How Can We Improve Poor Performance In Mathematics?

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All students and every learner in general round the entire universe always want to do well and excel in their academic work. However, some find challenges here and there when it comes to some disciplines, especially mathematics and science disciplines. Such learners have sometimes gone to the extent of categorizing these disciplines as being ”hard” and therefore, cannot be easily worked out or done just like the other subjects or disciplines.

This notion has resulted in them forming some elements of fear for mathematics and the related disciplines, which has consequently resulted in these learners continuously registering poor results, which hamper their dream of success in their studies. This article has just come in time to provide the students and everyone concerned, including tutors and parents, with clear insights on how they can quickly improve poor performance in mathematics. These ways include;

Appreciating The Need For Active And Effective Discussion Groups

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In the process of learning mathematics, we often find that some concepts appear to be more technical to the learner to the extent that they cannot understand when taught in class. The time allocated for that particular lesson may not be enough for the teacher to emphasize so that everyone can understand. It is also obvious that not everyone will understand whatever has been taught. With active discussion groups, such learners get to understand those concepts from their peers as they learn at their capacity.
In these groups, we also find that the learners get an opportunity to freely interact and ask their peers what they might have feared asking the teacher. The number of group members is always small too, and this enables everyone to participate, and time improvement can be seen. The learners can also be allowed to choose revision partners with whom they are comfortable.

Allocating Much Time For Mathematics On The Teaching Schedule

Mathematics is a convenient subject. It cannot be taught like other subjects in which students can be given notes to read and understand independently. For instance, it can be allocated twice to provide the teacher with room for continuation with the concept that might have been taught earlier during the day.

A lot of mathematics also causes boredom and monotony among the learners; it is, therefore, so that even in the attempt to give it much time, it be given at intervals Preferably early in the morning and after breaks when the learners are still active.

Encouraging Learners To Always Be Present In Class And Avoid Absenteeism

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This subject is always taught in a way that today’s lesson builds upon the previous one. For instance, when a topic is being introduced when the learner is absent, when they come, they may find the concept taught on that day is too difficult for them to understand.
It is, therefore, suitable for all learners to understand the basics of every topic. This enables them to have an excellent follow up of the topic and hence the syllabus, which eventually eases their revision and makes them improve. Various measures should, therefore, be put in place to ensure all learners attend the classes.

Instilling Confidence Among The Learners

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Just as had been said earlier, most learners have a notion that mathematics is too difficult to be understood and done. The teachers and parents are supposed to always talk to the learner to make them confident. They should be told it can be done just as other students of their age had done it before. The learners should gain the confidence to approach various problems and be able to consult their teachers whenever they do not understand.

Frequent Practice

Mathematics can only be done and not read like other subjects. The learners are supposed to understand that they will only learn by solving various mathematical problems. They should set a target of the minimum sums that they need to do per day and ensure they do them.

They should also allocate time for solving a few problems during their studies and even early in the morning before tackling other subjects. With this, the learners familiarize themselves with the mathematical concepts, so they have to prioritize it. They should also be given home works which will engage their mind while at home and through that still, they practice.

Increasing The Number Of Staff Dealing In Mathematics

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The subject has appeared to be problematic in almost all the learning institutions hence hindering the average performance of most students. Increasing the number of mathematics teachers will improve the performance in various ways, such as allowing students to have a variety of teachers from whom they can freely consult. We find that at times different students prefer being taught by individual teachers to the others.
Many teachers also give opportunities for specialization and division of labor. Teachers will distribute the topics among themselves and only teach those they profoundly understand and have passion for. With that in place, students will receive the best knowledge of every topic that they are taught. Students can also seek help from acemyhomework tutors for free.

Modifying The Teaching Methods Used By Teachers

In most cases, we find that almost all mathematics teachers do not give notes to their students. Instead, they do examples and ask learners to copy in their books. This method is not wrong; however, students may fail to follow up on those examples later. They may forget how a certain step was reached; it is, therefore, necessary that they are given notes in point form, elaborating what step should be done after which. This enables students ample revision and keeping track of the steps.

Organizing Various Mathematics Contests And Symposiums Among Schools

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Such activities come along with various challenges that make learners think twice and have a different view of mathematics. They get to meet with learners from other institutions who challenge them how easy the subject is.

They also get to know simple ways pf solving the problems that they might have thought were tough. In such forums, students interchange concepts, and with time, they learn. It also creates a new environment for learning compared to the monotonous classwork. That is what most students like; they will then be motivated to work hard such that in the coming contests or symposiums, they have something new to challenge the other student.

Use Of Demonstrations While Teaching

This should mostly apply to young learners, such as those in kindergarten. However, it can also refer to those in primary schools. For example, when teaching the learners in grade three and below, where concepts such as addition, subtraction, and division are introduced, materials such as balls, stones, and sticks should be availed so that they see whatever problem they are solving in real life. This makes teaching more practical and exciting for learners. It raises their curiosity about learning more, and they can even practice it later while at home. The manipulatives enable these young learners to retain the taught concept.

Issuing Of Awards To Students Who Perform Well In Mathematics

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It is usually good to recognize the efforts of learners who do well. It should be a routine in the learning institutions to always award students who meet a certain target. This will motivate them to continue doing well in mathematics to be awarded next time too. It also poses challenges to those who did not meet the target to put more effort and be awarded in the future.

After some time, the performance shall have improved because all students will be struggling to get the award. In addition, when any improvements are seen in the production of mathematics in a given class, the teacher should be awarded since they also need the motivation to continue passing knowledge to students no matter how stubborn they may be. It’s, therefore, good to recognize the teachers.

Enlightening Students On The Career Paths Associated With Mathematics

Perhaps, most learners do not understand the relevance of studying mathematics and do it unwillingly because they have no option. They have diverse ambitions on whichever career to pursue later in life. This makes it easier because they will work without being pushed to. The students get to realize the reason to perform well in mathematics to qualify for their careers, as most of them require excellent performance in mathematics.

Finding Favorable Environment For Learners And Teachers

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There is no exact definition of a favorable environment since it differs from person to person. Still, at least there should be no noise and minimum distraction because much concentration is needed while practicing the subject. Some learners understand better early in the morning. Contrary to others who understand better late in the evening or at night. Those are times when an individual is more active, and that is when they should practice for better understanding.

The teachers should be comfortable in their working environment to deliver adequately. Enough facilities for teaching mathematics should be available for them, such as the significant construction materials for demonstration.

Stressing On Proper Use Of A Calculator

In most cases, it is assumed that the learners know how to use a calculator when they do not know in reality. It makes them fail despite knowing all the procedures required to solve a problem. Errors such as inappropriate negative answers occur due to improper use of a calculator. Teachers should, therefore, take time to teach students how to use their calculators to avoid unnecessary failures, especially among senior students like those in high school.

Availing Adequate Mathematics Text Books And Revision Books To Students

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These books should easily be accessible to learners so that they may have adequate sources of reference and revision. They will have various problems to solve from various books and learn various formulae from different sources. Apart from books, learners can also explore the internet and learn various tips for solving mathematical problems. For instance, the tutors in YouTube may be very resourceful to learners while at home and no teachers or peers to consult.