The Fascinating Science of Essay Writing


Essay writing is now a crucial aspect of almost all major school and university curriculums. The number of essays you need to write typically depends on the stream you are pursuing, though most streams, these days, seem to have a large part of their curriculum devoted to essay writing.

If you are writing an essay for the first time, it might seem extremely intimidating at the outset. However, such is not the case if you plan, strategize, and follow the right steps to writing an essay. Try to highlight your creative skills without swaying too much from logic. Either way, if you are just starting with writing essays, here are a bunch of tips that will help you get started.

The Fascinating Science of Essay Writing

It’s a difficult talent to acquire since essay writing involves both originality and rational preparation, but if you remember to do the following anytime you write an essay, you should be fine:

1. Plan


This may appear labor-intensive, but if you establish a decent outline, you will actually save your efforts to the core when composing the essay since you will understand where your response is going and will not drive yourself into a cage. When you don’t get a solid start at first, scribble something you know and work on it until you have a nice draft. When you begin writing down your thoughts, the rest will begin to flow.

2. A clear structure

Consider the logical structure of your essay when planning it. To acquire a good framework for your essay, gather all of the key elements. A structure is the orderly arrangement of concepts in an article. So, make a clever strategy to put your thoughts in the correct order without overlapping. Before you begin writing on rough paper or in your head, try to arrange the points you require. Include all of your structured thoughts by writing them down on paper.

In addition, you must be prepared to justify the questions in an essay. In order to persuade your readers to read your essay, you must provide proper answers to each question. A real response is also included in the essay structure.

3. Be an original writer and creative thinker


For the first time, an essay writer must be a competent thinker and creative writer. Never finish an essay just to fill the words; instead, while writing an essay, combine your thoughts and creativity.

Only authoritative, authentic, unplagiarized, and high-quality information will ever entice a reader. Never write for the purpose of money or passing the time; instead, write with passion and enthusiasm.

4. Strategize carefully

While strategizing may seem out of the blue when it comes to writing essays, it goes a long way in helping you come up with a beautifully crafted essay with minimal glitches. When you plan before writing an essay, you end up saving time later on because you already know the structure of your answer and what you are planning to incorporate into it.

Without a proper plan, even the best answers can go topsy turvy, leaving you in a messy situation that’s hard to navigate later.

One of the best ways to strategize is by listing out your ideas even before you start writing the essay. Even though it might seem tedious, it is one of the best ways to ensure that you are on track with your essay.

5. Use textbook/non-textbook quotes


Whether it’s a scientific report or a literature assignment, it is crucial to back up your answers with the right evidence. That is exactly why you need to incorporate the right quotes with your answers. This can be a textbook quote or a quote from supporting material.

As long as it is relevant to the essay, you can easily incorporate as many quotes as possible you think would be appropriate. Having said that, your essay should share your insights as well. Do not use quotes to shield the actual content- which is your essay. Keep the right balance and you are a step ahead of writing a stellar essay.

6. Always assess the essay title

Even though this goes without mentioning, it is crucial to understand the essay title even before you write the essay. Sometimes teachers tend to experiment with titles so that students are compelled to brainstorm before writing an essay. That is why it is important to assess what is asked of you.

Try to play a balanced game where you do not provide irrelevant information that wouldn’t answer the question. Explore the concepts that are related to the task or title that you are writing on. Do not be limited by the scope and level of the topic.

7. Keep it to the point with the written definitions


When you start writing the essay, make sure you are fully akin to the argument. Do not sway from the argument and use logical terms to back it up. Your argument should be brief but not without logic. As mentioned already, use appropriate sources, cite references, and use quotations. This makes your essay complete while also answering the exact question. If the essay involves definitions, do not forget to involve them either. Make sure the essay is rich with analogies and definitions along with the exact answer to the question.

8. Research on the topic

While this comes, at last, it is by no means, the least important. When writing an essay researching the topic is imperative because without research you don’t even know what you are working with. That is why, thoroughly analyze the essay, the topic, and its roots. Unfortunately, researching is more than tedious for some because it involves reading multiple textbooks.

And when you can’t end up reading these textbooks, your answer is incomplete. And that is exactly where the writing service comes to play. With essay writing agencies like these, writing essays will not only be easier but you will also end up saving a lot of time that you can otherwise leverage in different areas like homework and SAT preparations.

Bottom Line


Writing an essay might seem intimidating at the outset. But with the right strategies, you are a step ahead in creating a perfect essay that is complete with logical substantiations, quotes from related texts, and a clear argument.