9 Ways to Increase the Value of your Home’s Exterior

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Home is the place where you spend most of your time with family and friends. Having a beautiful house will not only make you feel better but will also give you peace of mind.

Also, the look of your house (interior and exterior) affects its overall value. Therefore, it is important to decorate your home’s interior as well as the exterior with trending decoratives including wall art.

Whether you own a little cottage or a mansion, deciding the changes to the home exteriors is always a tricky task. The right enhancements in exteriors can remarkably increase your home’s curb appeal. Following are ways to improve the value of your home exteriors.

1. Personal Touch

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You can give outdoor walls unique and personal touch by hanging photos of several sizes and different frames on the patio wall. It creates a wonderful patio wall with different art pieces for everyone to enjoy.

Moreover, it adds unique colors to your space while making it more inviting and welcoming. You can enjoy dinner parties with friends and can amaze them with your unique as well as personalized patio decor.

You can find more ideas here for different art pieces. You will get several art pieces to make the wall enjoyable.

2. Paint the Exterior

A simple way to increase the value of your home exteriors is to spruce up the outdoor space with paint. Whether it’s walls, fences, sheds, or doors, giving a touch of color will give the exteriors an attractive look.

You can give your exterior a new look by adding trending wall art on the wall of the patio or above the main door. The best thing is that you can pick any shades of your choice to update the exterior.

This will not only increase the beauty of your home but will also increase its resale value.

3. Paint a Wall Mural

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Outdoor murals add grace to outdoor space. You can create designs that add color and depth to your outdoor area. You can make the outdoor space cozy by hanging the murals.

A mural that you paint with proper planning and techniques can last as long as 20 to 30 years. So, they are pretty affordable too.

Further, wall murals add a unique touch to your property and can take the home decoration to the next level.

4. Install a New Front Door

You can improve your exterior curb appeal with a new front door. A quality door is the best way to add value as well as marketability to your home.

There is a myriad of options when it comes to choosing the best front door for your home. You can pick the door made of metal, wood, or fiber depending upon your budget and needs.

However, wooden doors look classy and add rustic charm to your space.

5. Add Dormer Windows

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It can be expensive to add dormers, but this feature is very good. It can add natural light and boost curb appeal.

This style of window is especially good if you want a home with a Scandinavian look. The natural light these windows bring will brighten up your rooms and make space look bigger as well as open.

Windows increase the curb appeal of your home and make it look more attractive as well. You can opt for any design for windows according to your budget and need.

6. Light Home’s Exterior and Landscaping

Outdoor lighting is essential for improving nighttime curb appeal. It is also good from a security, and ambiance point of view. Lighting helps to ensure guests arrive at your home safely and keep intruders away.

Further, the light makes the rooms brighter. If there is a lack of outdoor lighting in your rooms, then consider installing ceiling lights to make the space bright and happening.

In addition to bringing natural light, try to use neutral paint color to visually open the space in your home. Also, keep the floor in a light shade as well. However, you can opt for dark wall art or wall decorations to complement the neutral walls.

7. Spruce Up Your Garden

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Another great way to spruce up the exterior is to decorate the garden. House-hunters just take 10 seconds to decide if they like home or not. It all depends on the presentation of your outdoor spaces. A well-organized garden can add value to your property.

Make sure to mow the grass, trim the hedges and plant colorful plants. A quick power-wash of your outdoors can make a big difference to your outdoor looks.

You can also add water-proof wall arts on the wall near your garden to create a party-perfect outdoor space. Also, create a footpath in the garden to make it look more attractive and impressive. Well, choose the appropriate outdoor furniture on interiorbeat.com to design places for relaxation and for entertainment purposes.

8. Macrame Magic

Macrame is the modern way of wall decoration and you can add a creative twist with multiple-plant hangers. This pattern is easy and uses a simple knotting technique. You can create a beautiful macramé in minimum time.

Plants will not only make your outdoor space look impressive, but will also bring fresh air. Hanging potted plants help create a welcoming home within budget.

9. Update Address Number

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Updating your house numbers is an interesting way to introduce some curb appeal. You can make it a bit personal by customizing the house number sign on exterior walls.

There are very interesting nameplates that can increase the beauty of your house. Depending upon your interior design you can opt for a stylish number plate with an updated address number.

Final Words

If you desire to create a cozy and homely ambiance outside the home, you must focus on exterior walls. You can hang some frames or mirrors on the wall or fence to make it attractive. It will be pleasing to the eyes and increase the value of your home’s exterior.