Maximizing the Value of Your College Basketball Bets


With sports betting reaching new heights regularly in popularity and mainstream recognition, the number of options on what to bet on and with whom is greater than ever. When examining which sports & games to bet on, there are a significant number of considerations that bettors must make, considerations that can be both personal to them, as well as considerations that each & every bettor should have in the forefront of their mind prior to making a bet.

Whether someone is a casual bettor looking to make some quick and easy fun money or a veteran gambler who has made a career out of sports betting, it always pays to be as educated & informed as possible on the bets they are making.

With that in mind, there is of course the reality that the various considerations in play prior to placing a bet can differ significantly for each bettor. You’ll have the subjective – these are going to be unique to an individual or to the sport that they’re betting on and can range from knowledge of a specific sport to a particular feeling or an edge over a certain book or odds listing, to inside knowledge of a team or league, and even in some cases to the potential influence on lines based on different refs or external circumstances.

And then you’ll have the objective considerations that every bettor should be cognizant of: the number of daily & weekly matchups, regular availability of prop bets, consistency of results within a particular sport, etc.


When it comes to betting on NCAA Basketball, there are a lot of similarities to betting on the NBA along with one key difference: the sheer quantity of available bets. Due to the number of conferences and teams (358 in Division I alone) with regular match-ups, the scale of betting opportunities for college basketball absolutely dwarfs the scale of opportunities in the NBA.

There’s value to be found all throughout the day every day of the week during college basketball season. And due to how hard it is for Vegas or a specific sportsbook to have the inside track on every single team, player, and match-up, there’s a lot of potential money to be made for a sports bettor who is educating themselves appropriately and keeping an eye on the sport as a whole as well as the best available to them.

Of course, that massive amount of betting opportunities can come with drawbacks, and the reality is that college basketball is made up largely of inexperienced teenagers and young adults – and with that comes randomness to the results & outcomes that may not exist in other sports. But by researching bets appropriately and visiting an odds aggregation platform, a bettor can ensure that they’re making the most educated & potentially profitable betting choices, and getting the best NCAAB odds – click here to get more info.

Finding the Best College Basketball Bets


There are a number of key factors in finding the best value using an odds aggregator platform for NCAAB betting.

Due to the massive number of teams that play regularly in college basketball, different teams may receive far more attention from the oddsmakers – which means some teams and/or conferences may have fewer props available or may have lines that don’t necessarily make sense and/or align with previous results when examined by an educated bettor. With that being the case, there’s a lot of value to be found in betting on college basketball.

Let’s take, as an example, a match-up between two PAC-12 teams such as the Arizona State Sun Devils and the Oregon State Beavers. While these teams are both in a major conference, their games are regularly played much later in the day than any of the East Coast or Midwestern schools (affectionately referred to as “PAC-12 After Dark”), and as a result, far fewer people are watching them and are able to get a read on the quality of the teams and their players/schemes/coaching styles.


Because of that, oddsmakers will adjust the odds accordingly, as money could come in on one team more than another based purely on reputation and word of mouth, in opposition to what that team’s actual skill level & current record may suggest. If an educated bettor is able to find that inefficiency in the market and in how the lines are set, they can take advantage of odds that may be more in their favor than they would be for two more popular, highly viewed teams.

The reality of sports betting is that each sportsbook is competing against every other book to be your primary destination for NCAAB odds and due to that, they’ll likely have some slight differences in how they’re calculating or posting the odds for a particular bet.

To take advantage of those differences in odds and the variations in juice available, an educated bettor need only head to their preferred odds aggregation platform to see who is offering the best lines for their preferred bets, while ensuring that they have active accounts with the variety of major (and not-so-major) betting platforms.


Using An Odds Aggregator to Get the Best Lines

To maximize the value when finding college basketball odds, the key is to utilize an odds aggregator to compare lines, find differences in prop bets, and take advantage of the variations in the juice that different sportsbooks put on their respective odds in order to incentivize bettors to pick their book and to bet on certain results.

Picking what bet you’d like to make it up to each bettor, maximizing the value, and reducing the risk of that bet can be done simply and easily using odds comparison tools. When it comes to NCAA basketball, a huge number of options exist on a regular basis to bet on. The key to being a consistently successful bettor is finding the options with the most potential value and the ones that mitigate risk as much as possible. With the use of an odds aggregation tool, finding those high potential bets is easier than ever before.