How Painful Are Braces on the First Day? 7 Things to Know


Braces hurt. Let’s not go around this matter. They are necessary if you have crowded teeth, or they’re simply crooked. For people who suffer from an overbite, they can fix that issue too. You know why we need them even if they hurt. Of course, they are uncomfortable, but that’s a sensation that will disappear with time. If you need them, you should consider the option of having them installed. Braces are good for everyone with dental issues. The pain should be ignored this time around. In the end it is not the standard type of pain. We should list it under uncomfortable pain.

Furthermore, what’s important to know, is that not everyone reacts the same way to braces. It is an individual matter. What you’ll most likely experience is soreness and tightness around your teeth and gums. So, as we said, it will be painful, but not in any hard sense of the word. If you need them, don’t be afraid, as braces are a necessary tool for straightening your teeth and you should visit this site if you have dental issues that braces can solve.

Yes, we wanted to have your mind in one place with the start of this article. That’s why we stated that pain is to be expected. But, fear it not. It is for your own benefit. The pain will be translated into an uncomfortable sensation. There will be pinching, and pressure to your both teeth and gums. Your mouth will feel numb at times. It is all to be expected. The pain as you imagined it, will not be there. For most people getting accustomed to braces is hard, but with time any discomfort will disappear. Yes, there are individuals that never get used to them, but those are rare examples.

The best route to go around braces is to learn about them. You need to know a few things about braces in order to be more prepared to eventually having to carry them around for months. It is not the end of the world that you’ll be appearing awkward for a while. In the end a perfect smile will result and all the effort put forward will be worth it. So, please keep reading this article and see for yourself what we singled out as seven things to know about braces.

You’ll Attract Attention


Yes there will be looks coming your way. Wearing braces can be seen as a drastic change to one’s appearance. It’s not the end of the world but you’ll be looked at. Looks will be followed by questions. None of these two things is out of the ordinary. You need to be open about the issue. After all, you’re doing it to improve your looks and health. So, talking about it will only make things easier. The end result is what you should be looking for.

You’ll Be Feeling Different

It is not a drastic change when you start wearing braces, but it can be one that will make you feel as if it is a drastic one. This is not out of the ordinary. After all, you’ll be wearing a dental prosthetic in your mouth. Due to this you’ll have a feeling that your mouth and face appear different. Yes, slight changes are a possibility, but you’ll be the same person during this process. The new you comes after you’ve taken them off.

You’ll Talk Funny

This is another big step when it comes to your general appearance. Your voice will go through a change. Yes, you will talk funny for a while. It can take a longer period to start talking as before. For some people they never go back during their sessions with braces. But, everything should go back to normal after you take them off. It is not a rarity that you don’t experience this change at all. It is a matter of individual situation and it differs from patient to patient.

Tingling Feeling in Teeth


Your teeth might get a bit sensitive during the process and early days of wearing braces. As we said, wearing them is associated with pain but uncomfortable. They shouldn’t be hurting you. If they do, it is a sign that something is not right. Braces often need to be adjusted and each time this is done your teeth might get more and more sensitive. But, as closer as you get to getting them off the more good you should feel.

You’ll Crave Cold Drinks and Soft Foods

When you put your braces on, it is wise that you stick to soft foods for a while. It is not necessary to have a special eating regimen but at first stick to soft foods. They will be your friends. Also, you’ll have a desire for cold drinks. When you first put braces on you’ll have that burning sensation in your mouth. The best way to go around this is by drinking something cold. You do not need to go overboard, but having a few cold drinks won’t hurt you. Of course, we’re not talking about cocktails but about water or some refreshing beverage.

You’ll be Brushing Teeth More Often


It’s fine. You should do it often anyways. Braces will catch food like anything you ever saw. That’s why you’ll need to brush them after every meal. Do not forget to have your brush and toothpaste always with you. They will be your emergency package. You do not want to be caught walking around with pieces of food between your teeth and braces. Avoid these situations as you might feel uncomfortable in public places.

You’ll have Dry Mouth Syndrome

This is rather normal. Your teeth will be in the process of adapting to braces. Your mouth will do the same. You’ll have your tongue exploring and your gums feeling the novelty. All of this will lead to having your mouth dry quite often. This is why it is important to always carry a bottle of water with you. Dry sensation can lead to bigger uncomfortable sensations and that can easily be avoided by having water around.