Is International Online Lottery Legal In India?

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Gambling is a huge part of our lives and we have established that so many times so far. We love to gamble, but we also love different kinds of gambling, some are a bit more drastic while others can be seen as passive.

Gambling is something that is in our DNA and we all pretty much gamble with our lives every time we do something. What is even more interesting is that gambling can be seen as being drawn to something a bit drastic like casino games or poker games with a lot of “live” money, while other gambling games like raffles, bingo, and lotteries can be seen as a bit more passive ways of testing your luck.

Whatever your preferred way of gambling is you also have to know that there are different laws regarding gambling in a lot of countries. Some have a bit more drastic measures when it comes to gambling while others take this matter too lightly. India is a very specific country for many reasons, and gambling is one of those. India has many laws and laws regarding and limiting gambling is one of them. Indian people found it difficult to gamble online or on land there and the punishments for being caught while doing that was harsh.


Today we will address this issue a bit and we will try to tell you if the international lottery is legal in India and if it can be purchased and played. If you want to test your luck there you can do it right here!

Now, when it comes to laws, as we already mentioned India has a harsh set of those in place and their population dreads any kind of gambling. Some still do and organize gambling sessions of all kinds in back alleys and in illegal environments where they risk a whole lot by doing that.

Thankfully, like everywhere, new times change laws and governments tend to do things occasionally to please their population to keep things neat and regulated as much as possible. This exact thing is also happening in India. India is now enforcing a law where an online lottery is made a lot easier to play to those that are willing to test their luck this way. India has stated as well, that not all states have the same rules regarding gambling so it would be a good thing to do to check all the rules and regulations imposed by your state before you embark on this journey.


Thanks to the change of times and thanks to other advances India has allowed its states freedom to decide on the gambling laws by themselves. This is why you might have issues if you are in certain states that still are a bit harsh on this entire thing. Nevertheless, one of the biggest lottery brands, at least when it comes to international lottery is coming to India and it will allow Indians to gamble without any issues. The thing that interests you the most is the fact that buying international lottery tickets, at least online, is legal and safe so you as an Indian citizen wanting to test your luck in a hunt for easy millions are safe.

The way that this is meant to be this way is because each of these lottery games is regulated in their place of origin. If an Indian man or a woman buys a lottery ticket from a lottery game based somewhere in Europe that that game is false under the laws of Europe and the country it is based in. India has nothing to do with regulating that game, they just can decide if they want to allow their lottery tickets to be sold there, online, or somewhere on lands like a store, supermarket, or whatever.

This is something that is liberating as a piece of information to so many of the people back in India that would love to try their luck this way.


What is more important to know, that this right here, is that for some time now a black market on gambling has been thriving., this is normal for every country that has strict laws regarding anything, including gambling. If you forbid so many things, strictly, for so long you are bound to have an outbreak of rebellious people that want to indulge that side of them by hassling and hiding these things. This is why black markets; illegal gambling places and sites pop up all around. When this is considered you have to be careful more so because most of these international lottery tickets are purchased online.

The online world is a breeding place for scammers and those that are looking to make a lot of money very fast. Cyber security has to be your primary concern and you always have to do your homework whenever you are trying to buy anything online. Gambling places like casinos and sites online thrive from constantly conning people in many different ways. The best thing to do to protect yourself is to always purchase lottery from their home site and a reputable online source. It is easy to get lost in a world of sites that offer a lot of things, from bonuses to free cash but you have to keep in mind that some of them are not legit.


Visit official lottery sites and those who are reputable to get what you want and what you need. The lottery is an awesome thing to try and with low investment, you may end up a millionaire, it all depends on how your luck is those days and if you have your stars aligned for you. Just kidding, it is all about luck with these things which makes them look and feel so interesting to plenty of passive gamblers.

So if you are an Indian citizen and if you have questioned if an international lottery is legit there, it is, finds a reputable online source where you can get one or find a store that sells these now, if your government has allowed it to be sold that way. You will not have a reason to be afraid mostly because the international lottery is not regulated by Indian authorities but by the country the lottery originates from. What you need from India is to have a source that will allow you to get one, and thankfully you have that as well now so no need to worry. Good luck.