The History of Golf’s Most Prestigious Championships and Some Tips for Playing Better In 2024


The game of golf is synonymous with the sport of the rich. This is a simple game but requires a huge resource, the golf course itself. Its history is quite long and often debated but it seems that it originated in a small country at the edge of Western Europe, the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is the country of origin of the game of golf and its earliest form may have been a simple game with a wooden club and ball but the version of golf we see today has its origins in Scotland. This is evidenced by the oldest golf course in the world which is in Fife, Scotland.

The course is called the Old Course. Its existence dates back to 1552, which is considered the beginning of the modern golf competition. The Old Course is also often referred to as The Home of Golf’ because of its history.

Today golf is one of the sports that has the highest participation rates. It also includes some of the most-watched sports on TV. Now there are more than 38 thousand golf courses around the world, proving that the development is fast year after year. Nearly half of them are in the United States. Maybe around 48% based on a study by R and A in 2019. You can find more useful information on–odds.

Very Popular Sport

Why is golf so popular today? There are several answers but they can be summarized in ease of play, beautiful golf courses, fresh air, beautiful caddy girls, and of course social strata. But if there is one medium that is most responsible for the skyrocketing popularity of golf, it is TV. Thanks to TV, millions of people around the world watched the 1953 World Golf Championships and since then, golf has only grown in popularity.

Today, golf is represented by names like Jon Rahm, Patrick Reed, Phil Mickelson, and of course Tiger Woods. And in the row of female players, there are names like Brooke Henderson, Lydia Ko, and Nelly Korda.

The Majors

The Major title is what every golf championship dreams of and every year, there are four golf majors contested by top golfers from around the world. Here they are:

  • The Masters
  • The Open
  • US Open
  • PGA Championship

The Masters

The Masters is an April golf championship that is always held in Georgia, at the Augusta National Golf Club to be precise. The winner of the championship is entitled to the Green Jacket. This may seem symbolic but earns them an honorary title at the Augusta National Golf Club.

There are several legendary names, but the most famous is Jack Nicklaus. Even Tiger Woods had to admit his superiority. Jack has won the Green Jacket six times and Tiger Woods five times. According to the latest Masters odds, Tiger Woods, Scottie Scheffler, Jon Rahm, and several other big names are still competing to add to their record for the Green Jackets.

The Open

Often referred to as the British Open, The Open is the oldest golf championship in the world as it was first held in 1860, more than 160 years ago! The winner is entitled to Champion Golfer of the Year. So far the owner of the most wins is Harry Vardon with 6 wins followed by Tom Watson, James Braid, Peter Thomson, and JH Taylor.


US Open

The United States Open Championship is held in different places. Its history begins in 1895 and now each edition has more than 150 players. This championship is a symbol of equality in the world of golf because it accommodates those with disabilities. Jack Nicklaus is again at the top of the winning streak but he is not alone as Bobby Jones, Willie Anderson, and Ben Hogan accompany him. Each of them has collected four US Open sterling silver trophies as a symbol of tournament victory.

PGA Championship

This championship is more dynamic than The Masters. Its history goes back over 100 years with the first being held in 1916. Again Jack Nicklaus still holds the PGA Championship winning record (with five wins), followed by Tiger Woods in second.

Some Quick Tips to Play Better Golf


Hit It Straighter

A new trend is becoming dangerously fashionable. Largely encouraged by some professional golfers, for most amateur golfers looking for more distance is not a good option. Almost all amateur golfers can improve their scores without hitting a yard longer. Understanding the relationship between the clubface, and the line of swing and creating more controlled shots with better impact will help to achieve better results. Focus on controlling your shots and forget about the distance.

Improve From 2 Meters

If you want to focus on a specific aspect of the game, do it with the putt from two meters. This is one of the fastest ways to improve your results. You can get it done with just a little practice. The clubface at impact controls 92% of the ball’s line of output, so the main objective will be to move the putter correctly so that the face arrives well-centered. Improving your percentage of holed “short” putts will have a direct effect on your results.


Distance is Better Than the Direction

Especially in the short game and around the green, you have to work and master your distances, including putting. To achieve this, focus exclusively on the distance rather than the direction, both are important, but leave the direction aside from the start.

In the short game we need precision and distance is the variable that has the most impact. Mastering the distance of our shots will give us many more options to approach and putt or avoid three-putts, so “forget about the line” and nail the distance in your shots.

Become Aware of Your Physical Capabilities

You need to fully understand your body, be aware of what you are physically capable of, and improve your swing accordingly. Stop sharing with other golfers, even if they are your age, build your swing, and your way of playing. Knowing your limitations is critical to playing golf realistically. You can choose between adapting your game to them or, directly, working on them so that they are no longer weak points. Learn what best suits your golf and base your game on it.

In the end, regardless of the prestigious championships above, golf is all about fun and friendship!