Classic Boats: 6 Tips For Buying And Owning


Machines and automobiles are considered depreciating assets, but there are a few cars and boats that can easily withstand the test of time. If cared for properly or restored the right way, old boats will never depreciate. That said, if not in terms of performance, it will appreciate in the eyes of people who are fond of some classic and antique pieces.

If you are looking to buy and own some classic boat options, you are at the right place. Today, we are sharing a few tips and tricks to buy and own classic boats. Before diving into the tips, let us first understand what classic boats mean, and how one is defined as classic. Find here some of the best available options at classic boat brokerage. Expert help is of great value in the process of buying them.

What Does Classic Boat Mean?


In the marine industry, you will come across several boat-related terms that are used to describe old and historic boats. At times the terms are used interchangeably as well, and sometimes they use incorrectly. To make sure you don’t get confused with the terms used, and buy the right classic boat, know that the classic boats are differentiated based on their age. Antique or classic boats have five different categories of old vessels that are of a certain age, and we list them below for a better understanding.

The boats built

  • Before 1918 are considered Historic boats.
  • Between 1919-1942 are classified as Antique boats.
  • Between 1943-1975 are Classic boats, and;
  • 1976-1995 are the late classic boats.

We are here discussing classic boats, so our focus would be the same.

Examples Of Classic Boats


The classic boats can either be made using fiberglass or wood. Thinking about the classic boats today, the first one was built around 60 years ago and so they are classified as some aluminum or steel models. A few examples of brands manufacturing classic boats include Lyman, Century, Chris Craft, Wheeler, Hacker Craft, and many more.

Tips To Buy The Best Classic Boat

Test, Test, and Test

Before buying the boat make sure it is of good quality and that it has stood the test of time. With time, the wood may deteriorate and the boat may also leak. Hence, make sure that it is not leaking, you are loving the ride, and that it runs smoothly. Run it the way you like to make sure it is worth buying, and that you can have a fun time. Test it in the water of your choice. Be informed that there is a heaven, hell difference between large bays and small lakes.

Boats usually get unpleasant after a tough ride, and you should make sure that every aspect of it is just fine. Testing is the major aspect and it tells you everything about the boat. It will not lie when you are sailing and therefore, make sure it will not at the last moment.

Find Out The History And Also Who Worked On The Boat


There can be a huge difference between the others and the restorer and this can be referred to as a nightmare and a dream. There are a few restorers who are always confident with their boat and will proudly tell you every piece of information regarding what all is there in the boat. A few boats are offered with warranties and sometimes guarantees. This ensures the buyer about the quality.

For instance, if you are buying a boat from the hacker craft, the company restores the boat for you at their factory, and makes it brand new. On the contrary, if you want to buy an unrestored boat, be sure about your purchase.

Determine The Use Of The Boat

Before settling on a choice, you should know about the use of the boat. That said, be sure about how you are going to use the boat. Are you looking for cruise rides with your family or just a fun runabout on some days? Different purposes are fulfilled with different choices and therefore, it is mandatory to pick the right one. You can browse through the several available options to see which one would be the ideal one for you.

Settling On A Price Is Tough

Though you will get a price guide from Hagerty to pick on the price of a boat that you want to buy, at times pricing can still be confusing. Some options can seem overpriced to you but can be bargained, if you know the technique and consider its expense in the right restoration. Also, give a rundown of the complete package of what you are after. There are instances when the cheapest boats cost them the most.

Attend Boat Shows


You should not restrict yourself from traveling, and attending the best boat shows. This will help you know about the different types of boats available. Ride the ones that appealed to you, and have a word with the owner. The boats available on the West Coast are different from what is available in Florida. You should take a test drive before finalizing one for yourself. The weather makes a difference and also the water on which you are going to run the boat.

Buy The Restored One Initially

You should buy a restored boat first, before going for an expensive option. However, if you found that one boat which you always wanted to own then go ahead and buy the fixer-upper. When buying a restored option make sure you do it from the restorer whom you trust. You will find two types of restorers available in the market. One kind will lowball you and also sucks in, and another kind will tell you the truth upfront.


You should always go ahead with upfront owners. This will make you like them during the restoration and after as well.


Undoubtedly, classic boats are the best value options when it comes to boating today. To help buyers make a definite choice, we have put up this oversimplified guide. Make sure to be well-informed before making a huge investment in the classic boats. They are rare and therefore buying them has some quirks. Cover the basics so that your choice is worthwhile.