7 Best IGTV Video Ideas To Boost Your Business in 2024

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IGTV is one of the most sought out features provided by Instagram. There are moments or clips that you want to share with your friends and followers. However, if its length surpasses a specific limit, you cannot share it as a story or post. IGTV video comes to rescue in such conditions. Let us understand more about this very trendy feature of Instagram.

An introduction to IGTV

Image source: pexels.com

IGTV is a feature of Instagram where the user can share long videos with their followers. The duration of the video can be as long as an hour. You can create a video using any promo video maker like Invideo and several other applications. When you upload it to your profile, an option will pop up. It will ask you whether you want to upload the video in IGTV format. Hence, uploading IGTV is a cakewalk.

The real game is to use this feature for the betterment of your business. We already know about several platforms which let us show our work in very little time. This feature gives an ample time limit, and hence the rules for acing the game are different.

Let us dig further to understand its concept and learn to use it to elevate our venture.

How to use IGTV?

Many of us are a vivid user of Instagram. This social media platform has surpassed all its competitors and is currently the best platform with maximum traffic.

Naturally, many people are aware of the features and attributes that it provides. Still, in very short, we will understand where we create and upload an IGTV video.

You can create a video by using any application. It can be directly shot on the camera or edited using YouTube video editor or other applications. When you log in to your Instagram profile and try uploading the video, you will come across a message. It will say, upload in IGTV format. You can continue with it to share the IGTV video in your profile. Your followers can now get a notification, stating that you have uploaded a new IGTV and they can view it.

  • You can find the IGTV icon in your profile, next to the story highlight
  • It looks like a small television icon
  • You can choose the thumbnail of your video.
  • You can add a related caption, message and title before uploading it.
  • The minimum time allotted for IGTV video is 15 seconds.
  • You can provide the link to your IGTV in your IG story.

Having learned these basics, let us move towards the next step.

7 Tips for using IGTV to upgrade a product or business:

We have gathered enough ideas about IGTV, its usage and its features. Now we will have a look towards seven ideas that can help us to use IGTV very efficiently. These tips can help us to promote our business or product on this very famous platform. Let us have a look at them one by one.

Question Answers

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Questions, answers, and interviews are always exciting segments to watch. It is an excellent way to start your IGTV journey. Also, you can interview people from your industry or organization. It will lead to creating a ‘sense of knowing’ between your followers and your organization. When this segment becomes successful, you can make it regularly to address the viewers. This will help in boosting your follower numbers, and hence your product will have tremendous potential customers.

Getting acquainted with the social media family

The other most exciting thing is to introduce yourself to your viewers. You might put up long messages, but people don’t read it thoroughly. They might end up skipping some essential parts. So, create an IGTV to give an introduction to your endeavor. Talk about yourself a little to make the video natural and not wholly business-oriented. If your viewers feel connected, they might show interest in your venture.

Introducing products

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The next thing after talking about your venture is to give details about it. Talk about your business. Give necessary information like how it works, and what are the benefits that it provides. The primary focus should be to convince your viewers to feel an attachment to your product. You can do an unboxing, or take reviews from the current customers. Make the segment engaging by adding some fun rounds too. You can also teach your customers about the usage of the product in this segment.

Series creation

Creating a series can create curiosity among your viewers, and they tend to come back to check the latest happenings. Using this trick with your product can be an excellent option to engage your customers. This might eventually lead to more followers and hence increase the chances of success.

Follow the trend

Now and then, we have some trends coming up with the social media platform. People enjoy them and participate in them with zeal. If your IGTV not only has content but also follows the latest trend, it might gain a lot of popularity.

Discussions, meetings, and webinars

After every few days, conduct a meeting on IGTV. Here you can address the doubts of the customers and answer some crucial questions. You can also talk about the arriving updates and take feedback from your viewers. Therefore, in this way, your customer will feel attached to the whole endeavor on a personal level. Such discussions will lead to elevating the market value of the business in the long run.

Record Live streams

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You can also modify some currently used style by some famous personality and use it in your project. Following someone who already has a lot of followers will prove to be suitable for a beginner.

So, if followed wisely, these are some tips that can turn the tables using IGTV videos. If you do quality work, you will gain viewers. These viewers then turn into your customers. It sounds quite like a fairy tale, but this is precisely how social media has influenced our lives.

Social media is an inevitable part of our life, hence using it accordingly, to make profits is the best thing to do.