5 Apps to improve your Images on Instagram – Mobile Photography 

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There was a time when photography was exclusive for professional photographers who own expensive cameras. Technology paved the way to a new form of photography that is now widely used by both amateurs and professionals.

Instagram, a photo-sharing and social media site, is one of the perpetrators of mobile photography. Because of its phone application, people learned the fun of taking pictures, editing them with different filters and posting them on social media sites. They learned to accept that photography is not just for people with expensive cameras, and high-level skills.

There are many reasons why mobile photography is loved by many. Here are some:

  • Pictures create lasting moments and smartphone photographers love sharing these moments to their friends and loved ones via social media sites.
  • In a BBC article, “Has Instagram Made everyone’s Photos Look the same?” photographer Kate Bevan expressed that the trend in smartphone photography “kills the creative instinct“. She even added that the application does not encourage experimentation rather “it encourages the use of lazy one-click processing“.
  • Your pictures do not have to be another beautiful picture lost in the midst of thousands of equally beautiful images. Be creative! If you want your smartphone photos to stand out and buy Instagram views to make your photos more popular click on this link
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Here are 5 mobile applications that you must install on your phone:

1. Camera 360 Ultimate

One of the latest and popular phone apps these days, Camera 360 Ultimate offers new filters and editing capabilities. You can even touch up your selfies to create healthy, glowing skin! If you go to enhancement, you can improve the exposure of your picture to change underexposed or overexposed images to perfectly lit photos.

2. PicLab HD

If you want to experiment with typography and images, you have to use PicLab HD. This user-friendly app allows you to combine literature and visual arts in one image. The app is loaded with lots of fonts, color filters, layer illustrations, and other design elements. You can also play with brightness, contrast, saturation, and blur effect on your photos.

3. PhotoWonder

If you want to keep photo applications simple but unique, use PhotoWonder. As the same suggests, PhotoWonder creates wonder on boring images. It has loads of simple but one of a kind filters like ‘heaven’ ‘vintage’ and ‘sweety’. You can render your pictures in more than one filter.

4. Paper Camera

For a unique and quirky way of editing your pictures, you can try Paper Camera. This nifty camera hates boring and usual images, so it spices up images by transforming it into a cartoon, comics, and sketches. This effect takes long hours to do in Photoshop but here, it takes a minute or two!

5. Dubble

Film photographer practice ‘film swap’ where they expose films and give it to another person for double exposure. Now, you can experience a taste of analog photography by using Dubble. This application randomly overlaps your image with another user’s image, creating a double exposure. The exciting part is the thrill of not knowing how the final images will be.

In today’s business environment, where digital marketing and branding are essential, mobile photography apps can be an effective tool for businesses. Developed by IT companies, these applications offer a range of features that allow businesses to capture important events, meetings and conferences with professional, high-quality images. These images can then be shared with colleagues and partners, helping to build relationships and show team results.

Finally, mobile photography apps developed by IT companies such as Andersen offer companies an effective way to showcase their brand image and document important events. By using these applications to create high-quality images that focus on composition and detail and use them in various marketing campaigns, businesses can build their brand and relationships and stand out in today’s competitive market.