6 Ways Modern Technology is Improving Underground Mining

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The underground mining industry is increasing at a rapid pace. Many modern innovations and technology trends make the mining process better, quicker, productive, safe, and convenient. There is a high demand for such technologies in different countries across the globe. There is massive competition in the mining industry.

If you want to increase the productivity, safety, and sustainability of all the underground operations, then Newtrax can help you with it. In the following write-up, we will discuss how modern technology improves underground mining. If you want to switch to new technology, you must know how it will benefit your mining business. When you determine the advantages, you can make better decisions.

1. Data Visualization Gives Detailed and Clear Vision

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The enhanced data visualization helps provide the miners with a better and clearer vision. Three leading technologies can do it:

  • 3D Modelling: Our brain can understand the entire model if your eyes see the perfect vision or model of the space. Using 3D modeling technology, you can easily imagine the mining space and control your operations correctly. It is the best way to analyze and calculate all the dimensions of the space.
  • Virtual Reality: With the help of artificial intelligence software, one can analyze real data. The miner can get involved in the 3D environment created by the user. Miners can get a better experience by using such software to understand the mining space. If you are not present in the field, you will feel that you are present in the mining field and consider every aspect of the site.
  • Augmented Reality: The visualization is enhanced in augmented reality. Many inputs are involved, including real-time visions like video, sound, graphics, etc. By using different virtual simulators, the mining industry can easily minimize maintenance costs.

2. GIS for Influencing All the Geographic Location Relationships

It is a fantastic tool that helps know the geo-relationships and how it influences the entire world. Many miners experience accessibility issues that GIS resolves. It helps in evaluating the geographic spatial data, which involves the entire dimensions of the object.

It is easy to get insight into sustainability, generating reports, hydrology, geochemical data, tailings management, mineral exploration, etc. With the help of this software, it is easy to train mining staff and help them in understanding various mining techniques. In this way, you can help your employees to work better and enhance productivity.

3. Artificial Intelligence can Help in Making Better Decisions

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The mining industry involves various complicated decisions that require enough knowledge and experience. With the help of different modern technologies like artificial intelligence, it is easy to make better decisions. The mining industry is advancing due to the innovation of modern technologies.

With the help of artificial intelligence, miners can find the best location to find minerals, and they can mine profitably. You can invest in self-driving vehicles and drillers, which can operate the mining process automatically where it finds minerals.

4. Automated Drones for Better Visuals

Before going ahead with the mining project, it is necessary to go through the site carefully. It is a must to know whether it is profitable to mine the specific space or not. The automated drones are like small helicopters which can enter any small space and take pictures of every corner of the site.

One can also see the entire footage of the aerial vision captured by the drone. Miners can save their money by using these drones instead of helicopters. Many miners are using this technology to get better visuals. It is beneficial for the following things:

  • Site mapping
  • Management of assets
  • Measuring the inventory of the stockpile
  • Do photography of every corner
  • Time-lapse
  • Inspection of the mining field
  • Monitor the infrastructure
  • Track the activities of the employees

5. Blasting Technologies to Explode Hard Rocks

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It is pretty challenging to break big and hard rocks. Miners may get restricted from entering the mining space. Plenty of blasting technologies exists that helps in breaking these hard rocks and making way for miners. If we consider the safety of employees and the site, everything is done before any explosion.

Explosives are available with a computer-assisted design, in which you can set the timing and manage the explosions as per your requirements. It helps in minimizing the dangers that can happen due to blasts. There are special techniques for crushing and grinding the rocks in different ways.

6. Self-driving Ore Carriers can be Used in High-risk Mining Areas

It is better not to involve any staff in a high-risk area. The use of self-driving ore carriers is common on various underground mining sites. The self-driving carriers can carry and transport all the ores from the site automatically without risking anyone’s life.

If you do not have much budget to hire people for this job, you can get an automatic ore carrier. It can save many lives and your money as well. Such vehicles are highly efficient and can work for the whole day. Miners can operate it through batteries.

Nowadays, it is easy to find high-quality batteries that can make these carriers run long. It is easy for these machines to navigate the dark areas and work without any additional equipment. One can install the camera on the device, get a complete view of the underground mining space, and check how these carriers work. You can also control these machines and make them work effectively.

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Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, many modern technologies have come into existence to improvise underground mining operations. Such innovations are helping many miners around the world. You must know the benefits of switching to these technologies. The underground mining industry is quite competitive, and hence, it is necessary to learn ways to improvise the operations.

Being a miner, you wish to enhance your mining work’s productivity, safety, and convenience. You can earn profits by reducing your extraction cost, and it is possible if you switch to new modern technologies. Getting enough knowledge will help you decide what is best for your underground mining business.