Gifts- Key to an Enriched Life

Charles Dudley Warner said, “The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.” The gift is a magic trick that truly works wonders and strengthens social ties. The concept of gifts has always played a pivotal role in every relationship. Gift-giving is a tradition that has existed since time immemorial. It has been prevalent since the inception of human civilization. Cavemen gifted uncommon rocks or animal teeth to each other to maintain social relationships. The history of gifting dates back to the Egyptian era. When they built pyramids for themselves, they were provided with precious gifts to protect them in their after-lives. Homer’s Odyssey sheds light on the significance of the tradition of gifting in ancient Greece.

They gifted religious gifts to newborns to keep negative energies at bay. The passing travelers were looked upon as Gods in disguise and gifted by them. On the other hand, the concept of wedding gifts has its origin in Roman culture. Native Americans practiced potlatch, a gifting festival that focuses on the giver and not the recipient. The splendor of the gift would determine the honor of the giver. The gifting culture also existed in ancient India. It was known as daana and had a spiritual significance. Dana or the ancient gifting tradition in India had a deep association with dharma or the right path of life, according to Indian religious texts.

According to psychologists, the giver of gifts has a greater psychological gain than the recipients. They feel a sense of fulfillment that is difficult to be explained in words. According to them, if one does not indulge in gift-giving, it means that he might be missing out on an important connection with friends and family. Through generations, we have resorted to gifts as an effective medium of communication. Ellen J.Langer, a professor of Harvard University says that not giving a gift to your loved ones signifies not doing service to relationships. Going by his analysis, if you do not accept gifts from near ones, it implies that you are not encouraging him to keep you in his thoughts. This amounts to missing out on one of the most delightful experiences of life. Gifts have various kinds of impact on relationships.

They bring back spark to relationships

Every relationship goes through various stages of transition. Lost in the humdrum of life, we often do not find an opportunity to let our loved ones know how much they mean to us. At times, we take these relationships for granted. This often causes the magic of relationships to fade away with time. An unexpected gift enables you to surprise your near ones in the most touching way. It adds a spark to a relationship and rekindles the romance which seemed to have taken a back seat. Gifts make sure that the glory of your relationships remains untarnished.

They celebrate togetherness

Gifts are a wonderful way to celebrate the essence of togetherness. In relationships, it is very important to let your significant other feel valued and appreciated. Gifts can help you express how grateful you are to have her in your life. Gift giving is an overwhelming experience that breathes the language called love. Gifts do not have to be expensive. No matter how simple the gift is, it can strengthen bonds and bind two people closer.

They help in reaching out to your loved ones

Distance often stands as an obstacle in relationships. Many of us live miles away from our loved ones and find it difficult to communicate with them. Certain emotions are difficult to be expressed in words. We feel like reaching to our loved ones but find it difficult to communicate. Gifts act as an effective medium of communication that helps you to bridge the distance and mend broken ties. Gifts help you express that you still care for the relationship and value it from the core of your heart. Every time the person uses the gift, he will remember you.

They help you to create fond memories

Gifting a gift is more about gifting an experience. More than the gift, the gesture makes us feel overwhelmed and gives birth to a whirlwind of emotions. Every time you give a gift to someone, you unknowingly create fond memories which stay with you forever at times. Even if you are not in constant touch with the person, the gifts given by you offer you memories to fall back upon. These act as a token of memorabilia, enable you to indulge in reminiscence and revisit fond memories of long-forgotten times.

They help in commemorating special days

Gifts are an inseparable part of celebrations. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other celebrations, gifts help you commemorate special days. These also help you to congratulate someone on their accomplishment or success. Through thoughtful gifts, you can take the celebration to the next level and convey your warm wishes even if you fail to turn up on the momentous occasion. Depending on the occasion, we choose our gifts wisely and add a special touch to celebrations

They help you to express a variety of emotions

Be it admiration, love, passion, respect, affection, sympathy, or apology, a gift helps you express unadulterated emotions. Regardless of the relationship, the gift will speak volumes and make the foundation of the relationship unbreakable.

They lift up spirits instantly

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Gift giving is not restricted to special occasions. It can also be given on any ordinary day to chase your blues away. In case you are feeling melancholic on a specific day, a gift can brighten up your mind instantaneously. Gifts are the key to healthy relationships. According to experts, it has psychological benefits to both the giver and the receiver.

No man is an island. Aristotle said that man is a social animal by nature. The importance of gifts is unfathomable in social life. Gifting is an important tool of social human interaction. Click Here to read about gifts that enhance the quality of life, strengthen your social ties and make your life seem rich and fulfilling.