How to Use Glassine Bags as a Marketing Tool?


The issues of the world are gaining on us and we are all making slight adjustments and shifts to accommodate the change and help the well-being of the planet.

When you hear that in an article with marketing as a topic, you are probably wondering “What do those two have in common?”. Believe it or not, one thing, in particular, is the main theme of the topic today – Glassine bags.

Now there are plenty of products that are groundbreaking in their way but glassine bags are nothing that innovative they are just a mean of fighting the issues of a new world.

What you all know so far is that we have a lot of climate issues and troubles and we need to fight them as best as we can. This means cutting down fewer trees, planting more, and using fewer plastics and waste that isn’t biodegradable.

Enter the room – glassine bags. Glassine bags are somewhat new to the packaging scene and they are made out of wood pulp which makes these 100% fully degradable and recyclable paper. Another thing that benefits this packaging material is the fact that is a lot more durable and tough than regular paper and that it can be recycled 20+ times without losing its durability unlike plastics and other materials.


Today we will tell you about this material as well as how it can be used in marketing. These Glassine Bags are heavily used in the UK and you can also find some for your business at XOandQuin.

For so many businesses marketing is the way to show who you are, what you offer and what you can do to the rest of your market or the world. Now there are so many tools that marketing has and all of them, give some sort of results but we somehow feel that the best results come from those marketing tools that you can both see and feel.

One of those is packaging materials, promo materials, and all that comes with those. In the case we have before us, the marketing department that invests in this type of packaging is doing multiple things at once and all of them are more than positive for the business.

The first thing that this will do in terms of marketing is positioning your business as one that is highly environment friendly, that is involved in the preservation of nature, recycling and therefore quote highly with consumers that hold to these standards. In the turmoil time we have with great air, water and plant pollution we have to think about the world we live in and the world we are leaving for the generations after us.

The politics of scorched earth that were cherished so far with business models that state grab all you can while you can be no longer sustainable. If you want to be on the market for a long period, if you want to increase your market share and presence you need to shift toward new politics and the new normal of the time.


One of those is accepting green technology and doing everything you can to leave a low carbon footprint and cherish the environment. This has led us to consider new ways of producing electricity, new ways of transportation, and new ways of packaging which are the focus of the article today.

The second thing you need to consider with using glassine bags as your marketing tool is the other part of consumers that may have liked your products but never supported you because of your packaging and mailing solutions.

This is a part that is now playing a role in every business. Here marketing department has to do a lot of thinking and find ways to attract customers from some other spectrum. Like in this case here.

There are so many businesses that are losing customers because their carbon footprint isn’t any lower than before, whose packaging solutions are as bad as 10-15 years ago, but that have really good products or services. This is something that you must think about and find a way to transform positively if you want to increase your market share with all kinds and types of consumers.

The third thing that will be positive for a business, if they focus their marketing activities toward overall sustainability and supporting the green agenda is other benefits in the forms of government backing, co-financing, and promotion as a business that is abiding by the laws and regulations in every aspect possible.


These to some are little things but in the world, we live now it is important to abide by the laws of a certain country as much as preserve that country and world with it. we know that we will lose pure water sources, rainforests, and others in a very short while if we do not turn to other ways.

Technologies are there and we have what we need to make it happen, it all comes down to good business practice, initiative, and the desire to be the one that will lead the pack. No matter if you are a big or small business doing things like this, going with more eco-friendly packaging will benefit your efforts. There are large groups of the population that hold this very dear to them and that is a market that you need to present yourself as an alternative to all others.

The best thing you can do is combine your product or service which is also eco-friendly, made with the lowest possible carbon footprint, and packaged in eco-friendly and biodegradable, and recyclable packaging. If there was ever a full deal in the business world then that must be it.

The last thing that we want to repeat once more is no matter how big your business is, no matter what your yearly production is, and what your products and services are, they can always be improved and put out to the world with good marketing moves. One that anyone can take right now and help the world travel faster to general wellbeing is to package in glassine bags which are durable and look a lot better than any other packaging material.