Is it Really Possible to Play Games and Make Money?


You might have seen some games on the app store that claim to pay users cash prizes and wondered if these apps actually hold up their promises. It might sound crazy- but yes! You actually can win real money just by playing games on your phone.

The cash prize gaming industry gives out more cash than you probably realize. The top three cash prize mobile game developers facilitate millions of dollars in cash prizes across their apps every year (yep, millions.) Skillz Games alone facilitates approximately $10,000 every day to their user base.

Need more convincing? No worries. We’re going to walk you through how it all works.

We’ve created a complete user guide to winning cash on your phone just by playing mobile games. Continue reading if you want to learn how mobile games can help you win real cash in your free time.

How Cash Prize Mobile Games Work

There are two different options when it comes to real money gaming: entry-fee tournaments and rewarded play. Let’s break them down.

Entry Fee Tournaments


When people talk about winning cash on their phones, they’re probably talking about entry fee tournaments.

There are hundreds of games that offer opportunities to win real cash through tournaments. In order to enter, all participants must pay a small entry fee. These entry fees will make up the cash prize pool. If you win the game, you win back your entry fee and then some. But if you lose the game, you will lose your entry fee.

You might be wondering how this is any different than just going to a casino. But the key difference between real money gaming and casino gambling is skill.

Real money games are skill-based, and you will always be playing against other real-life competitors. Legit cash prize games do not allow any bots on the app, so you’ll never have to bet against the house or hope that an algorithm will give you a win.

When you’re playing in a skill-based entry fee tournament, you’re waging on your skills instead of betting on luck.

Most entry fee tournaments offer single-player games. The game creates a comprehensive point system to quantify every competitor’s skills, and whoever scores the most points will win. To level the playing field even further, most apps will analyze every participant’s gameplay to match users with competitors who share their skill level. That way, beginners won’t have to compete against advanced players.

Even real money card games are based on skill and skill alone. In a classic card game, your success can largely depend on how lucky your hand is. Real money games resolve this issue by giving every competitor in a tournament the same hand to work from, so every game is fair and square. This goes beyond card games in the real money gaming world, nearly every game uses this function to ensure that winners are only declared by skill and strategy.

If you’re hoping to maximize your winnings, entry fee tournaments are the move. There are a wide variety of competitions with various cash prize pool amounts and risk levels, so you can play your way.

Rewarded Play


If you want to tone down the risk-factor of entry fee competition but still want to get some extra cash as you play, rewarded play may be your new favorite hobby.

Rewarded play apps pay users for the time spent on mobile games. Rewarded play developers have found a way to spread the wealth of advertising cash to mobile game users, and they offer gift card rewards for interacting with their affiliated games whether you win or lose.

This style of cash prize game play is great, but it should be noted that your winnings will accumulate much more slowly compared to the entry fee model. But if you’re just looking for a new pastime that can get you a few chunks of spending money here and there, we would recommend that you give rewarded play apps a shot.

How Much Can you Win Playing Games?

When it comes down to it, there is no limit to how much cash you can win by playing mobile games. Your winning potential depends on a few key factors, but it mostly depends on how much entry fee cash you are willing to risk.

Some people are winning hundreds of dollars every month to play and others are winning $5 every now and then, it all depends on how much you play.

Every app has a variety of cash prize opportunities that range from $1 to $200 per tournament. There is tons of cash to go around, and you can enter in these tournaments at any time of day. Just note that the more the cash prize pool is, the more the entry fee will cost.

Can you Play for Free?

Nearly every cash prize game offers unlimited free tournaments. If you want to try mobile gaming to pass the time, you can do so without paying a dime. You can play entirely for free or build your skills with free practice rounds before moving onto cash tournaments.

Games from Avia Games and Papaya Gaming also offer free entry into cash prize tournaments when you save up enough gems with their free practice rounds. Free play isn’t just fun, it can also be a huge asset to you in the app.


Who Can Make Money Playing Games?

There is no experience necessary to start winning on real money gaming apps. Seriously, anyone can get a hand at these games. They are easy to learn but are exciting enough to play for years to come.

Anyone can play the free practice rounds on the apps, but there are some necessary requirements to be able to play for cash. All cash prize tournament participants must be at least 18 years of age and living in an eligible location. Regional eligibility varies by state, but an app will always let you know if you are ineligible before you make any entry fee deposits.

If you are not in an eligible location, try another game or just take advantage of the free practice rounds on your app.

Where to Find Legit Real Money Games

If you want to start winning real cash, you can find the best of the best games on RealMoneyGamer. They test many games to confirm that they’re legit, so you won’t waste your time on trial and error.

Navigate to your phone’s operating system and find a game that interests you! They’re all free to download and free to play. You can find cash prize games in a wide variety of gaming genres. From bingo to solitaire to adventure games, etc. the titles are endless and opportunities to have fun and earn some money are all there for you!