Signs you Need to Improve Your Academic Writing Skills In 2024


College can bring many challenges while studying, and one of the most common ones is related to essays. Many students have issues with this type of assignment, and the biggest problem is that it can affect their final degree. It is important to know that learning how to write essays can bring various benefits in your career after college since you will be able to create more engaging cover letters, emails, interviews, and more.

If you have certain issues with your following assignment, and you think that there is no way that you will manage to finish it in time, the great option is that you can hire an expert to write it for you. If you are interested in this type of service, visit On the other side, there is a great debate over this method, and how it can influence the students to put less effort into writing. You should not abuse this possibility. Still, it can be a great way to pass the assignment in time, and learn more about writing as well.

Also, you should practice more and compare your work with some other similar articles to see if there is a place for improvements. If you are not sure how good you are at writing essays, we are going to introduce you to some important signs that will show you that your work needs more improvement.


Lack of Accuracy

Be sure to read your article several times before you deliver it to the professor. Your projects should contain details about the following topic, and a reader must be able to make a conclusion related to a specific topic only by reading your work. The main goal is to focus on the main theme and explain it in short paragraphs. However, it is not a rare case that people are missing the point.

Constant Delays

Another common issue is related to delays, and how a lot of students cannot manage to finish any project on time. The main reason is related to procrastination. If you notice that you easily get distracted while writing, try to implement some strategies that could help you to stay focused. For example, turn off your phone and use it only during breaks.

Besides that, make a strict schedule for this type of work. You should add short breaks after every half hour. Also, you can add treats like candy or some favorite snack, and have it after finishing one section of the work.

Inaccurate Form


The technical aspects of academic writing are essential since they can keep the reader concentrated on your work. Therefore, if your essay doesn’t have too many paragraphs, and proper division of separate parts like introduction, thesis, and conclusion, the professor will most likely give you a lower degree for that. In that matter, be sure to learn about proper form. Also, the work must be authentic and without plagiarism. Always add your sources at the end of the article.

Too Many Adverbs

In most cases, people are adding a lot of adverbs to increase the word count. However, it is easy for professors to determine whether you did this or not. You should never focus on the number of words required for the assignment. Instead of that, concentrate on the main topic and try to explain it through paragraphs. The average word count for a college assignment is around 700, which is not a lot. Always be sure to read your work several times, and try to get rid of unnecessary adverbs that appear only as bonus words.

How To Improve Writing Skills?

First of all, the best way to improve your skills is to become aware of your deficiencies, which is the main reason to focus on the signs that we have mentioned before. After you determine which parts require improvement, you can start with practicing. The best way is to start with formatting and proper structure. When you learn that, writing will become easier and faster. When it comes to grammar, the main rule is to avoid passive voice misuse and use active more often.

Also, implement correct punctuation and avoid sentences that are too long. The best way is to have paragraphs with two or three sentences. Moreover, it is common for people who are struggling with word count to add a lot of synonyms, but that will ruin the style and structure of your work. Furthermore, work on your vocabulary and learn more by reading articles written by experts.


On the other hand, always focus on thorough research of the area of your topic. You should never rely only on one source, and your assignment will include more details by using various sources. Also, your work will appear more accurate and engaging. Don’t be afraid of editing. Proofreading is very important since you will be able to determine potential mistakes or deficiencies in your work.

People often make mistakes because they have a problem with determining the amount of time needed to finish some project. Therefore, be sure to start on time. Write things on paper, and create several parts of the article before you start writing the main one. You can always ask someone with more experience for advice as well.


In case that you keep getting lower degrees on your assignments even though you put a lot of effort into your writing, maybe some of the signs that we have mentioned represents the reason for that. You should be more patient and prepared to improve your skills over time. Starting with the assignment is the hardest part, but you can use a variety of sources to get enough information about a particular topic, and start will become easier.

On the other side, you can always hire an online service. Still, if you want to use that option, be sure to get the main benefits of that, which is to compare the quality with your projects, and learn more about proper structure, style, and accuracy.