Golden Hearts Charity, Fun and Real Cash Prizes (2024)

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In the dynamic world of online casinos, few platforms stand out quite like “Golden Hearts.” More than just a sweepstakes casino, it represents a beautiful blend of philanthropy and entertainment.

At its core, Golden Hearts is driven by a mission – to provide players with the exhilarating experience of sweepstakes gaming and an avenue to contribute to worthy causes.

Every spin and bet resonates with a deeper purpose: a chance to win real cash prizes while making a difference in the world.

The unique approach of melding charity with fun sets Golden Hearts apart, redefining what it means to gamble responsibly and compassionately.

So, as you embark on a gaming journey here, know that you’re not just playing for the thrill or the potential rewards, but also lighting up someone’s world with kindness. Dive in, and let your heart of gold shine!

What is Golden Hearts Gaming

Hailing from Boston, Golden Hearts Games Inc. is more than just a gaming platform—it’s where real-money gaming intertwines with philanthropy. Players indulge in an array of games, from slots and blackjack to live bingo and scratch-offs, all offering Redeemable Coins.

These coins can be converted into real cash or digital gift cards. The true essence of Golden Hearts lies in its charity-supporting mechanism: when players buy the virtual currency, “Coins”, to play, they also get to support a charity of their choice, provided it’s an IRS-acknowledged U.S. public charity.

Founded in 2019 by a seasoned team from the gaming and media sectors, Golden Hearts went public in August 2020, setting a new benchmark for socially responsible gaming.

How Golden Hearts Work?

Golden Hearts


Embark on a thrilling, charitable adventure with Golden Hearts Games. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you get started, play responsibly, and make the most of your experience.

Setting Up Your Account

Golden Hearts offers a user-friendly registration process:

  • Sign up with your full name, zip code, and email, and create a secure password.
  • Alternatively, opt for the hassle-free Facebook Login, requiring only your zip code.
  • To ensure authenticity, activate your account through a one-time mobile verification via an SMS confirmation code.

Choose a Charity

Step into the realm of charitable gaming. Select from a curated list of causes, either by direct name search or by browsing.

The platform encourages a minimum $10 donation, which in reciprocity, awards players with Golden Hearts’ virtual currency, “Coins”. But remember, the house always upholds fairness—donations won’t influence your gameplay or winnings.

For those opting out of donations, the Alternative Method of Entry provides a mail-based route to acquire complimentary Coins.

Delving into the Game Universe

With your Coins in hand, immerse yourself in a plethora of games. Join the live-action multi-player bingo that’s always in session or choose from an array of diverse games, available 24/7. To jump into the action, ensure you’ve covered the game’s Coin entry fee.

Cashing Out

Winning translates to instant Redeemable Coins credited to your account. Amass 5,000 coins and you’re eligible for real cash rewards via PayPal or can opt for digital gift cards courtesy of Prizeout.

Several payout methods are available, including ACH bank transfers and traditional paper checks. For an in-depth understanding of the cash-out nuances, refer to the Universal Platform Rules.

Eligibility Criteria for Golden Hearts Games

Golden Hearts Games

To be eligible for Golden Hearts promotional games, players must be legal residents of the USA, including its Territories. The age requirement is 18+, with exceptions for Alabama and Nebraska at 19+ and Mississippi and Puerto Rico at 21+.

Notably, Michigan residents, or those physically present in Michigan, cannot participate. Golden Hearts is specifically tailored for U.S. residents; non-residents are advised against account creation.

Furthermore, employees, affiliates, and immediate family members of Golden Hearts Games and its associated entities are ineligible to play.

Explore Golden Hearts Promotions and Bonuses

Golden Hearts doesn’t just offer thrilling sweepstakes casino games; it also provides various bonuses to enhance your gaming experience.

Let’s delve deeper into the promotions and opportunities to boost your Golden Hearts Coin (GHC) balance.

Bring a Friend and Benefit

Do you love sharing great finds with friends? With Golden Hearts’ referral program, there’s an added incentive.

Introduce a friend, and once they make their first donation, your account is credited with 5,000 GHC or $10. You can locate and share your unique referral link from the platform’s sidebar menu.

Spin the Daily Bonus Wheel

A consistent favorite, the Daily Bonus Wheel is a game-changer. Segmented into 18 slices, each spin can land you anywhere from 50 GHC to 2,500 GHC ($5). Try your luck daily, and you might find that this is one of the most rewarding features across sweepstakes casinos.

Double Your Purchase with Limited Promos

Golden Hearts gives more value to your money. Currently, they’re doubling the coins on their purchasable packages. Here’s the unique deal:

  • Spend $10: Get 10,000 GHC, up from the usual 5,000.
  • Spend $25: Enjoy 25,500 GHC instead of the standard 12,750.
  • Spend $50: Secure 52,000 GHC, doubling the regular 26,000.
  • Spend $100: Take home 108,000 GHC, a significant jump from 54,000.


Online Casino Golden Hearts

Golden Hearts is not just a name; it’s a testament to a new era of online gaming that seamlessly blends fun, charity, and rewards.

While the thrill of casino-style games captivates, the platform’s philanthropic core resonates with a broader purpose: to touch lives beyond the virtual realm.

The incorporation of charity into gameplay offers a fulfilling experience, providing players with not just the joy of winning but also the satisfaction of making a difference.

Golden Hearts has successfully pioneered a model where gaming transcends mere entertainment, becoming a beacon of hope and generosity.

As you navigate its diverse gaming universe, each spin and bet carries a deeper significance, making Golden Hearts a true game-changer in the world of online casinos. Join in, play responsibly, and let every win echo with a heart of gold.