Ideas for a Garden: Design Secrets

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Despite the ambiguity of the word “beautiful” and despite the fact that this assessment depends on the tastes of a particular person, it is still possible to derive objective parameters for the backyard. The following factors make a beautiful backyard:

  • a harmonious combination of all materials (building, plant, improvised ones) used to create crafts;
  • the dominance of green spaces. None of the most intricate architectural designs of solid and light structures will create an original site design without sufficient vegetation.
  • the presence of handicrafts. They enliven the landscape design, create an atmosphere of benevolence and cordiality;
  • A harmonious combination of all decorative elements and vegetation is the main sign of a successful site design
  • attention to detail: an interestingly designed place for storing garden tools, irrigation pipes covered with greenery or buried in the ground, protruding difference in the shape and color of hanging pots, hidden through decoration, etc.;
  • maintaining the cleanliness and aesthetics of all objects and elements on the site.
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The presence of a garden (trees, shrubs, flowers) makes the site more gorgeous. The decorativeness primarily depends on the chosen design style. Trees and other perennial vegetation that already exist on the site can also affect the identification of species and the place of planting.

The main condition for decorating a backyard is a sense of style and composition, one of the best tips for the backyard will be decking. It looks stylish and creates the best place for the patio dining set or lounge zone. Pay attention to this method, and you will not regret it.

Turning into reality ideas for a garden with your own hands, you should need the advice of gardeners.

If there are trees with spreading crowns under them, it is better to equip a resting place – natural shading is always pleasant. Then, in an open area, you can break a flower bed or flower garden.

Trimmed ornamental shrubs give the site neatness and a well-groomed image. They can also function as a hedge.

When decorating a flower bed, it is important to take into account the degree of bushiness of plants. The excessive density of arrangement interferes with full-fledged development, limiting natural illumination of the lower parts of plants, and, as a result, leads to a loss of aesthetics.

An interesting decoration of the site can be a solitaire – a stand-alone plant. Thuja is often used as such a plant. The solitaire plant should not be large, the relative proportionality of its size is 1/3 of the area.

Fruit trees and fruit-bearing shrubs are best placed in a separate area away from ornamental plants. This will ensure a reasonable distinction, which is caused by the peculiarities of caring for this type of tree, including treatment with pesticides. A light vine fence will add decorativeness to the site.

Embodying the most daring and bright ideas for a garden and a backyard with your own hands, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the vegetation of plants so as not to contemplate on the flowerbed or along the alley the species that have turned into deadwood. An unmown lawn and bare stems of vines stretching along the supports can ruin any landscape design.

Garden ideas: the vertical and horizontal arrangement of the beds

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The vegetable garden involves the cultivation of berries, vegetables, green crops. This zone can also be made an excellent addition to the design of a backyard. A traditional-format vegetable garden located on a designated plot of land can be conveniently divided into rectangular sectors, delimiting them with concrete paths, deepened into the soil by 20–30 cm. Small stones can be placed in the still liquid top layer of concrete. Such a fence will not only add decorative effect but will also allow you to retain moisture during watering in each sector.

In the absence of a land plot, vegetables can be planted in specially made wooden containers filled with fertile soil. Such a form of horizontally located beds simplifies maintenance: watering, shading, if necessary, creating support for vegetables in such an area is not difficult. It is convenient to use plastic containers cut in height, tires, basins as containers. A beautiful garden will take effort and time, but the result will exceed all expectations.

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With a large space deficit, it is rational to equip vertical beds. A photo of this type of garden will help you decide on the choice of material and the method of attaching the containers. It is convenient to grow green and spicy crops in hanging flower pots. Vegetables that require a lot of soil can be planted in boxes on the rack.

Specially equipped paths allow you to optimize the space intended for growing vegetables and green crops.

The idea for a backyard in reality: possible problems and the necessary technical support

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First of all, this is a lack of watering. You can provide the plants with the required amount of moisture by installing an automatic irrigation system. This system works according to a given program that regulates the time, duration, and intensity of water supply. You can equip a comfortable recreation area using materials at hand.

What can be made of stones for arranging a summer cottage

Stone is a natural material that will add solidity and presentability to any cottage. When arranging a site, stones can be used for two purposes:

  • as a decor;
  • as a building material.

Even used as a building material, this material will add a decorative effect to any building or structure. A stone can be placed over a water source, an artificial reservoir, decorate a flower bed, an alley.

A win-win option for filling free space when decorating a backyard with your own hands is to create a garden of stones. It may not be possible to convey the semantic content of this Japanese cultural and aesthetic structure (and is it necessary to strive for this?), But stones beautifully grouped by shape or color characteristics will create an original decorative corner on the site.

Flowerbeds in combination with stones look very impressive in the garden

Useful advice! The rock garden should be in harmony with the house. When planning, it is necessary to take this condition into account, otherwise, the garden will turn out to be just a heap of stones piled up in one place.

As a building material, the stone is used in the construction of fences, laying steps, to create fortifications between ground levels. It can be used to cover paths, laying out the bases of gazebos, barbecue. When creating flat surfaces, cut natural stone is usually used.

If you want to add a curb appeal to your garden, you can install a wood fence. Your plants can avoid being damaged by using a decorative fence as a border. You can check for more details.

If desired, from stones and pebbles, you can create whole compositions on the site.

Natural shapes are used for volumetric structures. The main positive characteristics of this material can be considered:

  • strength;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • no need for care.

Their transportation complicates the use of stones when arranging a backyard, especially if the stones are of significant size.