How important is it to wear a wristwatch?


Wearing a watch has always been one of the most popular things in terms of fashion and aesthetics, and there’s a really good reason why. Before we begin talking about the modern lifestyle and the benefits of wearing a wristwatch, we would like to provide you with a fun fact about where it all started.

During World War 1, the soldiers got fed up with having to fish around their pockets to find their pocket watch every time they had to check the time. Because of this, one soldier strapped the watch on his wrist, and the others saw how practical this is, so they followed. Until this happened, wearing a watch on the wrist was considered strictly women’s fashion, and you couldn’t find a male who wore one in that particular area.

When this was recognized by many other people, including civilians after the war ended wristwatches became very popular. Since then, wearing a watch is one of the classiest things that a person can do.

source: smithandwilliamson

Watches are the most convenient method

Even though we live in a very modern world, pulling out your smartphone every time that you want to check the time is pretty annoying, and not the most effective method. A watch, however, requires you to only throw a glance at the display and you immediately know what time it is. According to many people, fishing for your smartphone all the time just to check the time looks quite “desperate”.

They are the most functional and precise devices

According to just like everything else that’s inspired by the military, watches are very functional and precise. Ever since watches were introduced to the public, they were used during wars to synchronize maneuvers and correctly time strategies. Also, elite divers and aviators who flew many meters above ground are constantly using wrist-watches to track time. But, how does this apply in the modern world?

Well, a smartphone can run out of battery and leave you there hanging, not knowing what time it is. A quality wristwatch will never let you down, and some of them are even made to be self-powered through their motion! They just never stop.

Wearing a wristwatch shows your style and class


When it comes to females and their ways to improve aesthetics, they have a lot more options than men, meaning they can wear earrings, all kinds of necklaces, rings, wristbands and what not. Men, however, can be only seen with a maximum of three pieces of jewelry, a wedding ring if they’re married, possibly a necklace now and then, and a watch on their wrist. With our options being so limited, we need to make sure that every piece of accessory we wear is high-quality and stylish. Wearing a wristwatch is probably one of the best ways to show that you’re classy and that you have style. There are many choices today for when it comes to choosing one, so if you look enough, you will find one that is suitable for whatever style you’re trying to achieve.

Simplicity means reliability

We might have the fanciest smartphones and all kinds of the latest technology, but still, the most reliable way of checking the time is the good old mechanical clockwork invention. Smartphones can sometimes get all “glitchy” and show us the wrong number, potentially leading to us missing a ride or something similar. Or, just like we’ve mentioned earlier, they can run out of battery, which makes them unreliable.