How to Use Mental Strength to Win at Gambling


“I’d rather not, I’m sorry, I’m just not lucky at the game….” How many times have you heard this phrase? You have probably heard it often, very often, so much so that a part of you has always wondered if this assumption might have some basis in fact.

Can we really talk about luck, when starting a game of online poker or another casino game found on the net?

The answers we could give, in this regard, are extremely numerous, and in most cases, they concern precisely the unpredictability of the game, the proverbial beginner’s luck, not to mention the even more ancient parallelism between fortunes in the game and those in the field of love.

But all discussions related to luck are rather frivolous, and ultimately lead to nothing concrete. The truth is that the people who utter the opening sentence of this text, in most cases, are the sole architects of their own bad luck, of their gambling losses, regardless of whether they occur online or within a traditional casino.

The relationship between gaming and luck certainly exists, of that, there can be no doubt, but their actual relationship has not yet been fully clarified, and in all likelihood, nothing more will ever be known about it than what we know now. It is one of the many imponderable and ineffable elements that make up our existence, so it should be left where it is, without thinking too much about it.

Let’s leave luck aside


By conjuring up a supposed incompatibility between yourself and winnings, to citing luck as the main subject of your remarks, you will certainly run into big losses. We do not say this is mathematically proven, but in practice, it is just so. Those who think they are going to lose from the start will never win a damn thing, that’s for sure. Winning at the game, online and offline, depends in large part on the attitude, the state of mind you are in when you start the game, and which you should be able to maintain until the end of the game.

A fairly useful example to clarify this point is provided by the game of Poker: when you sit around a table to start a game, or when you join other players online for the same purpose, you should keep your mind perfectly clear, pure, unencumbered by any superfluous thoughts.

We are not saying to neutralize all your mental faculties, because those will serve you at every stage of the game. We are only saying to cast out all thoughts related to luck or misfortune, winnings or losses, leaving out for a few minutes even all the problems, your Instagram feed and the worries of your daily life.

You will have to rely solely on your mental strength, on the ability – acquirable by everyone, but with proper preparation – to impose your game discreetly at every moment of the game, inducing other players to make mistakes and thus getting as close as possible to the final victory.

Knowing how to play well, in a sense, does not mean being able to get the best out of the cards you have in your hand (or that appear on the screen of your Apple iPhone), but being able to silently dominate others during the various stages of the game, instilling in them the belief that against you and your way of playing they will not stand a chance.

When these thoughts have infiltrated the minds of your opponents, the chances that they will make any misstep, rashness, or risky move will increase by leaps and bounds, leaving you with a clear field toward victory.

The practical methods


But what are the most practical methods to achieve these mental abilities quickly? To clear your mind and keep it almost empty, for a period of time, we strongly suggest that you start practicing meditation, even if only for thirty or forty minutes a day. The most suitable times, from this point of view, would be in the morning, immediately after waking up, or in the evening before going to bed.

Sit cross-legged in a dry, quiet room, place your hands in your lap, placing them on each other, and keep your back rigid, assuming an upright position and trying not to close your eyes completely. Practice ignoring the thoughts that will gently surface, accepting them for what they are and letting them go, promoting the onset of a calm state of bliss and relaxation. Pretend that these thoughts are passing clouds, transiting from one side of the sky to the other.

When you have mastered this technique, you will notice for yourself that your mind will remain perfectly empty and cleared of all superfluous material and that infinite possibilities are contained in the remaining void.

It is at this point in the game that you will have to start applying your mental strength to conduct the game your way, leading the players where you will and thus inducing them to make mistakes, making the most of your skill as a player.

Getting to these levels of mental skill takes some effort, it is true, but the end results will be of unparalleled value to your life and enjoyment.


Putting these principles into practice, thanks to the support of the Web and digitization, is really very easy. In land-based casinos, it would be much more difficult, especially since your person (and your attitudes) would be exposed to the stares of other players, who might even come to guess your next move or gambling strategy.

Thanks to the possibility of playing online, offered by numerous specialized portals, these problems almost completely vanish: in front of your mobile device or computer, you can in fact enjoy maximum privacy, and you will have the possibility to concentrate only on the mental aspects of the game, greatly increasing your chances of triumphing over others.

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When you have learned to control your mind, all the challenges in your life will suddenly appear easy, accessible and within reach.