Generate A Lot of Traffic Through The Website By Article Marketing

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Article marketing is one of the best ways to increase the traffic of a particular website. The strategy has been tried over several years by many to intensify the traffic to any specific site. Article marketing is the submission of the short article to different article directories on the net with the permission to use the work in a separate blog, website, or email newsletter. Then one can get several links back to the site of his/her choice. Multiple page Generator – is an excellent platform for publishing different SEO-based articles when generating a website.

Now let’s go through the different ways by which anyone can increase the traffic to the website.

First, you must decide whether you wish to use the articles only to generate traffic to the website. Hence you will need to add a few articles-maybe around two or three articles every day to the site.

What are the benefits of article marketing?

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First, it allows you to gather links and helps you republish your work by other sources. Ensure that you have access to the sites that provide you an authentic link so that no one can accuse you of plagiarizing the articles. If you want to republish the articles, you have to make sure that it is attractive and exciting to the general readers.

The next advantage of article marketing is that millions of people visit the article marketing sites every month, so any article marketeer like Eainearticles would want to make a name for itself. On average, all the articles in an author’s website runs around 12%.To get more clicks, you must give your readers a very productive reason to come back to the same site. Write on topics that you think you can explain the best.

It will make your writing more appealing to your readers. Another extra tip: Do not make your introduction very long; it will make your readers turn away. Write very often and practice writing on the different niche so that you can attract more viewers towards your site.

These are some of the points you must remember about the articles that don’t hamper your content marketing strategy. Do not add articles that are of a lower quality, over-optimized, and jammed with excessive keywords.

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If you are found to publish a rewritten article, then the original author may accuse you of copyright violations, and it will damage your site’s reputation. So try to publish original and grammatically apt articles on your websites to get the maximum viewership.

If you have about a hundred visitors every day to the website, then you may need to add to enough articles and also from different niches for these visitors to go through. After a few days or a week and so you will notice a substantial amount of traffic to your website. There are several ways you can increase traffic to your site. If there are at least two clicks on an average per day from each of the articles, then there will be about forty visitors, which is less than the target. So the best way to increase the traffic is to increase the number of articles on the websites-more articles means more clicks.

The articles written on the website can also be shared on different social media platforms such as Facebook so that you can reach out to more potential readers/visitors to the site. It will get you more views and help you reach the number of clicks you have set as a target.

People generally go through the articles for its contents. They do not prefer to visualize an advertisement when they are reading something on a particular topic. Do not make your article sound like an advertisement by adding phrases such as “Do you want ABC ” This is the perfect palace for you” If you add such phrases, then the piece of writing will look blunt, and the reader will refrain from reading it.

News Article Marketing

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One type of article marketing that is gaining sufficient momentum during social media is news article marketing. What is it? It is the method of exerting an influence in a particular demographic area by providing more news about that geographic location to improve the traffic and ensure that more people are aware of your business website.

It is a combination of search engine optimization, content marketing, and news reporting.

To put this strategy into effect, you must add a blog to your business site, the newsroom of your site with all the latest updates about the products /services you are trying to sell out.

Once you have identified your websites’ potential viewers, you can tailor the news and articles on your site that suits their interest.

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To succeed in news article marketing, you must opt for the data-driven strategy. Here, the traffic data is analyzed in detail to find out what type of audience is reading the news articles on the website the most. This analysis will improve the news content strategy, thus making the site more popular than ever before.

The news article marketing can also improve traffic on social media platforms. The more social media platform accounts, the more often the same content is shared, among others. It means that for an IT retail store with offices on more than one location across the country, it can share the same content across the social media accounts created by every branch.

For instance, an Apple outlet in Florida will share about the same offers on the offers across its Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media pages that have been shared by the social media pages of the Apple Store in Ohio. Therefore this is how news article marketing has gained a strong foothold across social media platforms.


Hence, this is how article marketing is becoming a useful tool in increasing traffic to any site. Today’s busy lifestyle has left people with very little time to spend on reading long proses, so make sure that the content published on the website is relatively short and up to a point. Just make sure to follow the precaution mentioned above regarding the content, and then you are good to go.