9 Tips to Lower Commercial Cleaning Costs for Your Business

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Business facilities must be clean and regularly maintained. Some companies are hiring cleaning services, or individuals who provide regular maintenance of the working space. It’s a costly expense, but it’s important to always have all the things cleaned, so you can avoid unpleasant cases of dust allergies, dirt piles, and other spare items that you keep for no reason.

Sometimes, the company owners and employees are doing these things themselves, especially in small businesses. It’s really costly and time-consuming, but it’s not allowed for any commercial facility to be dirty.

Every now and then, detailed cleaning must be performed, like scrubbing the floors, and completely cleaning the toilets. At this point, hiring a service is more than recommended, but still, there are some ways to save money on it. Consider hiring a service like https://urbanclean.com.au/.

In this article, we will try to give you some suggestions on how to do that, no matter if you clean the facilities yourself, or you hire a cleaning company to do that for you.

1. Don’t use OTC cleaning products

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We are sure it seems like a good deal to buy two or three bottles of cleaning products for the toilet, but keep in mind that you will finish them in just a week or two. There are bulk packages, like a gallon of concentrate that can be diluted, and it gives you five gallons of cleaning product, you can use for months.

Be practical. Because these bulk products don’t have fancy packages, you can buy a huge quantity of products, for the same price as a bottle of OTC cleaner. Do this for all the other things in the facility, including the water, soap, napkins, etc.

2. Don’t hire the first cleaning company that you can find

Even if you live in a smaller town, probably there are at least two cleaning services you can hire. So, ask them for an offer, or see if the price is good for you. After that, you can decide which one to hire. Also, it’s not enough just to be cheaper. See what they offer for that price, and ask them how much they charge for regular maintenance.

3. Use multipurpose cleaning products

You don’t need to buy separate products for the kitchen, toilet, and office floors. There are so many good products that are universal, and you can use them on every surface. Individual products are expensive, and may not be practical, especially if you have to clean the facility every day.

Pro tip: If you think that you still pay a lot for the cleaning products, find a new supplier and compare the prices.

4. Motivate the employees to keep their surroundings tidy

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This is a really good thing to do because everyone should do that. The desk must be tidy, and they will be motivated to clean at least their surroundings. Every employee must understand the importance of a clean workplace. So, when they do this, the whole expense is getting lower, because there is no need to hire a service for a complete cleaning all the time.

5. Create a workplace discipline policy

It’s sad, but many people don’t even care to put the garbage in a trash can, or to at least clean and disinfect their part of the desk. Also, they don’t really care about how clean is the facility, because they think someone else will clean after them. So, try to create a discipline policy, and let the employees know how important is to be respectful of it.

6. Use eco products

It’s really important to be green and sustainable. Many suppliers offer eco options for cleaning products. Most of the time, it’s a multipurpose cleaning product you can use for every surface. Many companies turn to this option, because it smells better, and avoid cases of allergies too.

7. Use automated technologies

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Even cleaning is easier these days since there are automated products that can make the whole cleaning faster. Implementing new technologies is always useful, and it saves a lot of time and money at the same time. With an automated machine, the whole floor cleaning process will take up to ten minutes, and less than an hour if you work in a bigger company.

Also, that will save labor too, and it will be less expensive if a few people do the whole cleaning. Older machines may use electricity, so with newer ones, you are saving on your bills too.

8. Hire janitorial staff

Many companies have employees who take care of the cleanliness of the working premises. This is a common case in industries and professions where “dirty” processes often occur, such as processing materials or some craft. Residues of materials can be harmful, so it is necessary to have someone constantly clean the surfaces. Also, a regular salary for them is certainly a lower cost than the occasional hiring of cleaning services.

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9. Recycle

The waste can be recycled. Make sure you are aware of the companies who can take the trash, and recycle it. This is a step closer to sustainability, and it’s really good because you are building an image of an environmental-responsible company. This is not directly affected by the cleaning routines you may have for the facility, but it surely is motivational, and you are giving a nice example to everyone who wants to be a part of your mission.


Despite all these tips, you must know that the quality of cleaning is a higher priority than the price of the service. Therefore, saving may be in your plan, but not primary. However, cleanliness in the workplace is what really matters. In that way, you prevent the spread of infections and contamination, but you also take care of yourself and the health of your employees. And really, all of that really has no price.

So, try to save money on everything you can, but make sure everything is completely cleaned, and regularly maintained. It’s much better than using average services and paying for them.