James Westbrook Net Worth 2024 – Tati Westbrook’s Husband

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James Westbrook is an American Youtuber. He is married to his fellow Youtuber Tati Westbrook. He was frequently featured on content posted on her channel. He is in the media business and he served as a president of a couple of well-known companies. If you are interested in learning more about him, his biography, career, and net worth. Without spending too much of your valuable time, let us begin. Buckle up and let’s go.


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James Alexander Westbrook was born on the 10th of September in North Carolina. His birth sign is Virgo. As of today, he is 49 years old. His parents are Linda Westbrook and Sidney Westbrook. His parents are from Hickory, North Carolina. His father was a doctor and he passed away back in 1994. Also, he has two siblings, sisters Beth Robinson and Cheryl Fennell. He graduated from North State Academy in his home state back in 1988. After that, he started attending a Georgia Institute of Technology.

On his wedding to Nikki Philippi and James Charles. He proposed to his wife Tati back in 2012 and they married back in 2017. He is a very private person and he doesn’t want to discuss his private life. So, we don’t have any more information about further information. Before Tati, his love life information is not known. He has a son Taylor, who was born back in 1994. His son lives in Los Angeles.


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According to his wife Tati, his work is related to the media industry. At one point, she stated that he is very gifted in working with business development, contract, and deals. He said that she is in love with his inspiring and brilliant mind. At one point in his life, he was the president of Magnalinx LLC about 10 years ago. This company was based in the state of Delaware. However, it was moved to California at some point. Also, he was the vice president of Motion Pictures and the president of Hollywood Entertainment Partners Inc. What’s known about his professional life is impressive and we cannot but wonder what are the unknown parts. Since he is not a TV personality, he didn’t manage to receive some awards during his career.

Net Worth

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As of 2024, James Westbrook estimated net worth is $700,000. The biggest chunk of his money is made in the media industry. We absolutely have no doubt that his net worth will increase over time since he is described as a highly intelligent person by his wife. Also, as you could see earlier in the article, he served as president in several prominent companies. At the same time, his wife Tati has an estimated worth of $3.5 million. She made the most of her money from her YouTube channel and promoting beauty and cosmetics products. Tati recently was in a controversial situation with James Charles, who asked her to be his assistant. Tati refused and asked him to apologize to her and James. Ultimately, James Charles did it on his YouTube channel.