Origins and History of Thai Massages

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Ever since the Thailand culture started spreading like crazy during the 1980s, tourism in the country started growing exceptionally. One of the most popular things that came out of this craze was the Thai massages which were believed to be one of the best things from Thailand’s traditions and culture. It soon started to spread everywhere around the world, parlors showing up in the streets of the US and around Europe and it suddenly became the most requested type of massage on the planet. Even after so many years, Thai massages are still one of the most popular techniques out there.

Thai massages are actually a type of traditional remedy that was used during ancient times which is why it is so common with both the Chinese and Indian techniques. All three techniques have influenced each other to build themselves what they are today. However, there are some differences between those three, they are not entirely the same.

Where does it come from?

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The origins of the Thai massage can be dated as far as 2000 years ago where famous healers and physicians would use this technique to help people with their pains and illness. Even since then it has been considered a very effective way to deal with health issues. Although, most of the records regarding this technique have been lost because of numerous wars and battles that have taken on Thailand.

However, we do still have some kind of records that can be dated back to the 18th century. Those records that have not been burned or destroyed during the words have now been transferred to stone tablets which are not kept safe in various museums around the country. This way, we have ensured that this type of massage will never be destroyed.

It is believed that the tradition for massages using this technique was inspired by the ways of healing a lot of ancient people would use in Asia. With the careful use of pressure, pulling, stretching, the people of Asia believed that you could influence the flow of energy throughout the body and the mind, which would help it recover from any kind of illness or injury.

Today, this ancient healing has been split into a couple of different approaches. The first one is heavily used in countries such as Nepal and India who have their own way of healing while the other is the Thai massage which has been developed in Thailand. Although they might look identical to someone who is not familiar with such skill, they can be quite different from the person experiencing the massage because of the different skills needed to do it. According to, cities such as Palo Alto or Los Altos have seen great benefits from Thai massages

Why is it different than other types of massage?

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Well, the first big difference between other techniques of massage is that you do not have to take any piece of clothing. Of course, you will have to take off any bulky jacket or coat if it is cold outside, but you won’t have to take off anything more. It is preferred that you wear some loose type of clothing. There won’t be any uses of oils, lotions or creams because there isn’t any need for such things. This is because the technique does not include a lot of rubbing like you are used too. The therapist looks for a point where they can hold you down so they can freely move your arms, legs, back, and neck to stretch and pull you. It is believed that some of the movements they do are quite similar to what you would see in a yoga class.

Usually, the Thai massage follows some sort of rhythm and tempo to help you relax so the therapist can easily manipulate your body and do the movements required. They often use their legs, feet, and knees to properly position your body while lying down. If you ever decide to experience such a massage, do not be weirded out by all the different things the masseuse will ask from you and the movements they will force you to do. Of course, if you do not feel comfortable doing them, you can always ask to skip a certain step.

Sometimes, you might be asked whether they can pull your fingers, your palms, your toes, and even your ears. To properly activate the flow of energy into your body, many practitioners of Thai massages believe that they need to crack the knuckles of your fingers and walk on your back to activate all the needed “Sen” lines.

Keep in mind, every experience completely depends on the practitioner. While one might prefer using a faster tempo and a more aggressive style, another might want to take it slow, with a slower rhythm. Both of these can be correct, there isn’t a certain set of rules they have to follow when it comes to the tempo.


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Now that you are familiar with the history of this tradition, where it comes from and how the technique is performed, it is time that you also find about all the benefits you can get out of it.

After continuous sessions with a Thai practitioner, there is a good chance that you will feel a lot more flexible than you have ever been to before. You will be much more agile and have the ability for a wider range of movements. You might feel this way even after just one session, but if you do not maintain this state of your body, it will return to its older, regular state.

By constantly keeping up with your Thai stretches, you will notice that you will feel much taller because your posture has improved considerably. A good posture can also affect the general balance you have during more basic activities such as walking, jumping, running, etc. In addition, you would also get rid of any muscle or bone-related pain you have been experiencing. The extreme stretching of your muscles and your tendons will help you heal any injury much faster which is why a lot of athletes prefer Thai massaging techniques.