will also be a good choice for many and preferred for their elegance. People who love sophistication could even go for sculpted stones or glyptic art.

Don’t hold yourself back if you are looking to get an engagement ring for your significant other this year. Instead, try out unique, beautiful colored diamonds that match your style and personality.

2. Bigger will be better

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If you have ever asked yourself whether engagement rings should be small, the answer is no. Regardless of the size, a ring is perfect, provided it can easily slide over your knuckles. One thing worth noting about engagement rings is that bigger and sculptural rings are gaining popularity, and you should get yourself one come 2024.

Diamond ring stores like GSDiamonds have a high number of proposers looking for chunky rings.

3. Engagement rings with multiple stones

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Proposers are also gravitating towards engagement rings with multiple stones. Trio setting, in particular, is a loved trend and considered timeless due to the symbolism they carry that is the past, present, and future.

A trio-setting engagement ring is a classic option if you are confused about which gemstones to pick. You could work with the same color stones, have a rainbow arrangement, and try out any style with multiple stones.

Do not worry about the band being overcrowded, even for a minute. When it comes to engagement rings, nothing is too much.

4. Diamond halo rings

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One thing about diamond halo rings is that they are catchy. Anyone would appreciate being proposed to with this dazzling band. The style has also been around for centuries but let no one convince you that these rings are outdated. They are still in trend and will continue to be popular among proposers this year.

You can have single, double, or triple-band halo rings depending on how bulky and chunky you want.

A flower motif is also a beautiful choice for a halo ring as it has a mix of both modern and vintage. Alternatively, you can work with the exquisite, elongated oval halo ring.

5. Elongated rings

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Elongated rings may end up looking bigger than stones that weigh the same carat. However, they are long and elegant, and excellent for an engagement ring. Some of the best and most crucial engagement rings in the world.

When these elegant pieces are worn, they will fall lower on the finger compared to the regular rings. Elongated rings are versatile and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. A common type is the elongated floral ring, which, as the name describes, features flowing and floral curve motifs. With elongated rings, you have the opportunity to add multiple stones to the ring and try out several color combinations.

Art deco is also a design option you can explore with elongated rings. This means you can have sharp angles and symmetry. Filigree is also a design option that will give you an elegant elongated ring while at the same time allowing you to avoid the cost that comes with an increased number of diamonds to include in the elongated ring. Elongated rings are not common, but their unique and beautiful shapes will blow your mind.

6. Antique rings

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While they may not be the first rings option that crosses your mind, antique rings are still in demand. So if you are looking for something unique and beautiful, then antique rings would be the go for the option.

As much as the rings have never really gone out of style, you should expect to see more people proposing using them. The rings have personality thanks to their skilled craftsmanship. The best part is that you can get an antique diamond engagement ring at 5% lower than the price of the modern cut diamonds.

Celebrities like Olivia Wilde and Kate Middleton have already hopped on this trend.

7. Portrait cut diamond rings

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If you prefer a diamond cut that spreads the carats across to make a big stone, the portrait cut option is ideal. The good news is they will be on the rise in 2024. There are ways you can explore the cut. For instance, Lily Collins wed with a rose-cut diamond ring with facets opening outwards.

The glass-like diamond is faceted with utmost skill due to its delicate nature. Portrait cut diamonds are also considered rare, and their appearance is flat and has a glassy appearance. They also have a universal appeal, thanks to their minimalist impression.

While most people would be looking for diamond rings with a sparkly appearance, portrait cut diamonds present great clarity giving them both modern and ancient appeal. Portrait cut diamonds are also versatile in the sense that they can you have them even in your favorite shape, be it pear, rectangle, or circular.


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When it comes to engagement rings, you don’t have to stick to the presumed rules of having simple and small bands. Instead, in 2024, people will go for bands with personalities and styles. Colored diamonds, bigger rings, halo rings, and multiple stones are some of the options most proposers will be going for. So if you have been dreaming of getting a unique piece, now is the time. There is a wide range of rare-cut diamond engagement rings to choose from. Click here to explore a collection of engagement ring options for your loved one.